Devyasil and its medicinal properties in folk medicine

Application of various plants and herbs for treatmentmany diseases began in ancient times and continue even now, at a time when modern medicine is developing at a fast pace. Devyasil, the medicinal properties of which are known to everyone, is a plant of the genus Perennial. For folk medicine or the creation of various ointments and tinctures, plants, usually older than three years, are used. This is due to the fact that it is after such an age that the concentration of the most useful substances in the rhizome reaches a level that is acceptable for use.

How is elecampane used

As we have already noted, the nine-year-olda plant resembling a bush. In order to apply it to medicinal purposes, it is necessary not only to cut off the petals or flowers, but to dig out the whole plant with the root, since it contains the most useful.

Devyasil - a perennial plant in the form of a bush

The root of elecampane (medicinal properties andthe contra-indications of which we will note in more detail a little later) must be thoroughly washed in water in order to save even the smallest crumbs of earth soil. Then the root must be dried under the direct rays of the sun. If you get a big spine, you can cut it lengthwise. All other methods besides solar drying completely eliminate useful properties and deprive the plant of medicinal possibilities.

The resulting dried root can be used to prepare a variety of teas with a curative effect, ointments, tinctures and decoctions.

Only one case uses leavesplants, and not the root itself - to apply to sores and various tumors. To do this, you just need to break fresh leaves and apply them to damaged areas.

Tea is also prepared very simply. A teaspoon of crushed root elecampane (useful properties and contraindications must be carefully studied before use) pour one liter of boiling water. Let it brew for at least fifteen minutes, but you can not restrain your tea for more than twenty-five minutes. Then it is necessary to drink tea twice or thrice a day together with natural honey. Such tea very quickly helps with dry cough, asthma.

Devyasil, whose properties also help withtreatment of tuberculosis, is often used as an additive before meals. For this, the undried roots of elecampane must be mixed with two glasses of vodka. In this condition leave the solution for ten days in a dark place. Use before meals in the amount of one tablespoon.

In general, to strengthen and raise immunity will allowspecial infusion from the root of elecampane and red wine grade Cahors. To prepare, you need to mix one hundred grams of crushed roots with two glasses of wine and simmer for ten to fifteen minutes on a slow fire. Then necessarily strain. Before eating, drink one glass. Also, this solution is useful for people with ulcers or other diseases of the stomach.

With a cold, even neglected, it is very useful to drink a special decoction of elecampane. It also regulates the work of the intestines, helping the process of digestion.

Broth elecampane is often used by women attoo scant excretions during menstruation, as well as with prolonged delay. It is because of this that the reception of the broth is contraindicated to pregnant women or to those who plan pregnancy.

Devyasil is often used as an additive before meals

When you rinse your mouth with such a decoction you can get rid of inflammations of various kinds.

The broth is easy to prepare: A teaspoon of chopped root is poured into a glass of boiling water. Then for twenty minutes you need to cook over low heat. Take the broth twice or thrice a day for one spoonful.

Devyasil, whose medicinal properties and contraindications are extremely important, are harvested, as a rule, early in the spring or in the autumn, since it is during these periods that the greatest flowering occurs.

Contraindications for the use of elecampane

Despite the popularity of elecampane, whose useful properties are undeniable, there are a number of serious contraindications for its use.

First of all, pregnant women and people with the following diseases should give up this kind of treatment:

  • kidney disease;
  • diseases of the cardiovascular system;
  • chronic atonic constipation.

  • Devyasil is harvested early in the spring or in the fall

    People who have unpleasant feelingsafter the application, urgently need to see a doctor to find out the reasons. It is possible that this is due to improper intake or dosage, or because of the presence of allergens to the body.

    The use of even ordinary plants or herbs for medicinal purposes can become dangerous if one does not know all the nuances or take improperly prepared infusions and decoctions.