How correctly to wash a leather jacket?

If you like to wear clothes made of leather, you should definitely know how to wash your leather jacket. The fact is that this wardrobe is enoughoften polluted, which can lead to the loss of its appearance. As a result, a fairly expensive thing will have to be taken to the dacha or even simply thrown out. To prevent this, it is necessary to clean such a leather product at least once every 3 months.

Can I use a washing machine?

Most owners of leather products, whenbefore them there is a question of cleaning, are interested in the question, is it possible to wash a leather jacket in a typewriter? You can answer it only when you know exactly which material the product belongs to. The fact is that modern industry produces leather substitutes of such high quality that they can be completely confused with natural material. In this case, leatherette can be washed in a washing machine, and natural leather - no.

Therefore, before deciding how to wash the leatherjacket, you will need to look at its reverse side. The fact is that in jackets sewn from genuine leather, on the reverse side is suede. If your jacket is made from a leather substitute, the usual fabric will be in place of the suede.

Leatherette can be washed in a washing machine, and natural leather - no

In addition, there is another way to determinereal or artificial material in front of you. To do this, it is enough to burn a small part of the jacket in an inconspicuous place. After that, you will be able to determine by the specific smell whether the skin is genuine or not. Next, you already get the opportunity to decide whether it is possible to wash the leather jacket in the machine.

For example, products made froma substitute for the skin, it is strictly prohibited to wash in washing machines. This is especially true for low-quality products of small value. In this case, and leather things need to be cleaned with great care.

The fact is that experts in the field of cleansingouter clothing claims that any skin is afraid of water, moisture and the impact of any cleaning and cleaning products. This is due to the fact that the substances stored in it remain in the skin during the life of the animal from which it was taken. They protect it and allow products made of leather for a long time to retain a pleasant appearance.

Any skin is afraid of water, moisture and the impact of any cleaning and cleaning products

If it's wrong to start washing a leather jacket,these beneficial substances can be washed off and the skin deteriorates. Moreover, under the influence of detergents and cleaning agents, paint can be washed off from it, and the jacket itself literally splits into pieces. It will not be possible to restore it, and you will have to buy a new one.

In order for this to happen, it is necessaryknow exactly how to wash the leather jacket in the washing machine correctly. The fact that modern washing machines have a mode that still allows you to work with products made of leather. Therefore, before the washing begins, it will be necessary to clarify whether the machine has such a function or not. If the manufacturer has provided it, you will be able to wash the leather jacket in the machine gun, while observing some precautions.

Removing dirt and stains

If you want to know how to wash leatherjacket at home, you must first learn how to remove from it chronic contamination and stains. This is due to the fact that this type of clothing is usually very spoiled completely, so in most cases, its owner has to clean off relatively small parts of it. If you remove dirt and stains from such areas in time, you do not have to clean the entire product.

Leather products need to be dried on the shoulders without using any additional products at room temperature

There are several ways to cleanlocal contamination, directly depending on what kind of pollution is present on your clothes. So, ordinary dirt, sand, traces of rain can be removed with a simple sponge, as well as a soap solution. To do this, it is enough to wipe the contamination site with such a solution and then dry it.

By the way, leather products must be dried on the shoulderswithout using any additional media at room temperature. At the same time, it is not recommended to wear leather outerwear during drying, as it can simply stretch out. If the contamination of a small drying can not be performed.

In addition to sustainable pollution, the problem of nursingfor leather things you can create stains of fat that are very difficult to remove. If the stain is fresh, try to wash it off with a dishwashing detergent. In the event that the stain has been on the skin for a long time, you need to apply a soap solution with ammonia to remove it.

Fat stains from the skin can be removed by a conventional halved onion

Advice! If you take more serious chemical cleaners, then it is best for you to use the usual "White Spirit", used for paint dilution.

If you need to learn how to wash leatherjacket at home with the use of folk remedies, it will be useful to remember that fatty spots from the skin can be removed by a conventional halved onion. This method will be especially effective in the case when the skin is colored in any color. You can also use acetone or gasoline, but in small quantities.

Separately it is necessary to talk about how you canclean off the skin with traces of paint. To do this, the best liquid for removing varnish without the content of acetone. Another very effective means is vegetable oil. These preparations prepare a stain of paint to remove, and itself it can be removed from the surface of the skin with the help of gasoline. In this case, the jacket of leatherette is therefore not recommended to be cleaned, since the artificial skin will deteriorate from the effects of such substances.

Against the traces of paint effectively vegetable oil

Ways to wash the lining on the jacket

In the event that the entire jacket is contaminatedentirely, you have to clean it completely. In this case, you will also have to decide how to wash the lining of the leather jacket, since in this case the washing will affect the entire product, including the lining. Here it is necessary to remember that there are several ways of such washing, for example:

  • wash the lining on the jacket;
  • separately;
  • dry cleaning.
  • Important! Most materials explaining how to wash a leather jacket indicate that the skin is afraid of prolonged exposure to water.

    Therefore, when you erase this product, you musttry to maximally isolate the skin from moisture. To do this, the jacket is turned inside out and starts using a soap solution to clean its lining. This method is rather risky, since such washing can damage the skin, but its undeniable advantage is the fact that it is very fast.

    Wearing this product should try to maximally isolate the skin from moisture.

    After you perform a similar wash,the jacket will need to be dried. For this, in an inverted form, it is hung on a hanger and dried at room temperature. If you decide to iron the jacket, you can do it exclusively from the inside through the gauze.

    The second way of washing the lining is much moreis complex, as it involves steaming and a separate wash. In this case, you can use both a washing machine and hand washing. After the end of the procedure, the lining has to be sewn into place, which is a time-consuming process.

    The easiest way to clean the lining istransfer it for this purpose to dry cleaning. Here, your jacket along with the lining will be cleaned of dirt, without damaging it. You will get a clean product on hand, without spending almost no effort. In the same place at the dry-cleaning staff you can determine whether it is possible to wash the leather jacket at home.

    After your jacket is cleaned of stainsand its lining will be washed, it will be possible to begin to remove the unpleasant odors that it can make. To do this, usually use lemon juice, which can not only repel unpleasant odors attached to the product, but also significantly improve the appearance of the leather jacket. For example, a lemon can brighten a tarnished skin.

    The easiest way to clean the lining is to transfer it for this purpose to dry cleaning

    Elimination of rubbing on leather products

    While cleaning a leather jacket, you may noticesmall defects formed on the skin. So, for example, the most common of them are rubs and cracks, very much spoiling the appearance of the jacket.

    In order to return the jacket a good outerlook, you will need to wipe her surface with a solution of glycerin. In addition, the same effect can give an ordinary fresh orange peel. In this case, light-colored jackets can not be cleaned in this way, as the substances contained in the crust can over-illuminate them.

    To improve the appearance of leather products it makes sense to use a variety of creams

    In the same case, if you find not onlyrubbing, but also cuts, as well as gusts, you will need to seal them or sew them. In addition, you can perform minor repairs with the so-called liquid skin. This chemical composition after drying almost completely replicates the appearance of the natural material. However, it is short-lived, so serious damage, as well as gusts and cuts located in prominent places, are best repaired in the usual way.

    By the way, to improve the appearance of leatherit makes sense to use a variety of creams. Also for this purpose, you can use any cosmetic products intended for the care of human skin. In this case, all such means should be white or colorless.

    In order to return the jacket a good appearance, you will need to wipe its surface with a solution of glycerin

    Care of leather things

    In order to keep your leather jacketas long as possible, it is necessary not only to clean it once a month or two, but also to observe fairly simple rules for caring for it. Do not leave it in the immediate vicinity of cooling or heating devices to avoid damage. So, for example, from sudden temperature changes, the skin deforms and crackles.

    Try to wear a jacket only for the season and notgo out into the street in it with heavy rain. If this can not be avoided, periodically impregnate it with a water-repellent compound. This will avoid damage to the skin.

    Advice! In order for the skin to look good, it must be periodically wiped with a soapy solution with the addition of raw eggs and milk.

    Try to wear a jacket only for the season and do not go out into the street in it under heavy rain

    They will give the skin the necessary nutrients, which will prolong the life of the jacket. Naturally, such "food" is required only for products made of natural material.

    In any case, try to initially acquirea high-quality leather jacket, since it will need less care and will last longer for you, unlike products made of low-quality leather or its substitute. In this case, do not try to save, because quality and cheap things, sewn from genuine leather, in principle, does not exist.