Organization of children's holidays

Organization of children's holidays is a responsible andan interesting process, because an important role is played by taking into account the age characteristics of children and their preferences. What to consider when organizing a holiday event and how to diversify children's leisure?

Basic nuances

The preparation and holding of the children's holiday is carried out in stages. First, a scenario basis is developed, thenthe director's organization of the material is being thought through. To the event carried a certain educational aspect, the organizer must take into account some specific features:

  • place of action and features of the planning of the holiday;
  • duration of the event;
  • psychological and physical aspects;
  • emphasis on the action: the whole holiday should be held actively, so that all children are involved;
  • During the celebration, the participants should freely move around all areas.
  • The whole children's world is a game

    What does any child love? The answer is one - to play, therefore, children's holidays should be held in the form of a game. This is cognitive, educational and fun, but the success of the event depends on how well it is thought out by the organizer and what is the role of each participant in it. All stages of work on the organization of the holiday can be reduced to the following:

    1. A script is created. This is a creative process that requires careful attention, since the success of the entire holiday depends on this stage. At the heart of any scenario is the idea that allows to realize the idea of ​​the event. That is, it is created for a specific purpose. An important role is played by the topic - it should be close and interesting to the main participants and depends on the age of the children. It is also important that the event has a compositional integrity, that is, the beginning, the main part and the prologue.
    2. Holding children's holidays always develops strictly the logic of the topic itself, so every episode in them must be loaded in meaning.

    In general, it is not easy to organize a holiday, because at the head of the corner is the creative perception of the process.

    What you need to consider

    Today, many parents prefer to turn toagency of children's holidays, whose staff can quite think over the entire gameplay. But here you can not do without your important recommendations if you want to make the holiday bright and memorable:

  • If the meeting is not yet familiarchildren, you need to introduce them. How to do it unobtrusively? With such a difficult task, leading or invited animators can easily cope, having done this in a game form. And to make it easier for children to remember each other by their names, they need to prepare badges for them;
  • Do not start the presentation immediately, as soon as the children have gathered. Give them half an hour to gather, get acquainted, prepare for the holiday;
  • during the celebration it is important that it is not interrupted by any hitching, but because the scenario of the children's holiday should be thought out to the smallest detail - in this case, every child will remain satisfied;
  • be sure to think about the time for an easy snack, but it's worth holding this ceremony even before the entertainment program.

  • Preparation of premises

    Today, the thematic programs are very popular,when all the children dress up in pirates or heroes of some fairy tale. But that they could plunge into the fairy-tale world, it is important to correctly place the venue for the celebration. This stage should be paid close attention, and the design of the children's holiday should be carried out in accordance with its theme:

    1. To emphasize the solemnity of the situation, we buy balloons and toys. It is in this entourage that the main action will take place.
    2. The event is held in a specially equipped room, most often a restaurant or a cafe is chosen, where there is an opportunity to arrange a holiday.
    3. The children's menu is an obligatory component of the holiday, which should be thought out in advance.
    4. Music for the children's holiday is necessarily chosen: it must correspond not only to the theme of the celebration, but also to the age characteristics of the children themselves.
    5. A thoughtful scenario will allow every minuteorganize the most thoughtful events. For each group of children, their interesting contests, quizzes that are accessible to their age and understanding are selected.

    We decorate a room or a room

    The birthday party for the birthday should bethought out to trifles - from the decoration of the room to the script and musical accompaniment. If you celebrate at home, then you can manage and on your own, using the simplest decorative elements. The most popular attribute is balloons which can be used as separate ornaments, and can create integral compositions: in the form of a figure corresponding to the age of the child, or in any other subject.

    If a holiday is organized for a girl, sheThey will like such festive accessories as pompons made of paper. They are easily created from cigarette or corrugated paper, and they look more stylish and unusual than traditional balls. Girl's interior can be emphasized with garlands of flags, ribbons, cloth flaps - from all that is always there at hand. If the balls do not like either you or the children, you can replace them with a figure cut from any material.

    Attention to the table

    Organizing a children's holiday at home or somewhere onaway, be sure to think through the menu and decorating the table. In this process, you can safely fantasize that the decoration was not only tasty and useful, but also beautiful. Than usually treat children? Fruits, juices, canapés and muffins. An interesting form of skewers, funny tags will allow you to diversify the decoration of the table. In addition, you can always come up with something original. So, the children probably will taste the donuts suspended on the thread to the ceiling, bread, large sweets, you can hide the treats in the tent house. The main requirement - refreshments should be thought out in a single style and color scheme, so that the accents are clearly expressed.

    What do parents need to know?

    If you are planning to celebrate a child's birthdayat home, then start by counting the number of guests and invitations. Both you and the birthday boy should know how many guests will end up in order to think in advance of all the organizational issues. Many parents worry when their children are invited without them. In this case, you need to either invite them together, or tell in advance which of the adults will be at the party, what the children will be doing and under whose supervision. Estimate the actual size of the room, especially if the animators are invited to a children's party.

    We are thinking about contests

    This is the most interesting and memorable forinvited and birthday party stage. The main requirement - all competitions, entertainment, quizzes must necessarily match the age of children. Contests for children's holiday can come up with a variety of things, but they should be interesting to keep attention. The program should be thought out in such a way that calm games alternate with active ones so that children do not get tired and remain interested in acting. Consider the most popular competitions, depending on the age group of children.

    Dwarfs and giants

    This game is suitable for children 4-6 years old. Its essence is as follows: the presenter says that all children are either dwarfs or giants. When he talks about giants, he stretches out to his full height, speaks in a raspy voice and loudly. On the contrary, the dwarfs are very small - the leader squats to show their growth. All the movements that the facilitator makes are for children to repeat. That is, sit down, pretending to be a dwarf, or stand upright, stretching his arms up like a giant, according to the commands of the presenter. The victory will be won by the child who made the least mistakes. In this game, the guys can be built in a circle, and it promotes the development of mindfulness and coordination of movements.

    Act on the signal

    This competition is designed for children 4-6 years old. The essence of the game is as follows: the presenter gives sounds in the form of cotton in the palms. One cotton - the children should sit down, two claps - children stand up, three claps - run. The leader alternates his tasks, and children must be able to react to them correctly. Who is mistaken, he is eliminated from the game. The peculiarity of this game is that it promotes the development of mindfulness, coordination of movements, and teaches us to think in the right direction.

    You must be an artist!

    Organizing a children's holiday with their own hands,think about how to come up with contests in which children can show their artistic abilities. So, from 4 to 10 years you can play the game "What did we do today?". The facilitator leaves the room, and the children must come up with an idea of ​​the action they will take. The task of the facilitator is to guess the action. He returns to the room and asks: what did you do today? Children without words represent a certain action that they have chosen. If the presenter guessed what is being portrayed, he sits down to the participants, and the child becomes the lead. Such games develop the artistic abilities of children, the skills of communicating with the team, the ability to express their thoughts in various ways, including non-verbal and fantasize.

    Collective drawing

    This game is designed for children of different ages,but it's still better if they are at least 8-12 years old. In the game process, two teams take part, which are issued a sheet of Whatman. The first participants draw the head, the paper is folded, the second participants draw the body and fold the paper again, the third continue the drawing. The bottom line is that they do not know what the previous participants drew before them. And because the final version of the picture will be very unusual and funny. Such a game is good because children fantasize, learn to draw and do it together, by collective creativity.

    Catch candy

    How to combine interest, fun and joy in onecompetition? To hold a bright event and invite children to catch a candy without using their hands. How? It's very simple: we tie the end of the line to the wrapper and hang it on the rope so that the children can reach them. Their task is to catch a candy and unfold it without hands, and then eat it. Time is being marked - who will cope faster, he and the winner. This mobile game allows you to develop coordination and dexterity of movements, in addition, it is suitable for children of all ages.

    Broken phone

    This game has always attracted attentioninteresting and unusual move. The essence of it is as follows: the presenter is guessing the first participant a word in a low whisper, and he must pass it on to the others. The last participant calls the word - it must coincide with the first. Then the host changes. Such games show how children are receptive to new information and are attentive. The game is still, but in order to calm children for a while, it fits just perfectly.

    Holidays in the garden and school

    Many mistakenly believe that there is no pointto hold musical and theatrical holidays in kindergarten. Allegedly, the children are small, they still do not understand anything. But all the psychological and other aspects begin to develop exactly from the 2-3 years, so it's important to spend holidays in the kindergarten as well. Important attention should be given at this stage to musical accompaniment - it is music that has a favorable effect on the overall emotional background of children. The more positive emotions they have, the faster they will learn the material.

    Timely attention to child developmentis expressed in the fact that you can hold the holidays in any format. It touches on the birthday. Who said that it is impossible to organize a puppet show or to conduct a theatrical performance? The main requirement is that the event should correspond to the age-specific characteristics of a particular group of children. In the musical activity it is quite possible to attract parents who can become active participants of the holiday.

    Scenarios of such events, be it a daybirth or a children's New Year's holiday, are thought out taking into account the skills of children at a particular age. And the main principles of the organization of the event should be content, cognition, motor activity and an element of surprise, because all competitions should interest children and make them happy. The basic rules for creating a scenario include the following:

  • The plot should be thought out and interesting for children;
  • All action must be conducted in a game form;
  • Spectacular moments in it should alternate with active competitions;
  • The program should be based on musical material that is familiar and learned by children;
  • In the game process, motor and general development exercises and games should prevail, otherwise the children will be bored.
  • Do we need adults?

    When holding children's parties in Moscow, manyparents attract animators who think through the whole event. But it is worth remembering that if a holiday is organized for the very young, it is still possible to do without parents. For older guys it is quite possible to rent paths in a bowling alley or a room in which they will be and animators. In this case, they themselves can create a festive atmosphere and a memorable holiday.