Nuts: benefit and harm

A hard shell and nutritious core are signs,on which nuts are isolated in a separate family. Grow such fruits on trees or bushes. The benefits of walnuts are great, but harm is also present. More precisely define the concept of this fruit is almost impossible, because it all depends on the angle from which to look at this product.

For example, in the popular sense of almonds, peanutsor other hard-shelled fruits refer to nuts, while biologists classify this family as hazelnuts and cashews. The coconut has nothing to do with the look, just like the nuts of Korean cedar, but these products are named after culinary because of these products.


  • Properties of nuts
  • Fatty nuts
  • Benefits of nuts
  • Harm from nuts
  • How to choose nuts?
  • Storage of nuts
  • Varieties of nuts
  • Walnuts: good and bad
  • Hazelnut
  • Pine nuts
  • Peanut
  • Almond
  • Pistachios
  • Brazilian nut
  • Nuts and slimming
  • Properties of nuts

    The use of nuts in food is known since ancient times. The mineral composition of these fruits is unique, because it is 3 times richer than any fruit. In nuts there are:

  • potassium;
  • iron;
  • phosphorus;
  • calcium;
  • copper;
  • manganese;
  • vitamin E;
  • vitamins from group B;
  • vegetable protein (the percentage varies from 16 to 25%);
  • carbohydrates;
  • alimentary fiber;
  • Omega-3;
  • Omega-6;
  • Omega-9;
  • A unique composition in which is balancedminerals and vitamins, allows this product to retain useful properties for a long time (not one season). Walnuts bring benefits and harm at the same time, but how they will affect a particular person, determine some factors. Products in a solid shell are referred to simple food, although scientists, even their scientists, do not want to argue about their taste, nutrition, or benefits.

    Nuts contain a lot of complex proteins, whichnecessary for the body for the structure of tissues. Vegetable proteins easily replace meat, fully satisfying the body's need for them. The plant substances are absorbed more easily and quickly, so when switching to vegetarian food, one should remember about nuts.

    Iron in these products is contained in largequantities, which is their next advantage. In addition, in the kernels of nuts there is no cholesterol, which could interfere with the assimilation of vitamins. The fat content in the fruit is quite high, although this can be attributed more to the advantages than to the drawbacks.

    Fatty nuts

    We will pay special attention to this property of the product in question! Myths about fat should not scare you and now we'll figure out why.

  • Using different products you need to know the measure (nuts are no exception).
  • For normal functioning the body needs fat!
  • Without fat, it is impossible to assimilate most vitamins and other nutrients.
  • Nuts contain healthy fatty acids for the body. For example, Omega-3.
  • Fats give the food a taste, aroma.
  • Benefits of nuts

    The composition of the fruit allows a person:

  • Monitor appetite. As you know, moderate consumption of food positively affects the heart, liver, kidneys;
  • lower cholesterol;
  • prevent cardiovascular diseases;
  • accelerate the renewal of cells, promote their growth;
  • improve memory, attention, allowing you to better concentrate on the necessary things;
  • improve potency.
  • However, nuts can not be attributed to light foods,so you should moderate your appetite. By caloric content, the product is equated to chocolate or wheat bread (100 grams of kernels are about 712 kcal). The benefits of walnuts are great, although they do bring a lot of damage, if not stop in time. The reaction of the body to such a product is unpredictable, because it depends on many factors, ranging from a variety of fetus and ending with the characteristics of a person.

    Using 70-80 g of walnut daily, you will stopworry about overweight, because this is the optimal dose for the body and it will not allow extra pounds to "pester" you. An exception to the rule is hazelnuts, which can be consumed 20 units each day, whereas a walnut tree is enough for a person to have only five pieces. Flax seeds, the benefit and harm of which does not depend on factors, can be added to many products.

    Harm from nuts

    Because of the high caloric content of the product,contraindications. Often overeating nuts threatens to increase the liver, which is responsible for filtering the body from all kinds of pollution. Very carefully, you should eat fruits with people with a tendency to allergic reactions, because even a small baby can cause allergies.

    Contraindications apply to people withpatients with digestive organs, since the fruits are heavy on the stomach and are reluctant to digest. The benefits of flax seeds and their harm should not be underestimated. The use of moldy nuts can lead to cancer.

    How to choose nuts?

    Walking the market you can stumble on dozenssellers who offer us all sorts of nuts. Choose nevertheless better unpurified fruit. The shell must be clean, and also have no visible damage. This kind is much cheaper than purified and stored for longer, without losing any taste. Shake a few pieces in your hands - if it thunders, the cores inside are substandard or dried up from the storage time.

    Shell-cleared kernels of fruits are selected byappearance, taste. Light or damaged speak of improper storage, as well as dim or wrinkled. They have lost their taste and useful properties, so they should not be bought. The benefits of flax seeds are great, but do not forget that they bring more harm.

    The freshness of nuts can be judged by the color of the kernels -they should be golden or brown. It is also worth sniffing the contents of the shell, because the fresh fruit produces a pleasant specific flavor. Trying on the taste of several kernels can determine a good product, because only the old or old fruits will be bitter.

    Storage of nuts

    Choose a place to store nuts bettercool and dry, it does not matter whether they are whole fruits or kernels. Improper storage of walnuts is harmful, because what is the use of spoiled foods. In bags or boxes, the product will not lie for a long time and in the spring its beneficial properties will disappear, as well as some vitamins. The refrigerator will not save the core for more than 30 days in a knotted package, whereas a freezer will increase this time to several months.

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    Well-stored nuts are high in fat. Hermetically sealed nuclei can be stored even at room temperature. Important! Salted nuts will not stay long! High temperature or humidity will lead to the appearance of mold, since ideal conditions for it have been created. If mold does appear, you should not cut it or wash it.

    Varieties of nuts

    As mentioned above, to the family of nuts withbiological point of view is only hazelnuts, cashews. In nature, there are many other varieties of fruits that fit the characteristics, so we will try to talk more about this. Almonds are also referred to as a nut family, because it also benefits and harms.

    Walnuts: good and bad

    The most common in the European (and notOnly) the continent fruits contain many micronutrients and not less than vitamins. In the kernels of walnuts, quinones and tannins can be found. Also, the fruits are rich in vitamin C, B, PP, iron, phosphorus and other substances.

    Vitamin C in immature fruits is greater than,for example, in citrus or currant. Potassium relieves the body of excess moisture, while magnesium refers to vasodilating products. The maintenance of fats in fruits is high enough, therefore it is not recommended to eat thin people.

    Walnuts are nutritious, have a specifictaste. Regular use of nuclei in small doses helps men improve potency. Lower blood sugar can be tinctured from the walnut partitions, first releasing them from the shell or debris. Flax seeds can be useful, and can harm.

    Children can give walnuts and even need, as they contain protein, fatty acids. To hyperactive guys, only a few cores a day will help to become calmer and more balanced.


    Useful properties of hazelnutit is difficult because they are quite a lot. Hazelnut is often used as a preventative against stomach diseases, and in some cases even treat the intestinal tract. Regular use of hazelnuts will help get rid of kidney stones, rheumatism. People with anemia are also recommended to include this nut in the diet.

    In the forest hazelnut of fatty acids there are many - about 70%of the total weight, but in addition to them there are carbohydrates and proteins. The product is valuable in that it calms the putrefactive processes in the intestinal tract, and sometimes it is capable of completely eliminating them.

    Pine nuts

    High content of copper in fruits - their mainadvantage. Cedar nut is useful for brain work, so it has been popular for many decades. The child's organism consumes a lot of amino acid in the development process, the level of which can be restored by the use of pine nuts.

    In the product you can find vitamins B1 and B2, iodine andothers. Also in cedar fruit, a lot of vitamin E, which positively affects the endocrine system and creates an invisible barrier to cells, protecting them from damage. These nuts do not contain cholesterol, and they are easily digested.


    The preservation of immunity is promoted by antioxidants,which is rich in peanuts. Surprisingly, it is widely used for the prevention of cancer. Fried nuts are more useful than raw nuts due to polyphenols. When heated, these substances increase their number.

    Regular consumption of peanuts will reduce the riskincrease the level of cholesterol in the blood. More fruits are considered as a source of vegetable oil and protein. Peanuts are considered to be high-calorie foods and therefore it is not recommended to use them excessively.


    Almond, the benefits and harm on which dependsdirectly from the amount of nutrients, received in the people the name of the treasury. It contains unsaturated monobes that are rich in vitamin E. The use of such a product helps the body to purify itself naturally, and in some cases it can be used as a mild laxative. Oil from this kind of nut helps to get rid of headaches, and sometimes it is effective against otitis.


    Such nuts can perfectly replaceenergotovniki, because the body begins to stay awake after consumption. Pistachios are recommended for long-term mental and physical exertion. Contained in them, vitamin E promotes skin rejuvenation.

    Brazilian nut

    The advantage of this product is that evena few nuts will help you get rid of hunger. It turns out basically because there are a lot of fats, proteins, thiamine, phosphorus, fiber and other nutrients. Caloric content of these fruits is quite high because of this it is not recommended to use them in excessive amounts. For an adult a few pieces are enough to feel satiety, whereas enough for two children.

    Brazil nut grows on tropical trees,the height of which sometimes reaches 60 meters. Inside the fetus with a hard shell, there are 24 small nuclei in the box. Cultivation of Brazil nuts is a very difficult task, because in order to obtain quality fruits, a tropical climate with frequent rains and wild orchids in close proximity is needed, as these plants attract a separate type of bees, which is necessary for their pollination.

    Nuts and slimming

    The fruits of walnut trees help to cleankilograms - this is true, but only in part. High-calorie foods are the nuts, with excessive use only add weight. The obvious plus of this product for slimming people is that it quickly satiates. Since there are a lot of fats in the fruit, walnuts are good for the body, although they cause considerable damage. At the same time, they are an excellent alternative to meat, as they contain many proteins.

    To facilitate the assimilation of this producttheir body should be roasted, as heat treatment helps to deactivate enzyme inhibitors. If the nut is heated, fatty acids are destroyed, the effect of which on the body is great. When heat treatment of fats can be carcinogenic substances, negatively affecting the work of the body. For example, almonds, the benefits and harms of which are consistently high, still leads the way in sales.


    Varieties of nuts quite a lot, howevereach of the species is unique in its own way. Every product needs its own approach and precautions, since we are dealing with high-calorie fruits. You can eat nuts during a diet, but in a certain amount, since they contain a lot of fat. Kernels are the main part of nuts used for food, but other components of these fruits are used for the recovery of the body.