How to choose the right tool for sharpening chains chainsaw?

The machine for sharpening chains chainsaw allowsaccelerate and simplify the procedure for sharpening the cutting edges of the saw chain. Chainsaw is an indispensable tool in the implementation of works that involve the use of wood. When pruning trees and bushes, cutting saws can not do without the use of chain chainsaws. In the process of intensive exploitation, the saw chainquickly begins to wear out. To restore the tool, the chain saw chains are sharpened. It is most convenient to perform such a recovery operation with the help of a grinding machine for chain chainsaws. Many of the owners of chainsaws are wondering about how to sharpen the chainsaw chains correctly. In order to know how to properly sharpen chainsaw chains with your own hands, you should know what kind of machines exist and what is the principle of their functioning.

Before grinding chain chainsawsit's recommended to watch a video about how the operation is performed correctly. In the absence of experience in the grinding of the tool or the lack of desire to purchase equipment, it is possible to sharpen chains for chainsaws in specialized service shops, the addresses of which can be found out by the seller of the chainsaw when purchasing it.

The device and the principle of functioning of grinding equipment of different types

Chainsaw sharpenerresembles a conventional grinding or cutting unit, in which the cutting disc is replaced with a disk intended for grinding. The basis of the grinding machine is a special frame with fasteners and a hanging head on which the grinding wheel is fixed.

The principle of the machine is as follows: The saw chain is fixed in special clamping jaws on the support frame, and the working disk is in turn brought to the working teeth. Each saw blade is processed separately, but the process is very fast.

Using a grinding machine allowsonly to return sharpness to saw elements, but also to straighten the elements of the chain. For this purpose, the smallest tooth is taken as the sample and all other saw elements are fitted to its size. The same size of the saw elements allows evenly distributing the load generated during the operation of the chain saw, which prevents the occurrence of breaks of the working element in weak areas.

Using some models of machines allowsnot only to sharpen chains chainsaw with your own hands, but also to sharpen the cutting discs used in the device of brush cutters, garden tools and other tools.

Varieties of machines designed for sharpening chain saws

There are several categories of grinding machines, the main categories are:

  • automatic;
  • manual.
  • Each of these categories has certain advantages and disadvantages.

    Features of operation of automatic machines

    In machine tools with automatic controlspecial grinding wheels are used. Among the functions of the machine there is one that allows you to adjust the chain in the latches at the desired angle. Very often such equipment is equipped with additional devices that allow to expand the functionality of equipment and increase the efficiency of work.

    Automatic equipment has the following parameters:

  • power;
  • spindle speed;
  • unit noise level;
  • weight of the unit.
  • The cost of automatic equipment depends ontechnical parameters of the device, machine model and device manufacturer. The cost of such equipment can fluctuate in the range from 1400 to 20 000 rubles.

    The advantage of automatic equipmentis the complete automation of the saw chain sharpening process. From the person in the process of grinding, you only need to install a chain in the device and turn it on.

    The drawback of using this equipmentis the rapid wear of the chain, which requires frequent replacement. As a rule, the replacement of the chain saw's component must be carried out after several sharpening.

    Features of operation of the manual equipment for sharpening of saw elements of a chainsaw

    Manual grinders for sharpening chains chainsaw are divided into 2 types:

  • stationary;
  • mobile.
  • Machine tools of the manual type are characterized by the sametechnical parameters that are typical for automatic devices, in addition to the power characteristic and spindle rotation speed. This is due to the fact that all procedures for sharpening are carried out in manual mode.

    The price for such equipment can range from 500 to 6000 rubles.

    Advantages of such equipment is the cheapness of the device, obtaining the highest quality sharpening of the tool, no need to connect to the power grid.

    The disadvantages of such equipment are:

  • labor intensity of operations;
  • long duration of the procedure;
  • need to get skills in working with equipment.
  • Use of a machine for sharpening chain chainsawswith his hands requires the person performing this operation, the ability to determine the optimal angle and degree of sharpening, in addition, when using a hand-held unit, it is necessary to purge the links in a timely manner with the help of compressed air. After honing the links, it takes an hour to load the chain into clean engine oil.

    If there is sufficient relevant experience andskills the owner in the process of work can use a file for sharpening chains chainsaw. If you have the experience of working with this tool, you can get a sufficiently high-quality sharpening of the saw edges of the links.

    How to make the right choice when buying grinding machines?

    When buying grinding machines very oftenThe main criterion for choosing a model is the cost of equipment. The cost of equipment, being one of the main criteria, will not become the determining factor for the master. In the process of purchasing a saw chain sharpening machine, you should pay attention to a whole set of indicators that determine the choice. The most significant indicators are as follows:

  • type of spindle;
  • equipment assembly;
  • power of installation;
  • availability of additional functions and adaptations.
  • Rotational speed of the spindle shaft for variousmodels of equipment can vary in a wide range from 3000 to 7500 rpm. The speed of rotation of the spindle shaft affects the performance of the equipment. As the speed of rotation increases, the sharpening speed of the cutting edges of the saw elements increases.

    The equipment configuration affects the speed of the device setup. The possibility of adjusting the angle of sharpening allows minimizing the number of reinstallations of the chain.

    The drive power of the unit affects the efficiency and timing of the normal operation of the machine. The higher the intensity of equipment operation, the higher the drive power of the unit.

    Presence of additives and devices at the unitallows to improve the quality of cutting edges and safety of machine operation. Additional functions include wet grinding, protective covers and an intrinsically safe shield, a chain tension adjustment unit, a chain cooling system during processing, a system that automatically clamps the vice.

    The most popular models of grinding machines

    The most popular among consumers are the machines of the following manufacturers:

  • Sthil;
  • Oregon;
  • Sadko;
  • Of the machines produced by Sthil, the most popular model is Sthil hos.

    This unit, in addition to chains, is capable of carrying outgrinding discs for brush cutters and most garden tools. The unit is not equipped with a rotary device, the inclination of the motor and the spindle is set in accordance with the recommendations of Sthil. This machine is not recommended for use when grinding chains made of carbide components.

    Oregon produces equipment thatadvantageously differs from the previous model by the availability of a more powerful drive and a more extensive bundling. The modern model of the Oregon 519789 has an improved clamping jaw design, which simplifies the work with the device. The clamping jaws of the device have a transverse movement function. Complete with the machine manufacturer offers several abrasive disks, which have a different diameter. These discs are designed to grind various types of chains. The drive of this unit has a rotation speed of 2800 rpm and a power of 214 watts. The weight of the unit is 6 kg.

    Sadko produces several models of thisequipment. The most common model is the Sadko SCS-85 PRO. This machine has an increased drive power. The machine is automatic and has a special button that allows you to adjust the depth of sharpening. In the design of the machine there is a special wheel, which prevents the reverse movement of the chain. This wheel ensures a tight clamping of the saw element when the grinding head touches it.

    Makita produces several differentmodels of grinding equipment intended for sharpening saw blade saws. By purchasing equipment from this manufacturer, the consumer receives quality equipment that will last a long time. The equipment of this company has a reduced level of noise and a certain degree of universality. Using this equipment it is possible to grind and grind various types of chains.