Bird cherries: useful properties and contraindications

Bird cherry is one of the most loved among the peopleplants. Its flowering in the midst of spring fills the air with an unusual intoxicating aroma. The richness of the inflorescences with a lush cap adorns the crown of the tree. Bird cherry is one of the most beautiful plants of our strip. Not for nothing, and songs about her sang, and the verses folded.

You can see the bird cherry tree as a tree, with a cleardecorated with a trunk, and a bush. Belongs to the genus of plum. She loves to dwell on moist soils. Often part of the forest located along the banks of rivers. In summer cottages and yards, it is planted, most often for decorative purposes. Few people think that this plant is not only beautiful, but also extremely useful.

Medicine, especially folk, has long been knownbird cherry, useful properties and contraindications which were well known to our grandmothers. Pies filled with berries of bird cherry were an ornament of any table. And what benefit they bore for men, being not only delicious, but also increasing potency. But women, especially those who wanted a child, a large number of berries could not be used. The fruits of this tree had a contraceptive effect (earlier it was believed, but now scientists have not been fully confirmed).

Bird cherry-pantry of medicinal components

Everything from which the bird cherry is composed, everything could be included in the formulations of medicinal broths, infusions and simply eaten:

  1. Inflorescences, of them were prepared infusions for washing wounds. This is one of the very good anti-inflammatory drugs.
  2. Leaves. Decoctions of leaves used for colds.
  3. Berries, juice could help with inflammation of the stomach or intestines. And also as an astringent, a fixative for diarrhea.
  4. Bark. An excellent diuretic and diaphoretic.

In general, for a person who knows, the bird cherry opens its useful properties and allows everyone to use it. Especially if he can collect everything you need at the right time:

  1. In the beginning of spring, the bark is collected. It is cut carefully so as not to damage the plant, it is better not from one tree.
  2. Inflorescences in May, in the midst of their flowering.
  3. The berries are closer to the autumn, when they gain more useful properties.

Ordinary people can simply enjoy the fact that near the blooming tree very rarely there are all kinds of insects in the form of midges and mosquitoes.

Bird cherry is one of the most beautiful plants of our strip

Gradually comes the realization that the bird cherryis a storehouse of nutrients and elements. She alone can replace the whole pharmacy almost all year round. Even in winter, without fresh leaves, fruits and flowers, you can use pre-cooked, dried ingredients.

But, of course, in all this huge barrel of honeythere is a tiny droplet of tar. Namely, hydrocyanic acid, contained in the bark and berries, or rather, in the bones. So do not keep broths for long. It is better to cook fresh. And try to eat berries without pits. Again, this is the main contraindication for pregnant women. For an adult healthy person, the concentration of hydrocyanic acid is very low, but it does not need to be checked as it affects the newly born little man.

If suddenly someone does not know what it looks like,bird cherry, its description is found in the works of S. Yesenin. Having received from him an idea about this plant, and knowing what our ancestors knew about him, you start to treat the healing power of bird cherry differently.