How to properly clean a leather jacket?

How to clean a leather jacket, anyhousewife, since things made from genuine leather are quite expensive. If you incorrectly carry out this procedure, you can not only spoil this thing, but even lose it forever. If you do the cleaning properly, your jacket will last you for many years, without losing its appearance.

Basic operations for cleaning the jacket

In order to understand how to clean the leatherjacket at home, you need to learn the basic operations for cleaning leather products. It should be remembered that any leather product needs daily care. If such care is not done, no cleaning will help restore the original appearance to the leather product.

Any leather product needs daily care

If your jacket is still contaminated, youit is necessary to carry out its cleaning from dirt, dust, scratches or traces of exposure to chemicals. In order to know how to clean a leather jacket from dirt, it is necessary to learn the basic rules of such cleaning. So, for example, it is strictly forbidden to wash things made of leather in a washing machine, since not every leather will survive. In addition, you can not use physical force to clean the skin, as it can tear or deform because of this.

Important! Skin is afraid of aggressive chemicals, such as white spirit or gasoline - they can discolor the paint, which the thing is painted.

To be insured against this, tryCheck the action of the cleaning mixture on a small area of ​​the skin in the most inconspicuous place. If it does not cause harm, then only in this case it will be possible to use a chemical for cleaning.

Leather products are afraid of high temperatures and dryness

In addition, leather products are afraid of hightemperature and dryness. So, for example, if you decide to dry the newly cleaned jacket quickly, using a hair dryer or using a radiator, it can deform and even crack. It is hardly possible to restore its appearance later. The same applies to the storage of leather goods. If there is a high temperature in the wardrobe, for example due to the close arrangement of the radiators, this will also have a negative effect on things.

It is worth remembering the universal rule: All stains, dirt and greaseiness must be cleaned exactly the moment they appeared. Doing this is necessary so that the dirt does not eat deep into the pores of the skin. In addition, so that this does not happen, it will also be necessary to clear the newly appeared traces of precipitation - rain and snow. After their exposure, it is necessary to thoroughly wipe the skin dry, lubricate it with a colorless cream and leave to dry naturally.

All stains, dirt and greasiness must be cleaned exactly the moment they appeared

The main stages of cleaning leather products

In order to know how to clean a leather jacket, it is necessary to clearly understand the main stages of cleaning such a product. These include:

  • cleaning the collar;
  • cleaning cuffs and sleeves;
  • cleaning the entire surface of the jacket;
  • drying.
  • As a general rule, cleaning the leather jacketbegins with the removal of stains of grease and dirt. After that, they take for washing the lining, and completes the whole procedure by lubricating the skin with glycerin, nourishing cream or castor oil. As a result, the skin softens and the product takes on a fresh, fresh look.

    As a general rule, the cleaning of the leather jacket begins with the removal of stains of grease and dirt

    The usual mud stain should be cleaned with a sponge or a wet rag, without stretching the skin. If this stain can not be removed by the described method, you can resort to a soap solution.

    Sometimes on clothes appear oily oilySpots that can be cleaned with white spirit or gasoline. With the help of these substances, the question of how to clean a leather jacket from pen ink is also solved. In addition, ink stains can be removed with the help of ordinary alcohol or vodka, only when using the latter one should take into account that it cleans things worse, so its consumption will be greater.

    Ink stains can be removed with the help of ordinary alcohol or vodka

    Sometimes it becomes necessary to know howclean the leather jacket of paint. Directly stains from the paint are perfectly excreted with the help of usual baby soap. In addition, special solvents can also be used.

    To clean the snow and rain, use regular table vinegar

    To clean the snow and rain, it is necessary to use ordinary table vinegar, it should be diluted so that it does not spoil the skin.

    If you drop the fat on suede, then a fresh stainalways sprinkle with tooth powder. You can use magnesium oxide, after which the place of contamination can be cleaned with a conventional brush. Since the use of these cleaning agents is usually accompanied by unpleasant odors, use an orange peel to remove them.

    Try not to damage the outer layer of the product

    Important! In any case, try to clean up the pollution as soon as possible, otherwise it will penetrate deep into the skin, and then even the most powerful cleaners will not be able to remove the stain.

    In this case, try not to damage the outer layer of the product, because it will be difficult to restore it. Use first gentle methods of cleaning and only then proceed to more serious procedures.

    Cleaning of the collar of leather clothes

    Understanding what it takes to clean out the givenkind of clothes in general, it is necessary to begin to study no less important issues. Let's start with how to clean the collar of a leather jacket. Cleaning the collar of the jacket should be done regularly. So, if it is not heavily soiled, it can be cleaned with ordinary warm water: it is enough to moisten a napkin or a soft cloth, and then wipe off contamination with their help.

    Cleaning the collar of a jacket should be done regularly

    After the dirt has been removed, the productwipe to clean, to dry its surface. In addition, with a relatively mild contamination, you can use cosmetic milk, used to remove makeup. To do this, wadded disk moistened in milk and wash off the contamination. This is done until the cotton wool is completely clean.

    If the degree of pollution is high,use alcohol or lemon juice as additional cleaning agents. After the procedure for cleaning to the place where there was dirt before, you need to apply glycerin. If the contamination proves to be stable, you will have to apply gasoline or a mixture of white spirit and alcohol in equal parts.

    After the dirt has been removed, the product is wiped clean to dry its surface

    In addition, very often there is a problem withwho saw kinds of jackets. How to clean the collar of a leather jacket from greaseiness, can prompt folk methods and means. It can be vinegar, orange peel, a half-cut onion. In addition, the contaminated suede collar can be cleaned with a special brush with a bristle made of rubberized fabric or hard hair.

    Orange grease will help with greasiness.

    Perhaps it is worth solving the issue of repairing the collarleather goods. If it can not be restored or completely cleared, be prepared to change it. Despite the fact that it will be quite expensive, only such a cardinal method can give your jacket a nice appearance, but in any case you will save on buying a new thing.

    In addition, you can advise in order toprevent the special protective strip on the inside of your collar. As it becomes soiled, it will be necessary to separate and sew the other. As a result, you will save time and money for cleaning, and also protect the collar from mechanical damage during socks.

    The final step in cleaning leather products is cleaning the lining

    Lining cleansing and odor removal

    The final stage of cleaning products from the skinis the cleaning of the lining. It is carried out with a detergent solution. To do this, the jacket should be hung on the shoulders of the inside out over the bathroom. Then the powder is diluted with warm water and the cloth is wiped. It is recommended to use a soft brush.

    After that, the powder solution is washed off with a jetshower, but you only need to wet the cloth, the skin should remain dry. If the skin gets wet, then during drying it can crack and deform.

    If the skin gets wet, then during drying it can crack and deform

    If the lining of your jacket will show upold or fatty stains, you can remove them with ordinary vinegar, and then wash it. There is another way of cleaning. For him, you need to prepare two basins of water, one dilute the detergent powder, and the second - the usual table vinegar.

    You just need to moisten a rag or sponge insolution of the powder and begin to clean the gasket. After the end of the procedure, rinse the solution with vinegar and wipe the lining material dry with a dry towel. Dry the jacket is necessary, spread out on a blanket or a large towel, and after aired in the fresh air. By the way, if you simultaneously clean the skin and wash the lining, - first wash the fabric.

    Dry the jacket is necessary, spread out on a blanket or a large towel, and after aired in the fresh air

    In addition, during the cleaning process,get rid of extraneous odors. For this, it is necessary, for example, to know how to clean mold from a leather jacket. The fact that it may be the cause of the appearance of smell. Usually, the method used to remove the odor of sweat is used for this. For this purpose, very hot water is drawn into the tub and a glass of vinegar pours out. The jacket is hung from the wrong side over the bathroom and left in such position for a couple of hours. The skin will absorb vinegar vapors, and the jacket in a couple of days will smell like new.

    Soda will help to remove the smell of sweat

    There is another method, how to clean the leathera jacket with sweat. To do this, it is turned out, doused with water from a sprayer and soda is sprinkled with the most stinky places. After the product dries, you need to shake off the soda.

    In addition, orange peels, freshly ground coffee and other products and substances capable of "drawing in" extraneous odors are successfully used for cleaning.

    On a white jacket, the contaminants are very noticeable

    Cleaning of white leather goods

    Despite the fact that in everyday life the mostdark leather clothes are common, some people, mostly women, prefer and wear white wares. For them, there will be relevant and interesting information on how to clean a light leather jacket. It is clear that all the defects and flaws will be visible on it immediately, so you should be careful when cleaning.

    If the pollution is not of a large scale, you can cope with it using pure cow milk

    So, for example, if the contamination is not carriedscale nature, you can cope with it, using pure cow's milk. To do this, you need to pour milk into a small bowl, wet a napkin in it, and then gently treat the whole surface of the jacket. Due to the fats contained in milk, clothing made of leather can acquire the original whiteness.

    To clean a white jacket you can use lemon juice

    In that case, when your favorite light jacketso much so that it becomes yellowish, you can use lemon juice to clean it. To do this, squeeze the lemon into a separate bowl and lower the cotton swab, then, with a mopping motion, work the entire surface of the jacket. Remember that this method of cleaning can not be used too often, since it can cause damage to the skin.

    Important! It is not recommended to clean bright things with solutions and chemicals that can leave a stain on them or marks.

    Eraser will help remove traces of ink

    Try to use gentle cleansers. For example, try using an eraser, it will help remove traces of ink from the white material. In addition, you can use crumb white bread.

    If you need more serious cleaningmeans, you can try using ammonia, turpentine, nail polish remover or gasoline. Work with them should be very careful, as they can ruin your jacket. For use, dilute them with water and apply loosely concentrated solutions.

    If you need more serious cleaning products, you can try using ammonia,

    To brighten the white skin, you cantake the usual whipped egg whites. As a result, you will receive an almost new thing without spending a lot of money. But there is the most correct advice: take precautions, treat carefully to things, so as not to pollute the jacket from the skin. In this case, it will serve you for several decades, without changing the appearance.