Decor wedding table: ideas

The wedding is a romantic and beautiful event, one of the most anticipated for the perpetrators of the celebration. The bride on this day looks like a real princess, and the groom is a prince on a white horse.

In addition to the dresses of the newlyweds and guests of the ceremonyAlso, a banquet hall, and especially a wedding table, should look romantic and festive, for the newly-made family and its guests spend most of the time just behind it.

Options, how and how to decorate the wedding table,there are many, but you need to adhere to a certain rule: the decor of the wedding table should be combined with the wedding theme, the general design of the hall and the outfits of the bride and groom.

Also important is the time of year, placecarrying out and other conditions in which the wedding is organized. Decoration of the wedding table can be expensive and pathetic, romantic, but budgetary or even self-made, but it's no less cozy.

Harmony in the wedding decor

Planning a wedding, the prospective newlyweds firstdetermine its style, and then clothes, and accessories, and the program is selected taking into account the chosen style. In the same style, the decor of the wedding table is selected. So, the wedding in the marine style means turquoise, blue, blue and white shades in the design. They can be used in a bride's dress, bridesmaids' clothes, tablecloths and napkins, used flower compositions, curtains and drapes, dishes and even in selected dishes.

Wedding table decoration photo

Often the wedding table decorationemployees of the restaurant or cafe, in which the wedding is held. In this case, you need to discuss with them in advance what the theme of the future celebration is. If the topic is not defined, you need to think about the color solution of the wedding decor, so that the table does not look brighter than the newlyweds themselves.

How to decorate a wedding table: ideas

Someone chooses traditional gentle pastelshades for decorating the hall and tables, someone prefers one or two accent colors on a white or creamy background, while others decide to make the wedding bright and use all the colors of the rainbow. Depending on this, the decorative decoration of the wedding table is also selected.

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Jewelry Options

Decorate the table can be in different ways: someone chooses traditional bouquets or decorations from napkins, someone prefers the use of greenery and grass in the design of the table, others at the thought of how to decorate the wedding table, stop at the most unimaginable and original little things. And all this takes place at weddings in different styles.

Wedding table decoration in purple tones

Compositions of flowers

The decoration of a wedding tableflowers, and the flowers can be used in different ways: bunches of wild flowers in paper bags of the right color, compositions of orchids, roses, gerberas or other bright colors depending on the season, bouquets or compositions of grass on "green" weddings, topiary using artificial or live flowers, compositions of petals or leaves, etc. You can also choose dried flowers and compositions from them as a table decoration, for example, at an autumn wedding.

How to decorate a wedding table in the fall

Wedding table decoration can be usedflowers in pots. Blooming violet, cyclamen, orchid or even lone tulips in beautiful pots can become a decoration of the table. It is desirable, however, that the plants used do not possess any specific flavor that can cause discomfort. Lilies of the valley, for example, it is better not to use when decorating a wedding that takes place in a closed room.

Wedding table decoration with flowers

The form of floral compositions should be combined withform of the table. For round tables round bouquets, pots and baskets are suitable, for rectangular or oval - oblong compositions, as if framing the perimeter. On a long table, where all the guests are sitting, you can arrange jewelry with a certain periodicity.

Romance of candles

Candles can also be an original solutionthe question of how to decorate the wedding table. Depending on the style of the wedding, it can be either classic massive candlesticks with usual tall candles, or modern minimalist candles with pallets, or original wax figures made to order.

Decor wedding table: candles and flowers

You can combine different decorative elementswith friend. For example, candles can be placed in the surroundings of some bouquets or compositions of autumn leaves, rowan berries or other autumn decor. Also, candles look great on traditional feasts, when pastel colors are chosen for tablecloths, similar napkins, dishes and cloaks for chairs. It is candles that create the airiness, intimacy and romance that should be inherent in such a special event.


At certain weddings, you can draw up tablessea ​​decorations: seashells, seaweed, imitation of pearls, pebbles, etc. In glass jars or even just on an open dish, you can decorate a colorful composition that creates coolness and freshness on a hot summer day. At the same time, napkins, dishes and tablecloths should correspond to the general atmosphere of the wedding: it is desirable to choose a tablecloth in a "marine" color, napkins can be rolled with waves, dishes can be found with sea patterns (anchors, waves, stripes), etc.

Decoration of a wedding table in a marine style

Harvest on the table

Also the decor of the wedding table, especially in autumn,can be formed from the gifts of nature: fruits and vegetables. Tomatoes, cucumbers, pears, apples, corn, and even ordinary peppers can create a bright and colorful still life. Of course, all these products are unlikely to survive until the end of the feast, but the view will be given a magical one. You can put vegetables and fruits in baskets or beautiful dishes, decorate more with candles or napkins - everything here is given away by the performer's fantasy.

Decoration for a wedding table Photo

From fruits and vegetables, carving masters createreal works of art. Such an original decoration of the wedding table will please children and adults during the holiday. And there are pieces of fruit cut in this way, it will be doubly pleasant.

Sweets and souvenirs

The original decor of the wedding table cancome out of sweets. Donuts, cookies, cakes or sweets, laid out in beautiful dishes or even packed in transparent gift paper, will create bright accents on the tables. In them it will be possible to put notes with wishes for each guest.

Sweet decorations for a wedding table

Another attractive object onthe wedding table can become a chocolate fountain. Earlier this decoration of the wedding table was used only in European countries, but gradually the fashion for beautiful things comes to us. The beautiful shape and flow of chocolate, in which you can dip the fruit, will give a "sweet" mood to all, without exception, guests.

Holiday decorations for a wedding table

Another way to decorate the table is souvenirs. If the figures of the bride and groom are traditionally placed only on the table of the newlyweds, other souvenirs can be left on the tables of the guests. It will be good, if at the end of the celebration each guest can take his souvenir from memory. These can be doves as a symbol of love, hearts, connected rings or other symbols of a newly-made family.

«Sweets» from a napkin

Instead of using the usual decorationwedding table flowers, you can make unparalleled masterpieces of napkins. To fans of origami it will not be at all difficult to come up with original products from napkins. Usually, napkins are put on the wedding table, folded in the form of flowers or cranes, but you can come up with more unusual options. Organically adding buds of flowers, moss, grass or other materials to the composition, you can achieve fabulous beauty on the table.

How to decorate a wedding table with napkins

Unusual things

Sometimes on the wedding table appear to be forthis is completely unintended things. For example, some put on the table an aquarium with a pair of fish or even a cage with parrots. In this case it is important to create a living decor for good conditions for existence, otherwise a holiday for people will turn into a nightmare for them.

Aquarium with fish as a wedding table decoration

Interestingly decorate bottles on the table of the newlywedsor guests, and not necessarily bottles that have to open and drink. The craftsmen create marvelous ornaments from the already worn out materials: broken baskets and lampshades, plastic utensils, old plates or porcelain dolls. All this, if desired, will look harmonious on the wedding table. Various objects of arts and crafts will help create a completely unique decor wedding table.

We bring to your attention a master class on decorating the wedding table:

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