Therapeutic uses of the medicinal mendicant

Labaznik, or grass of the twill, is very commonin our climatic conditions. This plant grows near rivers, lakes, wetlands. It is a tall grass with small white or white-pink inflorescences. Flowers have a delicious honey aroma. Labaznik has many medicinal properties, but it must also be remembered that he has contraindications. This plant has found application in many areashuman activity. It is used both in folk medicine and in official pharmacology. Even in cooking there are dishes using this herb.

Therapeutic properties of the medicinal mendon

This herb has a diverse chemical composition. Due to this, this plant has many useful and medicinal properties.

Labaznik well helps in the treatment of various skin diseases

Has anti-inflammatory effect. Very well helps in the treatment of various skin diseases, as well as eczema. For this purpose, a cream or infusion is prepared from the mulberry. They will also be effective in psoriasis. Infusion from the inflorescences of this plant can be used to prevent herpetic eruptions in the event that a person has a predisposition to them.

Helps with burns, with the elimination of diaper rash and pressure sores. Prepare the powder from the flowers of the mallin and use as a powder on the affected skin.

Normalizes blood pressure and dilutes blood. Infusion from the meadow is taken inside.

Broths and tinctures from this herb well stimulate immunity. Regularly eating them for some time, the body will easily cope with colds.

Decoctions and infusions of the medicinal well stimulate immunity

Grass is the natural pain killer. It can be used to get rid of spasms and reduce other pain syndromes.

Helps get rid of burning and itching.

Activates the mental faculties. Therefore, people whose activities are associated with mental stress, it is recommended to drink decoctions of the medicinal herb.

Helps get rid of the symptoms of acute viral diseases.

This plant is very effective when bitten by various insects and even snakes as lotions, since it has an antitoxic effect.

In order to cook for consumptioninfusion, decoction or ointment from the mendicant, it is not necessary to go to the marshland for his search. In our time, this herb can be purchased at every pharmacy. It can be found in various collections, as well as individually: roots, inflorescences and leaves.

For what you can use the twill

The properties of this plant are quite diverse, andapplication of it often depends on the species. There are four main types of mables. Six-lobe and Kamchatsky are often used for problems of the gastrointestinal tract, as well as for liver diseases. The laminasis is used as a healing agent, and also as an antibacterial agent. But among all the species, a meadow-bearing limb is widespread. It is used to treat diseases such as: hemorrhoids, dropsy, sleep disturbances, bronchitis, acute respiratory viral infections, diarrhea, heart and vascular diseases, and others.

Recipes for the use of a medicinal mildew

Antiviral infusion from this plant is widely spread. Method of preparation:

You need to buy a pharmacy ready to collect a mall. If you have a desire to personally collect this plant, first you need to carefully study the grass carpenter in the photo.

There are four main types of mables

For cooking, you need 30 grams of grassplants, 50 ml. alcohol and 250 ml. boiled water at room temperature. The grass should be placed in a thermos and poured with water, leaving in a cool place for 10 hours, then add alcohol there. Eat half a spoon 4 times a day.

With psoriasis, eczema and other skindiseases used ointment. To make it, use finely ground dried flower buds. They are mixed with petroleum jelly and applied to affected areas of the skin twice a day.

Preparation of broth for douching: Collect a pour one glass of boiling water, let it brew for half an hour. Then strain and dilute with cooled boiled water to a volume of one liter. Douching should be done once a day.

Decoction for the treatment of wounds and burns. The way of preparation is this: dry the inflorescence of the plant, pour one cup of boiling water, let it brew for 6 hours. Then strain and treat the affected skin. For this purpose, you can use powder. It is also prepared from the flowers of the mendicant: they are crushed and sprinkled on the affected areas of the skin.

People suffering from low blood pressure, tagolga is strictly prohibited

Cases when the use of the twill is forbidden

It would be desirable to notice, that mabaznik hascontraindications. However, they have a little grass. It is not recommended to take the plant to people suffering from constipation, since it has an astringent effect. With extreme caution, you need to consume grass to pregnant women, people under the age of 12, and allergic people. People suffering from low blood pressure, tagolga is strictly prohibited.