Cleaner and humidifier

Heavy is a choice - between cleaned and moistenedair. Therefore, many of them just drive into a stupor and a long thought: how will it be better and healthier for a dry, but clean microclimate indoors, or moist, but with impurities ... And there is absolutely nothing to think about, when the entire civilized world has long used a combined unit - humidifier and air purifier - the most in-demand "two in one" of household appliances.

Dry environment - for health trouble

It would seem that what kind of problem can conceal in itselfdry air, if it has neither dust nor harmful microorganisms? But can ... Did you notice the reaction of your body to over-dried air? Headache, aching in the throat, reddening of the mucous membranes of the eyes - all this does not happen by itself, but is the result of an insufficient level of humidity in the room.

In addition, an unfavorable microclimate negatively affects the skin condition, a person notices a rapid fatigue and a constant sense of weakness.

And now we are talking about adults. Children react to inadequate moisture even faster and more painfully. That's why pediatricians, who have absolutely no interest in conducting management of any kind of household appliances, unanimously advise young parents to take care of newborn children and purchase a humidifier in the house (photo in the article).

What to save from a developed civilization?

To modern man has the opportunityIt's very rare to have the air to breathe in clean air. Civilization in its worst manifestations has already penetrated into forests and meadows, and into villages, and into the last stronghold of man-in closed flats and houses.

And if in native walls there is no chancebreathe the fresh air, because to the eternal lodger - the dust was added more exhaust gases and smoke from industrial zones, urgently needed a savior of position - a cleaner and humidifier.

Living permanently in a polluted environment, there is nothingTo be surprised, that for last decades the number of allergic persons has increased in times. Already they are more than others able to appreciate the purity of air and fight for it at least in limited areas - on their living space.

And the usual fan with an air humidifier does not fit here, you need a tool more powerful: a multifunctional standard device will be just right.

Cleaner and humidifier efficientlyeliminates microparticles of dust and dust mites, smoke and smells, wherever they come from: from the outside, or from the kitchen. Another very valuable function of the unit - it conducts bactericidal treatment of air in the room.

List of all functions

Humidifier reviews collects good andthe reputation of such devices is very high. But multifunctional household appliances still managed to get ahead of it and scored much more points due to the fact that it is capable of:

  • to remove far from useful vapors of household chemicals: both washing powder, and advertised fresheners;
  • to remove unpleasant smells of mold, to fight with the musty air in the room; mold spores do not withstand the struggle with a powerful stream of clean air from the device and simply perish;
  • to exterminate one of the most powerful allergens - the products of the life of a dust mite.
  • How does he work?

    The device with combined functions of the cleaner andhumidifier creates within itself an exact "copy" of that fresh quality air that occurs in nature, and "distributes" it to a certain square of the room.

    Due to the improvement of the microclimate in the house, its inhabitants feel a surge of strength and vigor, they have a tendency to decrease allergic reactions and immunity increases.

    How to choose the device?

    The peak of dry air in apartments isfor the heating season, when the battery loses air from the work of the batteries, and that is its small supply of moisture that he had in the summer. This is the moment of truth, when most consumers think about how, by the way, there would now be a humidifier.

    It is more expedient to stop the choice on climatic devices to provide household members with not only moist, but also purified air.

    The difference between a multifunction machine andthe traditional humidifier is huge. First of all, it consists of the number of operations performed by the device. A simple moisturizer working on the principle of "basin with water" can not keep up with the modern unit, which can not only bring the microclimate of the room in order, but also significantly improve it, aromatize, replacing the smell of chemical fresheners with natural ones.

    To live in your individual aroma-space, it is enough to buy a replaceable cartridge in the complete set with the device and periodically to drip on it your most favorite of oils.

    When choosing the device, make sure that it works without creating noise, and was equipped with a system of cleaning filters.

    On the filters should tell in more detail: they are all coal and therefore so well cope with the elimination of cigarette smoke and unpleasant odors. Simply put, coal acts in the familiar role of sorbent.

    The fine mesh, which is equipped with each of the filters, perfectly holds up poplar fluff, pet hair, protecting both the environment and the engine itself.

    In addition to mechanical, climatic devices canbe equipped with more advanced, ionic filters, the essence of x is that they attract all charged dust particles and do not let them out of the created electrostatic field.

    Such devices have a huge advantage over mechanical ones: they are able to purify the air from both dirt and soot.

    On many moisturizing-cleaning devicesthere is an ultraviolet lamp, as an additional element for more effective destruction of harmful bacteria living in the airspace of a living or working room.

    If you choose, look at the area of ​​the room,in which the device will be: the wall is ideal for small apartments, they will save space, mobile too, are quite compact, but the cleaner, always confused underfoot, is not that option. Although the floor has its advantage: they are easy to move, they can move around the house.

    YUSB - a moisturizer, what is it?

    The parameters are slightly more battery, externally somethinglike a computer mouse, is able to moisturize and clean a sufficient amount of smoky cigarette smoke and a bunch of various smells, cubic meters of office air.

    Why focus on the office? Yes, because in offices, where, often, there is nowhere to fall an apple, the most appropriate will be a portable usb air humidifier-put it on your desktop and enjoy.

    The most effective smallhumidifier in closed rooms, to start functioning it must be connected to the usb-port, but it must be carefully monitored so that it does not cause trouble for office equipment - the moisture of their baby evaporates in fairly large portions.

    Usb air humidifier is so convenient to use that it can be taken with you on business trips, not only in the room, but also in the compartment of the train.

    According to the season?

    The best expert is a user who, based on his own experience, can give an objective assessment of the device. What about the humidifier after several months of use?

    Many argue that climatic aggregates need at least two, because in winter air needs more moisture, and in summer - in cleaning.

    But this approach is economically and incorrectly unprofitablelogically. In a heat the microclimate of a premise requires a moisture not less, than in the winter, and for two devices it is necessary to pay on the order more expensively. And one humidifier, the price of which may seem acceptable, will not make the weather in the house.

    Therefore, we need a multifunctional device that provides 60 percent (that is, normal) humidity in the apartment and its almost perfect purity.

    Opportunity to put your hand

    A humidifier cleaner can be bought, or you cancollect yourself. And in the second case, you practically for nothing get a unique thing - the author's model, which will ensure the air of your home with cleanliness and moisture is not worse than purchased appliances.

    To make an air humidifier with your own hands, it is enough to know the principle of its action - and it is not more complicated than a conventional teapot. It is important that the water in the device boils and the steam escapes outward.

    Options for manufacturing humidifiers from improvised materials - mass - from the most primitive, to more complex ones.

    Of the primitive, the most common is to place a damp cloth on the heating batteries.

    Of those with which you need to pee, - the manufacture of tin electrodes.

    The principle is this: electrodes are created from a conventional can, parameters - 100x30 mm. Between them rubber pads are placed, leaving gaps, then the electrodes are fastened with linen threads and soldered to the wire plates. The presence of insulation and the electric plug gives the device complete, now it only remains to put it in a ceramic pot (vase, pot) and, having filled the vessel with water, turn on the humidifier.

    A bit of mysticism

    If we consider the question, why do we needair humidifier, in the energy-mystical sense, the first answer will be: to clean the energy channels and the aura of the house and the people living in it. And this answer will be absolutely correct.

    Streams of water in nature (circulation), springs,rivers, rains carry a powerful cleansing and renewing force. The same can be said about the mini-fontanel, enclosed in a plastic capsule, located at your home. It works no worse than water in nature. And you will be convinced of this, judging by your own health.