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Sometimes, to slightly refresh the interior,just buy new curtains in the kitchen. Such a seemingly insignificant accessory can transform even the most ugly design. In addition, a modern range of curtains you will be pleasantly surprised: bright colors, unusual prints and many original models will allow you to choose the perfect option for any dining room. Thanks to this diversity, everyone will be able toBuy a product that is suitable for both design and price. But we must not forget about the direct purpose of the room, because the kitchen is a room with a special microclimate. In this case, it is better to give preference to practical types, and elegant curtains with ornaments and drapery to hang in the bedroom or living room.

Selection rules

As mentioned earlier, the kitchen is a specialroom. During cooking, steam and soot are released, the temperature and humidity increase. Not every fabric will survive exploitation in such specific conditions, so when choosing curtains, take care that they are not only beautiful, but also practical. Here, designers recommend to follow the rule: the simpler, the better. This advice will save you from unnecessary waste, because luxurious curtains of expensive material in a week will lose its original appearance. Let's look at the qualities that kitchen curtains should have.

Curtains in the kitchen are often dirty, it is better to choose curtains that are easy to wash

In the kitchen is better to choose practical curtains

In the kitchen will be appropriate more short curtains

  1. Functionality. None of the elements should not interfere with you, so give up voluminous ruches and various ornaments. Curtains should perform a number of functions: protect the room from prying eyes and direct sunlight. In addition, choose models that easily open and close, let in air and the right amount of light, so that you feel comfortable when cooking. In the case where you chose kitchen curtains from air material, and the stove is too close to the window, you should also consider fire safety. Gently gather the curtains on the sides with beautiful pick-ups or equip the hem of the product with a weighting braid that will not allow it to fly apart.
  2. Practicality. Curtains should be easy to wash, easy to remove, do not absorb moisture, odors and fat, otherwise you can not avoid unnecessary trouble. In the market there are many models designed specifically for the kitchen. As a rule, the materials from which they are made are impregnated with special fire-retardant, dirt-and dust-repellent substances. This allows you to protect the curtains from the negative effects of environmental factors, as well as significantly extend their life.
  3. Beauty. In addition to the above factors, a very important role plays out aesthetic component. The kitchen is not only a place for cooking, but also for family dinners, friendly gatherings for a cup of tea. That is why it is important to make this room not only functional, but also cozy. Correctly selected curtains will help create a pleasant atmosphere in the dining room and a unique style.

Curtains in the kitchen should be in harmony with the general style of the room

Functionality, practicality and beauty - these three factors are crucial when choosing the ideal curtains. We suggest considering several options that meet these requirements.

Light curtains

Short curtains of translucent fabrics - this is an excellent option for a kitchen with a small area. They do not steal space, they do not blocka window aperture, and also bring atmosphere of warmth and a cosiness in a room. A vivid example are the curtains popular with designers from organza. They perfectly shimmer in the light and flow, creating gentle waves from the fabric. In addition to beauty, organza can boast of practicality. This material is quite strong, does not lend itself to deformation and long retains its original appearance. In addition, the fabric does not require special care, it is easy to wash and iron.

Curtains for kitchen from organza look very light and vozudshynmi

Roman curtains

They are easy to use, compact andpractical, so perfectly complement any interior and fit even for kitchens with a balcony. A huge range of colors and designs will complement them with such styles as: Provence, hi-tech, retro and even avant-garde. Thanks to the universal mounting system, you can install them directly on the window, walls or ceiling. This allows you to maximally exploit the useful area, which is usually so lacking in the kitchen. The Roman portiere will please those who appreciate the combination of laconicism and beauty when arranging the interior. When they are straightened, they represent a straight canvas, but as soon as you start to lift them up, the material will start to form, forming elegant waves. As for the functional side, here the curtains of this kind also have advantages. They are fairly simple to adjust, so you can independently shade or, on the contrary, open a certain part of the window. Thus, you have the ability to influence the amount of light in the room.

Roman curtains in the kitchen are practical and beautiful

Roman curtains in the kitchen fits perfectly into the modern kitchen interior

It should be noted that experts recommend wide windowsto equip with several canvases at once, as this allows you to more effectively manage the volume of the light flux. The material from which Roman curtains are made is treated with special substances that protect it from the effects of high temperatures and color loss. Thanks to this curtains will serve you for many years, maintaining a beautiful view. The main thing is to take care of them properly and wash them in time.

Roman curtains are beautifully pulled up

Bamboo Roman curtains in the kitchen are eco-friendly and let light through

Roller curtains

In recent years, they are gaining more and morespread, making an extreme competition for the already impaired fabric curtains. Such popularity is explained by many advantages of this kind. They are beautiful, compact, functional, practical, easy to use and maintain, and also have a long service life. Moreover, the variety of colors and textures will pleasantly surprise you, and you can definitely find the right model for your kitchen. A distinctive feature of such curtains is a fairly simple design, with the installation of which anyone can cope.

Advice! Roller blinds can be mounted on walls, ceiling or directly in the window opening, which makes them universal and allows to apply in a variety of styles of the interior.

Roller curtains in the kitchen can be folded from below and tied up

Roller curtains in the kitchen can be curled from above

The mechanism of fastening of rolled curtains

Blackout curtain blinds reliably protect against penetration of sunlight

On the wide windows, as a rule, seta few small canvases, which makes it possible to independently adjust the level of illumination of the room. In the unfolded form they represent a direct cloth, completely closing the window. During opening, it folds into a small roll that is at the top of the window opening. When choosing material for roller blinds, pay attention to the following factors: fire resistance, moisture resistance, dust repellent qualities, density. The latter is especially important, as it affects the level of blackout of the kitchen. If you want the curtains to pass through the sunlight well, then give preference to the models with minimal dimming.

Advice! But rollsanaves called "blackout" are opaque and perfectly protect the room from prying eyes.

Bamboo curtains

This is an excellent option for those who appreciatelaconism and naturalness. They are curtains made of a special material, woven from natural fibers: bamboo cane and jute straw. Thanks to this composition, the interior will be enriched not only with exotic motifs, but also with a pleasant aroma of natural wood. Among advantages it is necessary to allocate ease, compactness and stability to influence of a moisture. Usually lamellas are additionally coated with a special lacquer to protect them from mechanical damage and burnout. Due to the environmentally friendly composition, such curtains do not emit harmful substances during operation. If the family has allergies, then a better solution than the bamboo curtains, just do not find it. A variety of different shades and textures, ease of operation and functionality make them one of the best options for installation in the kitchen.

Bamboo curtains in the kitchen add coziness to the kitchen, look warm and natural

Bamboo curtains in the kitchen perfectly match the wooden interior and furniture

Classic curtains

They are usually installed in the bedroom orliving room, because in the kitchen for a set of tulle curtains and elegant curtains, there may simply not be enough space. They are bulky, bulky and not very safe, so experts do not recommend equipping them with kitchen windows. But, of course, there are exceptions. Classic curtains are excellent for spacious kitchens with a balcony. The main thing is that the room is well ventilated, and the plate is located away from the flammable tulle.

Advice! If you own a large dining room andwant to make it truly luxurious, complement the curtains with refined lambrequins. They will give the room a solemnity, expressiveness, and also help visually change the proportions of the window opening.

Classic curtains in the kitchen will add elegance to the room

Classic curtains are suitable for kitchen interior in classic style, rococco and baroque

Curtain thread

This is another fashion trend in modern design. Unlike ordinary curtains, they do not crumple and do not deform. They can be easily knit into a knot, weave together and give the desired shape. This type is great for studio apartments, where the kitchen is combined with the living room. Designers recommend using such curtains to divide the room into several functional areas. As you can see in the photo, the curtains of the thread in the kitchen are often installed together with classic curtains. Thus, the best combination of style and functionality is achieved.

Thread curtains in the kitchen look original

Thread curtains can be completed with beads

Multicolored thread curtains in the kitchen will add moods

Summing up

Choosing curtains for the kitchen - it's not an easy thing, after allthey must meet a number of requirements and be suitable for operation under such specific conditions. Fortunately, the market presents a variety of options, among which everyone will find the product to taste. The main thing - before going to the store to determine the type and design of the necessary curtains. It will be easier to do this after viewing the photo with different options for decorating window openings. Whatever curtains you choose: roman, roll, classic or thread, remember that they should not only be stylish, but also practical. Good luck!