Sea style in the interior: the sea is always near

Sea style in the interior - it's incrediblean interesting phenomenon in the design of premises. The main thing with which it is associated, as it is easy to guess - the sea, freshness, coastal landscape and climate. At the same time, it is always distinguished by its simplicity and laconicism. This style will suit you, if you dream of living in a quiet and bright resort town on the ocean shore. So, in this article, we'll look at the details of the marine style.

White-blue color scheme

The first thing that is talked about, implying a maritime style- this is the finish, which is based on white and all the refreshing shades of blue. In other words, these are the colors from tender turquoise to severe ultramarine. In addition, shades such as the "electro" shade associated with bright lagoons and a lightning discharge over the sea, as well as gentle cream tones that will remind of warm white sand and limestone cliffs of Dover will be appropriate. In the following interiors one can see what variety shades of white and blue are used in the marine style.

Brilliant simplicity

In the choice of furniture used to createmaritime style in the interior, you must avoid excessiveness and pretentiousness. As a rule, objects are intentionally made simple. The most refined option is tables and chairs, as well as chairs and wardrobes, which looks almost clumsy and ascetic, as if they were made up of dismantled sea chests. In fact, they can and should even be comfortable and comfortable in everything.

Agree, it is difficult to achieve such effects,but practice shows that with the proper skill the master is able to create such furniture. In addition, the tree in general can be painted in a simple white color and even artificially aged, as if the sea salt had already barely eroded its surface. Pay attention to the furniture in the following interior: the crockery is made of the usual rope, wound on a round base, and the sofa is covered with a cloth-mat.


Preferably all use direct andrather broad strips, they are designed to symbolize the calm flow of water, soft, gentle waves. For example, the maritime style in the next interior of the bedroom is expressed primarily by wide stripes of white and blue on the walls. The bands visually lead life in this room into a measured, peaceful movement. Smooth, soft, refreshing dynamics is the basis of the maritime style. Pay attention to how well the textiles for pillows are successfully selected.

The most common option is the strips that are on the upholstery of furniture.

You can specify the "sea mood" in the interior with the help of a striped carpet.

Look, what an interesting variant of the head of the bed, used in the children's room. The bands in the "sea" interior can be and such:

Wood materials

They invariably enrich the interior in the marine style. In addition to the use of wood and rattan in furniture, a small amount of bamboo mats is also possible. In addition, it is worth mentioning that the best option would be a light tree, which is better off the sea theme.

Marine accessories

In addition, it is possible to add items likeshells and even nautical charts or sextants, compasses and other things. The main thing here is like in the case of rattan, wood and bright colors - in no case do not go too far. Everything should be not just moderately, but even a little. Remember that the interior of a room in a marine style always gravitates towards space and light. He is called to remind of the expanse of the calm sea in a calm, and not about a small dank little room on an old ship.

Additional accessories are oftenused in creating this style of model sailing ships, sea stars, steering wheels and all kinds of porcelain figurines of dolphins, fish and sea nymphs. All this is not necessary, but with proper use they can set the tone. Sometimes it is very difficult to stop on time and not go too far, without bringing everything to absurdity and vulgarity. It is because of the marine theme and the use of accessories such as models of ships and even small references to the theme of pirates, a children's room in a marine style made for boys is very common.


Another possible, but not mandatory, element (awe remember that the sea style is a style of freedom, and not a clear framework). Of course, the seascapes of your choice are best suited. It may even be a sea battle or a painting, dedicated to the tragic events on the sea in the spirit of the Raft of the Medusa. However, as a rule, to decorate the room in the sea spirit, use works that remind of the same calm and confident sea power. These include peaceful landscapes, yachts and frigates in an ancient spirit.

Features of registration of different rooms

Interior design in the marine style can beDevelop yourself, without the participation of a professional designer. No matter how sophisticated the concept does not seem to an outsider, in fact everything is quite simple, you only need to follow the listed rules and apply them, relying on your intuition and the sense of beauty.

For example, the kitchen interior in the marine style will beto assume fewer accessories. Otherwise, it will simply be overloaded, because its size, along with a lot of utensils, makes it too full in terms of details. A simple, slightly angular wooden furniture made of light wood or painted with white paint will look like such a kitchen is surprisingly appropriate.

Bathroom in a marine style should beespecially successful, because in itself it embodies everything that is connected with the water element. Here you can not be afraid to go too far with the theme of the ocean and the sea coast. In addition to combining deep blue, turquoise and white tiles, it is here that you can place a lot of shells, sea stars, pure quartz sand, placed in transparent jars and other elements that will set the tone. Suitable will be a chest in the interior of the marine theme. Bright lighting will give an additional sense of a tropical island or travel through the equator.

The children's room in the marine style can be decorated with marine accessories: a globe, geographical maps, a telescope, a fishing net, a helm, etc.

And the last. Do not forget that to emphasize all this should be appropriate lighting facilities. Let it be moderately bright and at the same time a soft white light, pouring as if from everywhere. A large number of small and neat lights will make your work on the interior in a marine style complete.

In the next video you can see how professional designers have created a bedroom in a marine style.

A cosiness to your home!

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