How to get rid of midges in flower pots

Today, indoor plants are widely usedfor interior decoration. They can be found in almost every home, which means that most of the inhabitants of the planet sooner or later come up against the question of why the midges appeared in flower pots, how to get rid of such misfortune.

On the windowsills you can find 3 kinds of insects, which differ from each other not only in size but also in color. The first is a very small flies of black color,called sotsiridami. The second is slightly bigger flies of yellow-gray, white or grayish color. Such insects are called Drosophila. Less often appear small white mosquitoes.

Let's consider in detail why the midges appeared in flower pots and how to get rid of them.

Reasons for the reproduction of insects in flowers

Often the owners notice the uninvited guests already then,when their number increases sharply. And it does not surprise, because to see one or several tiny insects, hiding on the soil or in the leaves of a houseplant, is not easy enough.

The multiplied moshkar not only sweats over the pots on the windowsill, but also makes flights to the habitation. The reasons for the appearance of midges in flowers are:

  • excess watering of plants;
  • soil contaminated with eggs of insects;
  • flowers, on the leaves or roots of which were present larvae.
  • Most often, the midwife occurs in winter, when the land inpots dry out badly. But it can settle in your shelter in summer, if the soil in the flowerpots is excessively wet. Often the appearance of insects is facilitated by the use of food residues as fertilizers: many fans of indoor plants actively use infusions of black bread or eggshells to water green pets.

    Drosophila is very fond of a substrate with the smell of fermentation. No fly will fly past the window, from which an attractive fragrance comes. Getting into the room, the insect lays eggs in a pot with a houseplant. With weak watering, the larvae can not develop and perish. If the moisture is enough, after a while there are many small guests.

    The greatest concern is reminiscent offleas with wings white mosquitoes, actively moving on the ground. To develop their larvae, it is necessary to feed on the rotting substrate and small plant roots. Drosophila, however, will not ignore the fruits lying on the table, or tea or compote, forgotten in the cup. Everything that can rot and wander will become their food and cause the emergence of a new offspring.

    Black flies in flower pots - this is a serious danger to the roots of indoor plants. The faster you get rid of insects, the less your green pets will suffer.

    Methods for destruction of the midges

    Before you get rid of midges in flowerpots, you need to determine their appearance. Drosophila is easy to expel, if you remove all fermented or rotting foods from the house, and put the fruit in the refrigerator.

    The larvae of sciarids and white mosquitoes are capable ofexist only in moist soil. If you take the plant out of the pot and dig up the soil, they will die in a few minutes. But if the population has reached a considerable size, then eggs and larvae can remain on the roots, trunks and soil-stained leaves of the indoor flower.

    In the old days, the plant and soil were treated with a weak solution of potassium permanganate (manganese), but today it disappeared from the pharmacy network, so other methods will be useful:

    1. Mortar soap. It is required to dissolve the remnant in warm water and with the help of a spray it is good to silt the soil, not forgetting to treat both the plant in the infected soil, and its neighbors. After this you need to wait until the land dries completely. The subsequent watering should be carried out extremely moderately.
    2. Aromatic products. It is possible to fight the sciarids with the help of citrus fruits. It is enough to stick a few pieces of peel of orange, mandarin or lemon into the pot, and unwelcome guests will quickly leave the house.
    3. Tobacco dust. Suitable tobacco grown in the garden or purchased in the store. Dried leaves are crushed and sprinkled on the soil in pots.
    4. Mustard powder. A small amount of dry mustard is added to warm water, mix well and spill the soil.

    Do not expect that the midge will disappear on the nextsame day. It is possible that the treatment will have to be repeated more than once. The plus of these methods is their complete environmental safety. None of the components can harm neither the flower, nor the pet, nor the people living in the house.

    If you are looking for a way to get rid of midges inflower pots, try a simple ancient method - sprinkle the soil with fresh wood ash and slightly loosen. After two procedures the flies will disappear, and plants for which ash is an excellent fertilizer, will become more green and healthy.