Window decoration for the New Year 2016

There comes an amazing period of the year, when allnature falls asleep and plunges into hibernation. And then winter penetrates into the life of nature, changing everything around and decorating with an amazing white veil. In this amazing and fabulous time the houses turn into white palaces, and the trees, dressed in white fur coats, look festive and solemn. This is a period of large and significant holidays, one of which is the New Year - a mysterious and wonderful beginning of a new stage of life.
To create a festive atmosphere and in unison with nature, the house from the inside is filled with the spirit of celebration, using for this purpose all sorts of decorations and its own personal vision of the upcoming holidays.

Decorating a house with New Year's Tinsel is usuallyoccurs closer to the onset of the holiday, but some elements of the future decor, such as windows, can be issued in advance. Then, in the New Year's day, they will not remain without decoration and throughout the long winter, they will fill the room with a feeling of special magic.

The mistress of the year and her preferences

Preparation for the New Year's Everesponsible and includes many factors, each of which must be considered and thought out in advance, so that the holiday efforts and worries turn into a pleasant and quivering waiting for the coming triumphs. The whole house should be filled with a magical and enchanting atmosphere, which is created with the use of various decorating elements: Christmas tree shiny tinsel and toys, colorful garlands and candles. All this and some other ornaments can be used for colorful decoration of windows, creating on them an amazing decor.

Window decoration for the New Year 2016 can be donea real work of art on the glass. The use of New Year's attributes and winter plots must be supplemented by elements related to the symbol of the coming year.
Chinese symbolism claims thatthe patroness of the coming year is the Red Fiery Monkey, who is characterized by enthusiasm and love for surprises, fun and unrestrained energy, she knows how and likes to create a lot of noise and to be in the center of attention. Considering the nature of the Monkey, it is necessary to organize the design of the New Year 2016, placating it and gaining patronage. Boring and inexpressive jewelry may not attract the attention of the eccentric hostess of the year, and then do not count on her favorable attitude. A noisy holiday with a lot of bright attributes will surely be approved by Monkey, and she will thank the owners of the house with her benevolent attitude and will make the year memorable and happy.

The element of the year is Fire, and the best colorRed. Therefore, the New Year's design of 2016 should be done with the predominance of red shades, as well as using orange, gold or yellow. A large number of candles and garlands will support the elements of the year and make it more valuable and significant.
Based on personal ideas about the celebration, andconsidering all the characteristic features of the patroness of the coming year, you should think over the decoration of the windows for the New Year 2016. These can be, as never before bright and bold decisions, making the windows expressive and original.

Miraculous windows

With the onset of winter in an amazing way, allaround it is transformed: nature, houses, stained-glass windows of shops. To bring a piece of universal transformation into your house, you can decorate the windows, using a variety of ornaments.

Snow is an important part of winter and New Year'sholidays. Therefore, snow-white drifts on the glass and windowsill will be a good embodiment of the winter fairy tale. It can be emitted using a special can with artificial snow, creating a real winter on its windows. They are always in sight and visible on both sides of the room, so their decoration transforms the overall appearance both from inside the room and from the outside. For spectacular window decoration, it is not necessary to purchase special expensive ornaments. All that is needed for sure can be found among the already existing New Year's tinsel or make by yourself, from simple materials available.

Paper Needlework

The easiest way to celebrateare all kinds of figures, cut from paper. Using ready-made stencils or your imagination, from the folded sheets of paper, cut out a variety in size and shape of snowflakes. They can be pasted on the glass, hang on strings or ribbons, or make garlands and compositions. Amazing wonderful patterns are created using plain paper and scissors. To fix on the glass, use a special adhesive spray or a normal soap solution, from the laundry soap.

More interesting look fancy winter orNew Year's stories, with images of snow-covered forests, stars, snowman, Santa Claus and Snow Maiden, deer with sledges or Christmas toys. Such decorations from the paper on the windows for the New Year can not only be pasted on the glass, but also placed on the windowsill, creating voluminous compositions. The use of lighting with an electric garland makes this decoration unusually mysterious and enchanting.

To make the cuttings more effective useColor paper and foil or pasted them with colorful glitter. Fussy Monkey such a decor will be to your liking, because she likes everything brilliant and colorful.

Window art

For artists, the decoration of windows in 2016 givesa special opportunity to show their creative origin and make the design unique and original. You can give vent to fantasy and draw any images, with elements of winter and festive plots. The picture can be pure white, emphasizing the natural purity of winter nature, or using bright colors, which will make the decor amazingly colorful. Theme of the holiday gives a wide choice for the manifestation of their ideas, any drawing is appropriate for the New Year's decoration of windows and will be to the liking of the hostess of the coming year.

For those who are not very confident in theirartistic abilities, but wants to use colors, you should use stencils. They will help to apply the correct silhouette of the picture on the glass. Stencils of window decorations for the New Year can be made by yourself, connecting your imagination, or choose from ready-made sketches, on the Internet.
For drawing on the glass, you can use anyeasily washable paint: watercolor, gouache or acrylic. Attaching the stencil to the glass, in the slits and around apply the paint. When removing the stencil on the glass remains a bizarre silhouette.

The paint falls better when applied with a sponge or, spraying from a brush, this pattern will look more airy.

Illumination of windows

The most effective is the decoration of windowsby the New Year 2016 with the use of holy elements: garlands and candles. Hanging around the perimeter of the window or laid on the windowsill garlands with colorful lights, will make the scenery colorful and rich, creating a cozy and mysterious atmosphere. On long winter evenings, shimmering lights give off windows and attract attention to them.

Flickering light from exposed on the windowsillcandles, in a beautiful New Year's decoration, fill the whole room with a kind of mystery. Lighted candles, except for a wonderful decoration for the windows, are the personification of the elements of the coming year and, therefore, will surely satisfy the owner of the Monkey.

Candles are made using any winterparaphernalia: spruce wreaths, toys or tinsel. Do not just forget that this is an open fire, which must be treated with extreme caution, observing fire safety measures.

Man-Made Decorations

A good decoration of the holiday windows arecrafts and garlands made by own hands. As the constituent elements you can use New Year tree decorations and natural materials, with a festive meaning.

Various compositions from fir branches and cones,decorated with toys can be collected in a magic wreath or a garland, and placed on a window sill or hang out. To decorate the windows has become a real fairytale composition you can connect different ways, complementing and interweaving them among themselves.
When decorating windows do not forget about the hostess of the coming year Monkey. Her amusing and amusing figures can be present in any decoration, indicating the symbolism of the upcoming holidays.

It is important not to overdo it with the New Yearthe design of the windows, so as not to create a sense of chaos and an overabundance of various elements. They should harmoniously complement each other and fit into the overall interior of the room, creating a single festive mood.