How to use carpet in a modern interior

The carpet is back in fashion! After several decades of undeservedly disparaging attitude, the carpet in the modern interior once again took its honorable central place. But now this is not only a functional object, but also an element of decor, sometimes central. Like any decoration, the carpet should be used with taste, selecting it according to texture, color, shape and size to the style and design of the room.

How well the carpet will look on the floor and how long it will last depends on whether the composition of the carpet is correctly chosen

Quality of carpet

How good will the carpet look on the floor andhow long it will last, depends on whether the composition of the carpet is correctly selected. Modern carpets in the interior, photos of which can be studied in the proposed collection, are made of the following materials:

  1. Synthetic. Made from various chemical fibers: acrylic, polyacrylic, nylon, polypropylene, polyester. Such carpets are inexpensive, painted in bright colors, but they are not very useful for health, and they lose their original appearance when they are actively used.

Acrylic carpet

2. Viscose. Outwardly, such carpets are indistinguishable from woolen, but they have a democratic price. They are also fluffy, soft, the colors do not burn out, the coating does not deform.

Carpet made of viscose

3. Ecological materials - flax, cotton, jute, sisal, algae, bamboo. Carpets of natural ingredients are good for health, do not cause allergic reactions, are inexpensive. But such coatings are suitable only for certain interiors, where carpets of rough dense weaving will look good in neutral colors.

Carpet of cotton

4. Silk. Very decorative: juicyly colored carpet threads shine and shimmer, creating beautiful drawings. Although in order to reduce the cost of production and improve the quality of the coating, silk threads were added to synthetic fibers, however, these carpets are very expensive, and they do not fit into any interior.

Silk carpet

5. Wool. Of course, a woolen carpet in a modern interior is a classic solution. Now manufacturers offer bothpure wool carpets, and with additives. In everyday life woolen floor covering is convenient, tk. wool keeps excellent heat, silences sounds, does not trample down, does not fade. Woolen carpets are available in all kinds of colors and sizes, with or without drawings, they look great in any style. However, the cost of wool carpets, despite not all attempts to reduce the cost of production, remains very high.

Woolen carpet

Carpet and interior color scheme

In the modern interior, the carpet can become aneutral background for the design of the room, and the main color spot or the main style accent. It all depends on how the color of the coating will be selected.

Bright carpet in the living room

Advice! Designers unanimously affirm: in small rooms simply need light carpets, because thanks to them the room looks more spacious and elegant. We invite you to see modern carpets in the modern style of light colors, ideal for small rooms!

This is also served by carpets of neutral naturalcolors: all cool and light shades of yellow (sand, cream, milky, beige), calm gray, violet, light blue and light green, grassy. Also visually increase the room carpets with a small flower pattern in a soft palette.

The dark carpet (chocolate, black, dark shades of blue, green, purple) is well perceived in a large room

Dark carpet (chocolate, black,dark shades of blue, green, violet) is well perceived in a large room. In spacious rooms, for example, living rooms, nice look covers with large prints: flowers, patterns, other images. In such rooms, the bright colors brightly emphasize the space: yellow, red, orange, purple. The sweep of the space allows you to play with the color and shape of the carpet.

Carpet in the children's room

It should be borne in mind that a carpet in a modern interior can perform only one decorative function, focusing on itself or, conversely, working as a background.

The carpet, a bright spot on the background of a neutral design, attracts the eye

Carpet, a bright spot on the background of a neutral design,attracts the eye, you can scatter such spots around the apartment. In this case, carpets need not be the same color, but in a single palette. With the help of such color spots it is possible to divide an apartment-studio into functional zones.

Vintage carpets

The bright carpet stain looks interesting in the same bright interior, where the walls are painted in juicy colors and the riot of colors is simply stunning. In this case, the carpet product supports the theme of multicolored.

Neutral carpet looks different in the interior calm and bright

Neutral carpet looks different in the interiorcalm and bright. If in bright it is an excellent background for furniture and decor, in neutral maintains the tranquility and restraint of the overall design. Classic interior is possible only with a carpet of calm color and minimal drawings. In this case, the shade of the carpet should differ from the main color solution of the room.

Important! Ideally, when the carpet motive or color finds repetition in decorative interior details (vases, pillows or curtains, wallpaper).

Carpet with geometric pattern

Style subtleties

Fashionable carpets in the modern interior of the living room, photos of which are worth exploring in advance, before buying, support different styles and can be:

  • graphic - ornaments, dashes, squares, stripes can be as one- and two-color, and to please the eye with a rich color range;
  • antigraphy - the latest development of designers, presents the possibilities of a photoshop on a carpet - a gradient, color transitions, drawings in the style of watercolors or retouching;
  • animalistic - following the clothes fashion on the spots of leopards and giraffes, stripes of zebras or feathers of birds switched to carpet products;
  • fusion has extremely bright colors, and the carpets themselves have irregular irregular shapes;
  • vintage - shabby old carpets seem to recreate the lost connection of generations.
  • Can I use the "grandmother's" carpet in a fashionable interior?

    Stylists are unanimous that the old carpet inThe modern interior looks amazingly interesting, just need to properly beat it. The old things are inherent in the special energy, the spirit of the time, so that the carpet in good condition must be thoroughly cleaned and must be used to create a unique design.
    It is very fashionable to design apartments in loft style, where the floor looks deliberately rough. A little faded and wiped carpet on this floor looks great.

    The Soviet carpet in the modern interior of the utilitarian Scandinavian style, thanks to its colors, emphasizes the restraint of the overall design.

    The Soviet carpet in the modern interior

    Country, art deco and neoclassic perfectly coexist with the carpets of the Soviet years.

    Irreplaceable these carpets in the embodiment of an eclectic style, allowing you to mix anything, creating original interiors.

    Traditionally, Soviet carpets have a wool base and minimal use of artificial threads, so you can safely put such a carpet on the floor in the children's room.

    Classic carpet in a modern interior

    How to use the Soviet carpet in a moderninterior, if the carpet in places has been rubbed to holes or eaten by moth, lost its shape? First it must be cleaned with special means and treated against insects. Then the carpet can be cut into squares or rectangular pieces, throwing out the damaged parts, the edges are sewn with woolen thread or fringed. The resulting small mats look great as bedside or zoning elements near the couch, armchairs.

    Carpet in the living room

    East carpet is also useful!

    If after a tourist trip, a business tripor the grandmother left the oriental carpet, it must also be used. Oriental traditionally called carpets made in the countries of Asia Minor, China, in northern Africa. They may be:

  • braided - in different countries knots on the basis are tied in their own way, experts distinguish up to 10 kinds of knotted weaving;
  • woven - this is a lintless covering, they include palaces, kilims, suzani, jijim and others;
  • felted felt products with applique or embroidery.

  • Oriental carpet

    Numerous photos of oriental carpets in the modern interior demonstrate the relevance of these products in any room.

    Advice! To permanently fit the carpet in the decoration, its ornament or color can be emphasized using various accessories.

    Depending on the type of oriental carpet to himthe place in the room is determined: woven carpets are appropriate in the hallways, the braided road will be good in the composition center, around it you can build the entire design of the room.

    If the carpet serves as a semantic accent, then it must unite the furniture

    Choosing the size of the carpet

    The carpet in the modern interior should correspond to the size of the room, with the following rules:

  • The optimal size of the carpet allows you to put it so that you put furniture on at least a third of the cover, creating a sense of spaciousness;
  • If the carpet is a semantic accent, then heshould combine furniture, for example, chairs and a coffee table should be fully put on the carpet, and a sofa at least a third (another option: the dinner set is on the carpet, so creates a dining area).
  • stroke, emphasizing the whole composition: the carpet lies in front of the sofa and armchairs, and the table stands on it;
  • if you want to put a carpet in a modern interior for the entire room, you need to leave about 10 cm to the wall;
  • small rugs serve to zoning individual parts of the room - in front of a sofa or an armchair, a bed or a mirror.

  • Small mats serve to zoning individual parts of the room

    A variety of photos of modern carpets in the interior of any style and direction allows you to choose the right model and embody it in your apartment or house.