New York apartments inspired by the works of Tom Ford and Roy Halston

In an attempt to please the client who wanted to receivean interior in the style of works by designers such as Tom Ford and Roy Halston, while simultaneously embodying the concept of a secluded living space interior designer Mesanna O'Rorke turned this New York apartment of the 60s years in a stylish apartment for the reception of guests. The apartment has received a new spectacular color solution with the use of rich black and shades of gray, which pass through all the rooms, creating an effect of cohesion of the interior.

The floors are made of restored oakParquet, which was covered with dark lacquer and laid in a classic pattern of the chevron type. The walls are painted in three shades of gray, lacquered black cabinets reflect light and view of the city.

The walls were demolished to create an open plan.

The table top and kitchen apron are made of Kenya Black artificial stone. The gaps with which the entire surface of the stone is stained look great in combination with black lacquered cabinets.