Which refrigerator to choose: types, models and manufacturers

Which refrigerator is best to choose 2015: reviews, quantity, quality, type, volume and method of installation affect not only the safety of products, but also the priorities of the buyer. The logic is simple: if the house has a good refrigerator, then the probability of eating a spoiled product is minimal.

The refrigerator is the most important part of the kitchen. It is this household appliance that allows you to savefood and drink fresh, ensures a healthy diet for you and your family. Due to the creation of the necessary climate, fruits, meat, vegetables in a cooled state can be stored for a long time without losing their palatability and usefulness.

Which refrigerator to choose: 2015? A refrigerator is a thing that is bought for years, that's why it is necessary to approach the choice seriously.

Number of cameras

Which refrigerator is better to choose: two-chamber or single-chamber? Most modern models are two-camera. They differ in size and volume. The height of the two-chamber models ranges from 140 to 200 cm, the volume - from 200 to 380 liters.

Can not decide which refrigerator to choose? Pay attention to the two-chamber models. This is an excellent purchase for a family of 3-4 people. An important parameter is the ratio of the volumes of the freezing and refrigerating chambers. If you often freeze mushrooms, berries, like to buy meat, dumplings and other frozen foods in reserve, it is better to stop choosing a model with a large volume of freezer.

Single-chamber models are convenient in that they havesmall dimensions (from 50 cm in height) and a low price. Such models are suitable for small kitchens or cottages, they are convenient to use as a bar for cooling drinks and in the office for the needs of staff.

Single-chamber models can consist only ofrefrigerating chamber or have a built-in small freezer. The freezer compartment is located at the top. This is due to the peculiarity of the design of the evaporator.

Two-door models (side-by-side). The main advantage of such models is a large capacity. In large country houses (especially if the family is large) choose a side-by-side refrigerator. Two-door refrigerators can be installed in a city apartment, but it is important to calculate the process of skidding equipment in the apartment at the stage of choice. It may turn out that he will not pass through the doorway, and then he will have to return it.

Number of compressors

How to choose a refrigerator for the house? By the number of compressors, refrigerators are divided into single-compressor and two-compressor. Models equipped with a single compressor are cheaper. In turn, two-compressor refrigerators have a number of advantages. For example, it is possible to defrost the freezer without shutting down the refrigerator, which significantly reduces the defrosting time. Two-compressor models will be appreciated by those who travel frequently. Leaving on vacation or business trip, you can turn off the compressor, leaving only the freezer working. This will allow both to save electricity and to increase the service life of the refrigerating chamber compressor.


Rating of manufacturers of refrigerators - of course,quite a conditional concept, but still it can help determine which refrigerator is best to choose: 2015. Pay attention to the models of the following manufacturers: Indesit, Bosch, Hotpoint-Ariston, LG, Liebherr, Toshiba, Samsung.

The most popular refrigerator in our country in Soviet times was Nord (Nord). Nord technologies are not inferior to Western counterparts, and the difference in price is significant.

How to choose a freezer?

In the spring and summer, diligent gardeners makeharvesting for the winter. After harvesting, it is important to think about ways to store it. From traditional preparations we know pickles, jams. In addition, the products can be dried, dried, smoked. But in this article we want to affect the freezing of products. In frozen berries or vegetables, all nutrients and vitamins retain their useful properties for a year. This is especially true in rural areas or in country estates after harvesting. The best way to solve the problem of blanks for the winter is to pick up the freezer.

If you want to pamper yourself with fresh vitaminsin berries or vegetables in the winter, it is necessary to purchase a freezer. How to choose the best model? Estimate the volume of planned blanks in order to correctly calculate its capacity. Freezers are built-in and stand-alone. Separately standing are divided into chests, cabinets and cabinets. There is also a difference in the lower temperature parameters and power consumption.

Defrosting system

To select a refrigerator, the type of defrosting is also important: it can be manual and automatic. The automatic system includes the drop system and No Frost (it's Frost Free). In the No Frost refrigerators, ice is not formed due to the air circulation, which is provided by the inside fan. Plus No Frost system is that such refrigerators do not require defrosting, minus - it consumes more electricity and slightly reduces the useful volume. In refrigerators with a drop defrost system, evaporation of condensate, which leads to the formation of ice, occurs due to the evaporator located on the rear wall. Automatic defrosting is convenient, but the refrigerator works with additional fan noise, the unit with a drop system is cheaper, but during its operation it will be necessary to clean the drainage hole from time to time.

Additional functions

Still do not know how to choose a refrigerator for the house? Pay attention to additional functions!

Modern refrigerators have a number of additionalfunctions. For example, in refrigerators Liebherr and some others there is a so-called "freshness zone". It maintains a constant temperature of about 0 ° C, which allows you to keep food fresh for as long as possible. If you like to always have fresh salad vegetables on hand, then we recommend buying a refrigerator with this function. There are refrigerators equipped with a digital display, allowing you to monitor the operation of all systems (the so-called electronic control type).

And, finally, the appearance of the refrigerator. Modern models are so diverse in design that they can satisfy the demands of even the most demanding aesthetes. Companies LG and Hitachi offer a variety of colors of refrigerators - from strict black to gold. Still traditional white and modern silver models are popular. It is important that the model harmoniously fit into the interior and be combined with other pieces of furniture. There are models with wood and even stone decoration.

Which refrigerator is better to choose: reviews of experts will help determine. We advise you to communicate not only with store managers, but also with the owners of the chosen model. Ask questions on the forums, ask about the features and drawbacks.

Now you know how to choose a refrigerator. If you have any questions, please contact the consultants: they will help in choosing the right model.