How to decorate a house for the new year 2016

From year to year we are very much looking forward toNew Year's Eve. In a few weeks, and even days before the coming of the new year, we begin to think about holding it. Our thoughts are busy choosing the right outfit, preparing holiday dishes, as well as decorating the house for this holiday. Most families move the decoration of the house to the background and often begin to do this almost at the last second. To decorate the house for the New Year's Evein all seriousness, for this you need to find out what will be the year 2016, namely what kind of animal. Knowing this, you can safely choose jewelry and colors for garlands and other New Year's attributes. If you choose the right decorations and decorate your house with taste, the New Year's Eve of 2016 will be a true fairy tale for you and will present you and your family with a magical festive mood.

2016 is the year of the Monkey

In our time, almost every person attachesnot a small value to the eastern horoscope. According to the eastern horoscope, the coming year 206 will be symbolized by the Red (Fiery) monkey. If the oriental culture is based on beliefs, then this year is the year of the Goat, everyone knows that this animal is a calm and balanced animal, so the year that goes away (2015) should have been calm. What to say about the coming year of the Fiery Monkey, then, as you know, the monkey has completely opposite character traits than the Goat, so the future year 2016 should be full of surprises and unpredictable situations, because the monkey is a cunning and very temperamental animal in its essence. The monkey is also a very smart and resourceful animal, she likes to be in the company and attract a lot of attention. Based on the characteristics of this animal, you can safely say that in 2016 you are expecting new and unforeseen acquaintances. As you know, a monkey is a very faithful animal, so the marriages concluded in 2016 promise to be very strong and happy.

The element in 2016 will be fire, as the yearis a fiery monkey. Fire is an element of the sublime and impetuous, moving upwards. Therefore, the Monkey year is likely to bring many an unexpected promotion, as well as career growth. The fire symbolizes a rich bright red color. Red is a symbol of determination and great confidence. Therefore, in the coming year, do not be afraid to make unconventional decisions, be bolder. As you know, this color is also a symbol of passion, so the year of the Fiery Monkey will be generous in a violent love relationship.

Knowing what year we are expected with confidencesay about what awaits us in 2016, namely luck in business and work, as well as continuous romantic relationships. Just do not forget that the year of the Monkey determines the eastern horoscope, so this animal will enter into its powers not on January 1, as we all expect, but on February 8 according to the eastern horoscope.

Decorating the house with your own hands

Knowing that 2016 is the year of the monkey,you can buy figures in the form of this animal. Figures of a monkey can be placed around the house, it will remind everyone, in honor of whom New Year's toasts will sound. In addition to decorating the whole house with monkeys, you can also make small gifts for your guests (with small figures of monkeys). Knowing that in the year of the Fire Monkey, red color is relevant, much attention should be paid to him when choosing ornaments. To decorate it is necessary to begin with a corridor, after all when you meet the visitors, the corridor they see first of all. In the hallway you can install a small vase with several branches of spruce, they will give your house a unique flavor of the holiday. A few years ago we did not hear about the spruce wreaths that came to us from abroad, now they can be seen on every third door. Add a spruce wreath can be a traditional horseshoe (fortunately), fixed in the middle of the wreath.

New Year's fir wreath with own hands

If you buy a real fir, and notartificial (as it is popular in recent years), then when you install it, you must necessarily have extra twigs left, so they do not have to be thrown away, because they can make a great spruce wreath. A wreath made of natural spruce branches can be placed on a fireplace or hung on the front door, unlike an artificial spruce wreath, natural will give your house an unusual flavor of the upcoming holiday. So, for the New Year's wreath, we need: branches from spruce, a substrate (ring), a foam ring, a wire, a stapler, various decorations and ribbons, as well as candles and candlesticks (in case the wreath lies on the fireplace).

Decorating rooms for the new year

As everyone knows, a monkey likes to attracther attention, she also loves the weight bright and shiny, so, when decorating rooms do not save on bright and shiny garlands, as well as colorful lights. The most important when decorating rooms do not cross the line, do not overdo it, do not bring the decoration to complete bad taste. Try to find a middle ground, not a lot and not a little.

One of the most important rules of decorating isdo not make it worse, do not choose many different shades of colors, it will look ugly and mottled. Knowing that the coming year will be the Year of the Fiery Monkey, you can take the red color for the base and dilute it with one or two more colors. It will be very harmonious to look red and gold in the design of rooms.

Do not forget about garlands, therefore, a red shade, as well as colorful lights.

If you have free time,Try to include your imagination and make at least one decorative decoration yourself. Such an ornament can be both designer fur-trees, as well as a variety of garlands or even a sculpted monkey figurine, this is sure to please the mistress of the future in 2016.

In addition to the red color of the Fire monkey to tastesuch colors as blue, green, orange and yellow. Therefore, you can dilute the red color with such colors. If you can combine such colors in a harmonious combination, then believe that the mistress of 2016 will generously reward you in the coming year.

On the entrance door, besides the spruce wreath, you can hang garlands, as well as a small bell, he will gladly welcome the guests who come to you.

Do not forget to buy the same before the new yearsymbol of the coming year (Monkey). It can be as figurines, and fur-tree toys or even piggy banks or calendars. Do not skimp, the more symbols you get for your home, the happier and happier will be the upcoming 2016 year for you and your family.

Decoration of the Christmas tree by 2016

The most important thing in decorating a Christmas tree isDo not overload her face with decor. Monkey let and likes to draw to itself attention of associates, but nevertheless does not like bad taste, therefore try to find the optimum decision in this question. Light and modern look at your spruce light and airy snow-white snowflakes, combined with Christmas toys (snowflakes can be bought in shops with Christmas-tree toys or made by yourself).

This year, the best tree to decorate with large and bright balls, but small balls will be better to postpone the next year 2017.

If you can not find the right balls, do not get upset, decorate the Christmas tree can be made from family photos, it will not only look original, but also touching.

Toys for decorating Christmas trees can be made from sweets and fruits, you can use candy or even cookies. Such decorations will please not only the children in your house, but also the monkey will be grinning.

To decorate tops of a fur-tree this year is better nota traditional star, but rather angels. You can also make such a top with your own hands, this is sure to please the owner of the next year - a monkey.

We decorate the windows for the new year 2016

Decoration of windows is also one of manyimportant details in decorating the house. Decorating the windows, your house or apartment, you give all passers-by, looking at your windows a small part of your holiday mood.

If your family has an artist or you justlove and know how to draw beautifully, then in this case you can draw a whole winter fairy tale on your window, just like it will surely please the monkey. If you are not inclined to art, and in your plans there is still a picture on the window, then you will be useful for stencils with already painted pictures, with their help you will be able to draw a picture on the window even to the child.

Knowing that the monkey is playful, you can use to decorate the windows of playful and cartoon characters, just do not forget about the Snow Maiden and Santa Claus.

Knowing that next year is the year of the Fiery Monkey, then paint or simply decorate the windows with colored lights.

What to cook for the New Year's holiday table

New Year's Eve is a holiday for whichthe whole family gathers at the table. Many people live with their loved ones at very little distance, but they can not find a reason to meet, so the new year is one of not many holidays when relatives can meet and sit at the same table.

Since the next year will be a year of capriciousmonkeys, on the table should be a large variety of vegetables and fruits, as well as berries and a variety of greens. Such an extensive selection of fruits gives us a lot of creative solutions. From such an abundance of vegetables and fruits, you can prepare all kinds of fruit cocktails and mousses, and from vegetables a variety of salads and snacks. If you leave the usual and everyday recipes in the past and prepare something new and refined for the New Year's table, be absolutely sure, the monkey will certainly thank you, in the new year and your table will never be empty.

Do not be everyday when decorating New Year's Evetable and dishes on it. All dishes and table decoration should be distinguished by unusual brightness and extraordinary design. Use bright colors to decorate your dishes, in this you will benefit from fruits and berries, as well as vegetables.

Many know that an animal like a monkeyis notable for its attachment to sweets, so, in addition to traditional dishes, do not forget to cook something sweet, or better, if it's a few desserts. Such a variety of sweets will please not only the hostess of the coming year, but also the children in your house. If you like and know how to cook desserts, then in this case for an extra sweet table you can organize an additional table, on which fruit will also be found.

When serving New Year's table it is necessary to take into accountsome subtleties. For example, do not forget that the guests will be at the festive table for almost a day. On the table it is necessary to put more light dishes, rather than nourishing or complement them with fresh vegetables, otherwise your guests will eat in a few hours and will not want to continue the celebration. The table must contain mineral water, it will not allow you to quickly get into your guests and reduce their appetite. When serving, alternate hearty meals with light snacks.

What to wear for the meeting of the new year 2016

Meet the coming year of the Fire monkey is betterall in natural fabrics, namely in velvet, silk, satin or leather. The colors that should be given special preference are red, dark pink, and also burgundy, just these colors can be slightly diluted with gold or orange shades. Knowing that the monkey is fiery, cloth flames, orange or yellow shades can also be present on the garments. Dresses or costumes on New Year's Eve should embody femininity, grace and grace.

It will be actual to wear short dresses orlong in the floor with a large incision or with an open back. The attire should attract a lot of attention, as the mistress of the next year likes this monkey. With the addition of a graceful dress, you can choose an original and bright accessory, this can be a belt, a necklace or a small handbag.