Chernokoren medicinal from mice:

Unexpected tool in the fight against the invasionrodents turned out to be black medicinal. The properties of the plant proved to be no less effective than traps and synthetic poisons. A natural raticide excludes the possibility of negatively affecting households, pets. Looking at the black-skinned photo, it's hard to imagine that this beautiful plant can give such an astounding effect.

Plant black cherry medicinal

Considering the black patch of a medicinal photo, one can see the characteristic features of the plant species:

  • a pubescent stalk;
  • large bright flowers;
  • fleshy trunk and leaves;
  • small dark oily fruits;
  • juicy green color.
  • All these are signs of many plants containing inits poison juice. A beautiful plant looks like settling in wastelands, poor soils. This is an indicator of their survivability. Due to lack of water or depleted soil, the plant concentrates in itself a large number of different potent substances.

    It is the action of alkaloids that allows fastget rid of unexpected gray guests. Due to the content in the juice of a certain amount of essential organic oils, the smell of the plant spreads and is kept long enough. This is one of the useful qualities of the plant in the fight against rodents.

    In addition to the poison effect, the black-skin is knownin folk medicine as a strong anesthetic. This effect gives the effect of the combination of juice substances on the central nervous system. Since the human body has a large mass, this effect has a beneficial effect. However, for a small rodent body such an effect is disastrous.

    The plant blooms in May, this periodstretches to the end of spring. Collect the plant after flowering, then the juice contains the maximum amount of necessary substances. Prepare the plant by the method of drying in a dark, well-ventilated place.

    Fighting rodents

    Looking at the medicinal black from mice photos, many are wondering how to prepare a remedy against rodents. In order to apply this tool in practice use:

  • dried roots, stems;
  • tinctures;
  • broths.
  • A large concentration of plants can killsmall pests. Because alkaloids inhibit the nervous system of rodents. The persistent smell of the plant lasts long enough in the room. Thus, the animal feels danger and leaves the place of violence.

    To prepare a decoction you need to have abouthalf kilogram of raw materials. It can be stalled, left for a day. Expressed a solution of sprinkling corners, and often visited by rodents. In addition, we can hang bunches of dried blackcore around the house, at a height inaccessible to children.

    Tincture on alcohol is prepared for about 5 days. To do this you need:

  • chop several stems with leaves;
  • place in glassware;
  • pour 1 liter of alcohol (concentration of 96%);
  • set in a place inaccessible to light.
  • Expressed a solution to lubricate skirting boards, panels, sprinkle walls in the pantry.