Mower for motoblock: choice and advice

The need to mow grass in large areasthere is not only the villagers, but also the owners of dacha and household plots. One of the most common devices for doing such work is a mower for a motoblock. From its design and strength depends the efficiency and productivity of the entire motoblock, as well as how quickly the operator of the unit will become tired. The most popular among domestic users motoblock is the "Neva" - it is on its basis that devices operate, examples of which are given below.

Rotary mowers

Mowers for motoblocks are divided by designon two types: rotary and segment. The first are a strong support frame, at the bottom of which two or three cutting discs are fixed, and on each side there is a slide for adjusting the height of the bevel and moving the device along the ground. The main advantage of rotary models is that they practically do not require technical knowledge for operation and maintenance - at least, unlike segment mowers. For the Neva motor block, the most widespread in our country is the Zarya rotary mower.

Please note that today its productionare engaged not only in Russia, but also in China. The quality of the assembly is not very different, experienced users note only one significant difference: the gearbox of foreign devices should be disassembled and well lubricated before use, because the standard quantity of oil in some conditions is not enough.

"Dawn" weighs about 32 kilograms and mowsabout 0.2 hectares of grass per hour of work. Adjustable bevel width - up to 1 meter. The width of the passage is 80 centimeters. The cost of "Dawn", as well as similar models of mowers (rotary, for motoblocks), is about 11-12 thousand rubles.


Segment mower for the motor block representsa frame mounted on a wheelbase and equipped with a cutting element of a plurality of knives performing reciprocating movements during operation. Adjusting the height of the bevel is carried out with the help of side rails.

Segment mowers are not only more productive, butand safer than rotary analogues thanks to a protective cover located above the working part. Motoblock, equipped with such a mower, evenly mows the grass, regardless of the relief and density of the thickets.

Under the specific specifications of motor blocks, segment mowers have been developed with the function of neatly laying grass in rows for the convenience of subsequent harvesting.

Below are the technical characteristics of the mowerssegment type KH 1,1 for motor-blocks "Neva". To date, they are produced only in Russia. Weigh such mowers about 45 kilograms, mow the grass with strips 110 centimeters wide, and the height of the bevel is from 40 millimeters. Over an hour of operation, it is possible to process an area of ​​about 0.35 hectares with an average speed of 5 km / h. The cost is from 11 thousand rubles.

Today, in the open access there are manyinstructions describing the process of making the mower for the motoblock with their own hands. As a rule, the main motive for self-manufacturing the mower is the desire to save money. Such a desire is normal, but it is advisable only if the necessary materials and welding equipment are available.

If you need to buy or rentanything from this, the meaning of making a mower with your own hands is lost. And to spend 10-15 thousand on a reliable device, designed to work in almost any environment, it seems no longer such a reckless decision. One should also take into account the fact that the homemade device is several times more dangerous than the factory-built unit - even for the simple reason that old parts from agricultural machinery are usually used for its assembly.