Rosehip: useful properties and contraindications

In May, when all nature comes to life, they blossomrich pink or white with a pink tint of fragrant wild rose flowers. So, in the people call a dog rose, a large shrub, with hanging branches, covered with sickle-shaped thorns. Speaking about dog rose, its beneficial properties and contraindications, we can not fail to mention that in the people it is called the healer of the forest. Contraindications to the use of preparations from the dogrose, too, is, but they will be discussed a little lower.

General Information on Rosehips

The plant is known for a long time. It is remembered in his manuscripts by the ancient healers who used rose hips as a cure for many diseases.

In Germany, a bush grows, the so-called rosedog (dog rose), the size of which is surprising, because the diameter of its trunk is about 50 cm, and the branches stretched to a height of 13 meters. Scientists did not agree on the age of the bush. Some consider it lived four centuries, and others - a millennium.

The rose hip grows due to the appearance of young shoots

A representative of this type of plant,growing in North America, has a record trunk diameter of 3.7 meters. The area occupied by it is about seven and a half square meters. In the spring, when it blooms, everyone can admire the indescribable beauty of the bush, which has dissolved about two hundred thousand of its flowers.

But this is rather an exception, a common hipshopgrows up to 2.5-3 meters in height. The bush is enlarged due to the appearance of young shoots, both from the root and on the branches. The plant is spread all over the planet, except for areas with cold climates and deserts. Therefore, there are species that drop leaves for the winter, and in the subtropical and tropical climate grows evergreen dog rose.

Bright green, with a reddish tint or bluish, the leaves of the dogrose can be semicircular, heart-shaped or elliptical in shape. Depending on the climate, they can be smooth or with a fluff.

Flowers of a dogrose, the size of 5-6 sm in diameter havefive petals and a yellow corolla in the center. Fruits ripen in August-September. Can have a cylindrical or round shape. The color can be red or orange. Fruits can have a smooth or fleecy surface. Fleecy seeds are located inside the fetus.

Flowers of a dogrose have five petals and a yellow corolla in the center

Useful properties of dogrose

For the therapeutic effect on the body, flower petals, fruits and root of the dog rose are used.

Correct collection helps to preserve all medicalproperties of fruits. It must be produced before the first frosts, as they lead to a deterioration in the quality of the product. Dry the dog rose naturally or in special dryers at temperatures up to 100 degrees. You can cut and clean the rose hips from the seeds before drying. To use this drying is recommended in raw form, so not a single vitamin is lost. Store fruit in a closed glass container for up to two years.

Rosehip is a storehouse of vitamins, minerals, beta-carotene, tannins and organic acids. Therefore, it is worthwhile to talk about the beneficial properties of dogrose.

100 g of pulp of ripe fruits includes up to 60 g of water, up to 4 g of proteins and 24 to 60 g of carbohydrates. The rosehip contains from 2 to 5 g of dietary fiber.

You can not overestimate the amount of vitamins, minerals and other organic substances that fill the chemical composition of the dogrose fruit.

Rosehip is a storehouse of vitamins

Here and vitamins of group B almost in full structure. They contribute to the fulfillment of many functions in the body.

So, vitamin B1, helps the work of the heart, positively affects the state of the nervous and digestive system.

The presence of vitamin B2 promotes the reproduction of erythrocytes and antibodies, and also improves the functioning of the reproductive organs and thyroid gland.

A sufficient amount of vitamin B9 will protect against diseases of the immune and circulatory system.

Vitamin E, which is very rich in rosehip seeds,improve the protective properties and reproductive functions of the body. Beta-carotene will contribute to the production of vitamin A, which positively influences vision and prevents nictalopia. And in a duet these two vitamins produce a rejuvenating effect and prevention of cancer.

The interaction between calcium and vitamin D,improves vitamin K, which is not found in all foods, but is present in the dog rose. It enhances the metabolic processes that occur between the bone and connective tissues, the work of the kidneys and the clotting of blood.

The presence in the fruits of tannins and tannins lead to an improvement in the therapeutic properties of dogrose. With their
There are changes in the processcoagulation of the protein, and also the formation of a film that manifests itself on the mucous membrane and on the skin is accelerated. Such a reaction of the body to the properties of dogrose makes it necessary to use them when helping a patient with inflammation in the oral cavity and other diseases.

Improving effects on the state of the gastrointestinal tract, as well as cleansing of intestinal slags are exerted by pectins and fiber, which are also included in the chemical composition of dogrose
The presence of calcium, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, manganese, zinc, copper in fruits and hips increases the value of this product

Rosehip oil

About rosehip oil its properties and applicationknow for a long time already. For the production of oil use only the Mayan or brown hips. Collecting the seeds in the middle of the fruit, after cleaning and combining them, produces a cold pressing. This is the first, simple way of making rose hip oil.

The correct collection helps to preserve all the medicinal properties of the hips

In the second method, the selected seeds are ground andpour a special solution under the action, which is the release of oil. Both in the first and in the second processing case all its useful properties are preserved.

Oil of dog rose its properties and application for a long timeit's not a secret for anyone. It is produced from several species of plants. The collected and purified seeds are squeezed out in special devices and the so-called cold pressed oil is obtained. There are other ways of obtaining it using solvents. And although the first is preferable, but oil, obtained by other methods, also retains all its positive qualities.

The color of the oil depends on the rose hips and canbe yellow, saturated orange or brown. Due to its composition, rose hip oil has found wide use as a tool that helps in the treatment of diseases, and as a means of improving the aesthetic appearance.

It is an excellent healing agent. Good effect on burns. Thanks to its regenerating properties, the oil activates the process of repairing damaged tissues. To strengthen the body, increase endurance and ability to combat viruses and bacteria, rosehip oil is taken orally, as a remedy that strengthens human immunity. An important property of the oil is its ability to improve the performance of the liver, kidneys, stomach and gallbladder. With the constant use of this product, the vessels are strengthened, cholesterol plaques dissolve.

Rose hips are taken orally, as a remedy that strengthens human immunity

The anti-inflammatory property of the oil has led to its wide application in the treatment of dental diseases such as stomatitis, ulcers, inflammatory processes in the gums.

Effective use of oil in diseases of the throat, as well as the nose.

To improve your mental state, avoiding nervous breakdowns and stresses, it is useful to take rosehip oil.

Proved the effectiveness of the product and in cosmetology. The oil positively affects the skin, protects against ultraviolet radiation, softens and moisturizes the skin around the eyes and the skin of the lips.

If you add rosehip oil to the shampoo, your hair will acquire extraordinary beauty.

Syrup of rose hips

Not everyone can collect and dry in our timerose hip for the winter. In this case, a rose hip syrup will come to the rescue. It can be found in any pharmacy. This is an effective tool for maintaining the health of the whole family in winter, at a normal price. Read about the syrup of dogrose its medicinal properties and contraindications can be in the instructions for packaging.

Infusion of hips will fill your body with vitamins

Cooked by modern technology withfresh fruit rosehip syrup has a lot of useful qualities that will help to be healthy if you use it for prevention. Also will come to the rescue if the disease has already come.

Syrup of dog rose will replenish your body with vitamins, raise the level of immunity, help overcome both physical and mental stress, as well as cope with depression and stress.

Due to its composition, it will be able to control the level of cholesterol in the blood. Positively affect the work of the gastrointestinal tract.

Root of the dog rose

Both the fruit and the rose hip root have a lotmedicinal properties. In general, traditional medicine uses it. Preparing bunches, tinctures and just using tea from the root of the dog rose, you can get a wonderful effect of its effect.

Most often, the root of the dog rose is used for stones in the gall bladder, with liver diseases and asthma.

Rosehip is not recommended for use in diseases of the stomach

Tinctures on the root will help with joint pain, relieve fungal diseases on the legs. You can remove the pain syndrome, applying a compress on the limbs, affected by gout.

Contraindications to dog rose

Like any medicinal plant, dog rose has medicinal properties and has contraindications. Therefore, it is necessary to use it very carefully, so as not to harm your health.

  1. It is not recommended for use in diseases of the stomach.
  2. Contraindicated in heart failure and other heart diseases, as well as the cardiovascular system.
  3. It is undesirable to take sick hypertension.
  4. Negatively affects the enamel of the teeth, so you need to rinse the mouth after taking medicine containing rosehips.

Despite the fact that the hips have andmedicinal properties and contraindications, they remain relevant in the treatment of many diseases. Listening, to the recommendations you will receive only a positive effect from the use of dog rose and medicines from it.