Decoration with balls

Everyone loves the holiday, but how to make itremember the guests for a long time? Among the pre-holiday fuss do not forget to decorate the room, because of its appearance depends on the mood! The design of balls can be ordered from specialists who will quickly and tastefully do everything, while it will be relatively cheap. You can decorate the room with balloons yourself, but this will take a lot of time and effort.

General concept

Air balloon - a kind of toy thatwill please not only children, but also many adults. Thanks to a wide color palette, low cost and practicality, inflatable products have become the main attribute of any holiday. If before the balloons could not please the variety, then the modern assortment of these products is impressive. Starting from classic round products measuring only 20-30 cm and ending with fabulous heroes reaching a few meters in height.

Traditional material for the manufacture of airballs - latex. They can be inflated with simple air or use for this purpose a lighter gas - helium, due to which the products are able to soar. The design of balloons became brighter with the advent of new varieties.

Types and types

Air balloons:

  • The classic type is made from latex;
  • Foiled or, as they are also called,Milar made from metallized film. Such products differ from analogues with high strength, while they remain colorful and bright. Most often, balloons of this type are made in the form of popular characters or figures, which greatly simplified the design of the balls in the preschool in a kindergarten, but in the classical version it is very difficult to meet them;
  • Milar and latex beads can be with one, two or more tails that are designed to create designs such as panels, fairy-tale characters and others;
  • The range of use of air products is sufficientwide and it is not limited only to the design of premises. Still they are actively used for packing gifts, making balls with a wide throat and stuffing a gift inside it, using a special device;
  • Among all the varieties of balloons,great popularity is enjoyed by walking figures. To create the effect of walking, they are inflated with helium, and to keep in place to the ground, the cargo is tied. With each gust of wind, the figure "moves";
  • Balls-self-inflaters are able to inflate independently thanks to the special substances that are in them. The decoration with balls, photos of which are presented here, can be easily done by yourself;
  • Variety of forms

    1. Round balloons:
  • Products without a pattern can be of different size and color. They often draw up areas and premises on the eve of the holiday;
  • Products with a seal or pattern are used in all kinds of promotions. They decorate all kinds of events and presentations, or present as a souvenir;
  • Multicolored balloons in most cases without a pattern, but they are variegated color;
    1. Hearts.

    Balloons of this form are very popular,especially on the eve of Valentine's Day or other similar holidays. They are given to women on March 8, birthdays or just like that. The size of the air hearts can be different, as well as their color. Registration of wedding balls can not do without them. They can be monophonic, multicolored or with a printed pattern. Popular colors of balloons in the form of hearts - red, gold, white and pink.

    1. Punchbag.

    Round balloons of large sizes, indiameter reaching 50 cm. The main difference between Panch-bols and analogs is dense walls and an elastic band fixed on the top of the product. With the help of a rubber band, the balloon is held in place. More often than not, punch-balls can be found on carnival processions.

    1. Figured balls.

    For the most part, these are large inflatable balls,made in the form of any objects, for example, characters of cartoons, animals and others. The decoration of the hall with balls of this type will be original and memorable.

    1. Balls for modeling.

    These products are specially designed for requestsdesigners, designers, therefore, are considered more professional, and they are not sold in every store. Specialists with their help decorate rooms or open areas, creating from them large and complex structures.

    1. Balls with tails.

    They are used to create all kinds ofcompositions and designs, regardless of their complexity and size. The number of tails is limited only by the dimensions of the balloon, but at least two of them must be at least. The last call, the decoration of which was done in advance, will be joyful and impressive.

    1. Balloons-banners.

    Oblong in shape, lengthwise reaching productsup to a meter, and in some cases even more. Use such balloons for promotional purposes, while they can be either with a tail, or without, the presence of the applied drawing is also not an obligatory attribute, although many buyers order just such.

    1. Balls for packing.

    A distinctive feature of this variety -transparent or translucent walls and wide neck. It is used for gift wrapping or souvenirs. In order to put any object inside such a ball, a specially trained person is needed.

    Service list

    Companies engaged in balloons offer services such as:

    1. Children's holidays.
    2. Days of birth.
    3. Seasonal holidays.
    4. Wedding.
    5. Exhibitions.

    There may be many other items on the list.

    Varieties of balloons

    Inflatable products differ in many respects,such as shape, filling, coloring, material from which many others are made. The color scale, in which the balloons are represented, does not make sense to list, because it is really wide, but for the rest of the parameters it is possible to "run through".

    1. Balls with helium.

    These colorful products are most often used inas a gift. Regardless of the age of the originator of the celebration, balloons filled with helium will please and lift the mood to all those present. Classical products of this type have dimensions of 9, 10 and 12 inches. The decoration of the balloon with helium will complete the holiday with fun.

    Balloons with helium can be sufficientdifferent. For example, it can be monochrome or painted products with or without the inscription. All products of this type can be divided into several types:

  • matte balls (pastel);
  • products of bright saturated colors, called decorators;
  • balls with a special glossy coating, known as metallic;
    1. Foiled balls.

    They are made of mylar (aluminum foil). Among all the variety of forms in which foil balloons are represented, there are practically no classical ones. Like balloons with helium, foil products can be with or without inscriptions, with drawings, congratulations or monophonic.

    1. Bouquet of balloons.

    Correctly selected composition, correspondingtheme of the upcoming holiday, will please the guests and the perpetrators of the celebration. In the bouquet you can connect a lot of bright and colorful inflatable products, mixed with unique decorative elements. Such a bouquet can be not only thematic, but also floral, that is, all the balls in it will be made in the form of flowers.

    Decoration with balls

    Decorate the room is simple enough, having hung upballoons across the square, but it is not everyone who can give it a certain style. The benefit of the modern market is filled with companies that will professionally design any room for a relatively small fee, saving you time.

    Among the services offered by companies there are also such as the creation of:

  • arches of balloons (most often used at weddings, anniversaries and other events);
  • foil inflatable cartoon characters or films;
  • garlands;
  • bouquets;
  • figures of animals with helium filler inside;
  • Elements of design

    balloons used for decoration:

    1. Helium.
    2. Walking.
    3. Latex.
    4. Glowing.
    5. Foiled.
    6. Vinyl.
    7. In the form of the heart.
    8. Singing.
    9. Garland.
    10. Self-propelled.
    11. The rings.
    12. Surprise.
    13. Bouquets.
    14. Running.
    15. Letters.
    16. Explosion.
    17. Figures.
    18. Panel.
    19. Reset.
    20. Figures.

    Color palette

    1. Metallic - have a metallic shade.
    2. Crystal - transparent.
    3. Special - special.
    4. Pastel - matte.

    We make a holiday on our own

    If the holiday budget does not allow you to pay for the services of specialists in decorating rooms with balloons, then you need to do it yourself, because there are no difficulties in this matter.

    Decorate space follows the products of twocolors, but you can pick up the third one. For corporate enterprises, the color of balloons must match the basic colors of their symbols. To design a children's holiday, it is better to choose a lot of colorful products, because the children love everything bright. Color combinations that have become popular:

  • gold and pearl;
  • red and white;
  • gold and white;
  • ayvory and white and others;
  • The choice of a composition for the celebration shouldstart from the theme of the holiday. If this is a wedding, the traditional figures of the celebration are swans, hearts, rings. The originality of the wedding will be given by an arch of balloons set in front of the entrance to the banquet hall. A bright addition will be the original fountains of 5-7 inflatables of bright coloring and balls under the ceiling, which have become a favorite decoration of many people.

    Birthday, anniversary or corporate datecan be noted in the room, which is decorated with a figure of balloons contrasting with the walls of color. From inflatable products can be done almost any object, whether it is wood, man or animal.

    Print the picture

    Balloons are sold with a printedpicture, but if you do not find the image you need, you can contact the manufacturer for its application. Before you get to the company, carefully select the image, because of its quality depends on the accuracy of reflection on the balloon. The drawing can be absolutely anything, from old photographs to modern superheroes.

    To put on the balloon image,a special form is made, after which the colors are selected. The drawing should be applied only to the inflated ball, and after the paint has dried, it is possible to release air from it. Making kindergarten balls will be an actual addition to the universal decorations.

    Depending on the number of applied drawings, the print is of several types:

  • one-sided;
  • double-sided;
  • five-sided;
  • on the vertex;
  • Conclusion

    Air balloon is a small latex product,which when filled with air varies in size. Bright colors allowed the balls to become a welcome guest at all holidays and events. Companies involved in the design of premises, will save your time.