Roman curtains: 110 photos of modern curtains

Already from the name of Roman curtains it is clear that they were first created in the Roman Empire. It was here that they were invented as a reliable escape from the scorching sun.

Because of the simple design of Roman curtains (photoshows how organically they fit into the interior) immediately became popular, in addition to their creation, you could use almost any dense fabric.

Design Features

Roman curtains are a cloth of cloth,evenly divided into several sections. Much attention is paid to the uniformity of its drapery and clear horizontal folds, so each section is reinforced with special components. To Roman blinds are well fixed, the bottom edge is processed by a special strip.

The principle of operation of these curtains resembles blinds - you need to pull the rope and raise the curtains. The blade is controlled by a lifting system consisting of:

  • eaves,
  • rope control,
  • braid.
  • The system assumes that the chain will lead toaction blocks, when they rotate, a special band cord will rise. He, passing through special rings, will be attached to the lower weighting agent. Roman curtains on the photo look stylish, interesting, which is achieved by the possibility of implementing various design solutions.

    What Roman curtains to choose?

    Roman curtains can be classified according to several features:

    1. By the type of fastening. It should be chosen depending on exactly where the curtains will be hung. For example, for a conventional window opening, a conventional cornice is suitable, and if a window of a non-standard shape or complex construction, it will be necessary to use more plastic fasteners.
    2. By the method of tailoring. All Roman curtains, photos of which indicate the opportunity to decorate any interior, are sewn from one or two layers of material. The amount of tissue depends on the scope of application, the purpose of the products. If the curtains are a complement to the existing curtains, you can choose thin models, and if the products will act as a full-fledged decor of the room, give preference to two-layer products.
    3. By the type of fastening of rods. As the fastening elements can act tongs, special cords or wings, and some models are completely fastened without rods.
    4. By the way decor. Roman curtains are curtains that are distinguished by a stylish original look. A variety of options for decor - a pledge that the canvas will look harmonious in any room decoration.

    In the classical version, Roman curtains aresmooth and smooth fabrics, which, when lifted, form horizontal folds superimposed one on the other. Such products fit perfectly into any room decoration. Cascade models always have folds, if they are open completely, and folds gracefully descend down the canvas, creating interesting draperies. Such models are often used to decorate rooms in the style of art deco or country.

    What material?

    From the fabrics that were used for tailoring,depends on how aesthetic Roman curtains look. The photo shows that modern manufacturers offer a wide choice of textures, colors. How to choose the best solution?

    First - pay attention to the type and densitytissue. This should be taken into account when choosing products in the room, depending on the degree of its illumination. Tight fabrics should be chosen for rooms on the sunny side, and light materials - in darkened rooms. As a consequence, the choice has to be made from the following tissues:

  • Jacquard - a dense fabric, characterized by a complex intertwining of different properties of threads, voluminous unusual ornament and texture. Such fabrics protect the room from light.
  • Organza is a light and thin synthetic fabric with a polyester in the base, which is somewhat stiff.
  • Tulle, which differs transparency, subtlety, softness and appearance, resembling a fine mesh.
  • Fabrics with a content of hairy yarn and viscose. Such materials are dense, pleasant to the touch, allow creating an interesting interior in the room.
  • The secret of popularity

    Roman curtains are elegant curtains, which, for all the simplicity of a rectangular canvas, attract attention precisely with laconism.

    The advantages of their choice include the following:

    1. The concise design, which allows you to decorate with these curtains any room - from the kitchen to the bedroom.
    2. The economy of space, which is achieved ergonomic design.
    3. Easy assembly and management.
    4. Uncompensiveness in the care: the canvas should be wiped daily with a dry cloth, and if it is necessary to vacuum, they are simply removed from the eaves.
    5. Functionality. These curtains are widely used for decorating not only living quarters, but also cafes, restaurants, office centers.

    Such curtains can organically complement any interior, no matter what style it is designed - modern, classic, high-tech or country.

    In the kitchen, in the bedroom or in the living room

    Roman blinds are a universal solution forroom in any style, which is provided by the simplicity and concise design. And they occupy a place quite a bit, because they are fixed only on the cornice. It is no accident that these types of curtains are very popular for decorating the most different rooms.

    For a bedroom, products are chosen based on theirfunctions, - to provide full blackout or to create uniform soft lighting. To create a harmonious space, it is important to observe the color scheme, which is selected in the tone of furniture, decorative cushions for the sofa or bedspread.

    The color solution for the bedroom is selected inpastel shades - gentle, light, unobtrusive. If you are a supporter of chic in a recreation area, you can combine Roman blinds with curtains - this solution will give the interior aristocratic, royal luxury.

    For the living room most often selected brightUnusual curtains to emphasize the style of the room. Quite often, this option is used, such as fastening one-on-one cloths with alternating light and dense fabrics alternating, creating an intricate effect.

    In the kitchen and in the dining room, the Roman blinds lookcarefully, it is important to pay attention to the choice of materials: they must meet the requirements of safety, ease of use, resistance to absorption of unpleasant odors, easy to clean, resistant to moisture and sunlight.

    Most often the design of the kitchen is doneusing roller blinds, which are easier to care for. However, Roman blinds in the form of blinds look very impressive and appropriate, especially if the window openings are tall and big.

    Features of care

    Simplicity and convenience in the care - that's what distinguishesRoman curtains. In the photo it can be seen that many often use them to decorate the kitchen, because there are no difficulties in using them. Care is reduced to the fact that dry cleaning is carried out by means of a brush or a vacuum cleaner. But to expose the product to low temperatures is not recommended, as well as to expose it to moisture.

    Roman curtains - it's beautiful and functionalThe solution for any room, no matter what style solution it was designed. The main thing is to choose a material that will match the interior, meeting your requirements.

    Photo gallery of Roman curtains