How to deal with mold on the walls in the bathroom

The question of how to deal with mold in the bathroom is of interest to many housewives. Bathroom placement is a special place,finding in which should bring pleasure to man. Unfortunately, the bathroom is also an excellent place for the appearance and further habitat for the fungus. There are a number of reasons for this:

  • high humidity of air;
  • complete absence of natural light (sunlight not falling);
  • weak ventilation system;
  • the lack of timely treatment of all seams, walls and other surfaces in the shower room with specialized anti-mold preparations.
  • Important! Fungus can adversely affect the health of the human body as a whole, not to mention the disgusting appearance.

    If you do not destroy it on time, then such diseases as allergenic asthma, chronic rhinitis, fungus of the skin can begin.

    Bathroom is an excellent place for the emergence and further dwelling for the fungus

    Causes of an unpleasant fungus

    At the outset, the causes of the appearance of moldin this room, but it is worth considering them in detail in order to understand how to deal with mold in the bathroom, and to avoid its reoccurrence:

    1. Lack of natural light. Such a medium positively affects the appearance and further spread of the mold. In this case, mold does not destroy the ultraviolet rays of the sun, therefore, it easily appears in all inaccessible corners.
    2. Inefficient ventilation of the room. The humidity in the bathroom is high, respectively, if there is no hood or ventilation equipment, air circulation does not occur, due to which the humidity of the air would decrease, then mold becomes an excellent opportunity for its existence.
    3. The very humidity. It is necessary to independently monitor the state of air humidity in the shower room. If this is not done, the mold appears on all surfaces because of the droplets formed on them, which develops molds.

    If you identify the causes of mold in advance, you can begin to eliminate mold from walls and ceiling

    If you identify the causes of mold in advance, you can begin to eliminate mold from walls and ceiling.

    Important! The most effective method in the fight against the disease will be the implementation of simple preventive actions aimed at removing and preventing the appearance of mold.

    Observing absolutely simple rules, you can permanently get rid of this kind of fungus:

    1. First of all, you need to provide a roomsufficient air circulation, if there is no extractor, then install it. In addition, this room needs regular airing. This room can be ventilated by an open door.
    2. In the winter season you need to check the workheating equipment, it contributes to the drying of air in the room. If the temperature is low and there is still humidity in the air, it is necessary to install additional equipment that not only helps in drying clothes, but also contributes to drying of air and lowering of humidity.
    3. Once a month, you need to use special tools that instantly destroy fungal spores.
    4. It is necessary to remove the condensation that appears on the walls and ceiling. You need to do this as it arrives.
    5. It is necessary to monitor dark places. If the mold is found, it should be immediately treated with specialized means.

    Symptoms of mold in the bathroom

    The appearance of mold in the bathroom can be calculated by the appearance of a specific coating on all possible surfaces of the room. It can be different in shape and color.

    First of all, such a raid occurs in suchplaces, such as intertitic seams, on the partitions and the bottom of the bathroom bowl or shower cubicle, on the sink, behind the washing machine, under the bathroom and in other similar places where favorable conditions for the existence and rapid development of the annoying fungus are created.

    In addition to the obvious reasons, mold formation is possibleIdentify by specific odor, which is similar to the fragrance in the dungeon or the wet basement. A peculiar aroma can not be confused with anything, it speaks about the formation of fungus in any corner of the shower room, perhaps it is not yet visible to human vision.

    Formation of mold can be detected by the specific odor

    Methods of fighting the parasite

    If the fungus is detected on time, then the fight againstThe harmful parasite in the bathroom room will be simple and effective enough. To date, there are various standard and folk remedies to combat this problem.

    Standard methods for solving the problem:

    1. One of the most effective methods is considered copper sulphate, which is applied by an ordinary brush to all places of mold formation. It is necessary to strictly follow the instruction and safety methods.
    2. Chloro - the second most popular way, whichAlso used in combating mold in the bathroom. Just as in the situation with copper vitriol, it is worthwhile to follow the instructions and safety methods.
    3. The usual bleach. It contains an insignificant amount of chlorine, because of this, this method will have to be used many times.

    One of the most effective ways - copper sulfate

    Means that help in combating mold on the ceiling and other surfaces in the bathroom:

    1. If the mold was formed recently,use specialized chemical treatment. With the help of a brush, knife or sponge, it is necessary to remove visible mold marks from the surface and dry the affected areas, after which these places should be treated with a special antiseptic preparation against mold. Repeat this procedure several times (from 2 to 7, depending on the degree of injury).
    2. Ionization of air. Not a very famous tool, because it is considered the most expensive. It is a specialized device that delivers the airflow in the right direction. This air stream is saturated with ions, microelements and other charged elements, which take an active part in the fight against various parasites. This equipment can help get rid of not only the fungus, but also from harmful pests. Only qualified workers can follow this procedure, observing all safety rules.
    3. Use of powerful chemical antiseptics. This method of fighting is effective in the last stages of fungal development, when the mold literally got used to interlacing sutures, lining and other elements of the bathroom. In this case, after the treatment, it is necessary to do repairs in the bathroom with the replacement of the affected parts. The wall covering must be removed with antiseptics and dried well.

    Use of powerful chemical antiseptics

    When selecting an antiseptic drug, you need to pay attention to the fact that the remedy really struggles with mold, and does not prevent its formation in the bathroom.

    Usually it happens that the fight against the parasite is postponed indefinitely, this is strictly undesirable. The longer the mold lives, the harder and more expensive it will be.

    What is dangerous for human life and health?

    Mold is very cumbersome forhuman body. Mold has the function of accumulation and affects various systems and organs of man. The most terrible effect of mold in the body is the release of toxins. One of the most dangerous forms of mold for humans is yellow mold, which releases aflatoxins, which adversely affects health.

    The most innocuous manifestation of mold inthe human body considers various allergic reactions. For example, it may seem that a person is allergic to animal fluff or cleaning agents, in fact it is, perhaps, a malignant fungus that has settled in the body. Molds and small children are especially affected by mold.

    Important! Many chronic diseases can be caused precisely by the appearance of a fungus in a living organism.

    The most innocuous manifestation of mold in the human body is considered to be various allergic reactions

    Getting into the body, harmful fungus beginsmultiply with a huge speed, thereby damaging the human immune system. If a person is healthy, and everything is in order with immunity, then the body will repel the harmful substance, but here the weakened organism, most likely, will not cope with the ailment. The consequences of the appearance of the fungus in the body are diverse, beginning with allergies, ending with oncological diseases. Fatal outcomes are fixed.