How to effectively and quickly wash the gas stove?

How to wash the gas stove without spending bigefforts - every owner wants to know about it, because the slabs are sometimes a real disaster! The simplest way to quickly clean the gas stove is to buy the finished product in the store: cream or gel, liquid, in the form of a spray - their range is large today. Abrasives should not be used, about thisit is said practically at every step. Alkali is the "queen of the ball" during the cleaning in the kitchen: soap, soda - all this is alkali. Do not be mistaken if for a heavily soiled slab buy in the store a gel-like cleaner with a concentrated alkali content.

And if for any reasonYou can not acquire a store facility or do not want it, then you need to turn to people's experience. Than wash the gas stove at home? Soda, soap solution, vinegar, ammonia are the usual ingredients of all folk tricks for cleaning kitchen surfaces from fat. But in this article "the main hero" is soda - no, not the usual food, and caustic soda. The one that is cleaned with water pipes. Some recommend to use for the plate cleaning agents for automotive parts - and so, caustic soda is just there, too, maybe that's why you are recommended the same tools. At the main economic task set in this article: how to wash the gas stove with folk remedies, the answer will be to use caustic soda.

Caustic soda - the most effective tool for cleaning the gas stove

What is caustic soda?

This is a very aggressive alkali, its direct and most basic, although not the only, application - the fight against fat deposits on the pipes.

On a note! If you replace baking soda with caustic, making a cleaning solution for the stove, you will be absolutely right.

The main issue today is how to wash off a heavily polluted gas stove. And below is the answer to it. Take the recipe.

The most effective home solution is "nuclear". For cooking you need the following:

  • 1 piece of laundry soap;
  • 100 grams of clerical glue (liquid glass). Liquid glass is an aqueous alkaline solution of sodium silicates Na2O (SiO2) n, potassium K2O (SiO2) n or lithium Li2O (SiO2) n. Silicate glue is often a part of detergent;
  • a bundle of caustic soda;
  • 5 liters of water.

  • Stages of preparation of a universal detergent for cleaning a gas cooker using caustic soda

    Soap grate, pour into the enameledbucket, pour out soda, pour water, pour out the glue and cook. When the water boils, reduce the heat and cook the cleaning gel for a couple of hours. As a result, you should get a thick paste. This mixture acts both hot and cold. It is best to clean it at night, as the cleaning process will take a lot of time, but you will not have any physical effort. The welded mixture should be completely poured cleanable hob plate and leave until the morning. In the morning, you just need to remove it from the stove. Just remove - and everything, you do not have to rub anything: the stove will be clean, all the dirt will go away, even the most persistent, old ones.

    Variants of "grandmother's" means

    In this recipe, the answer to the question of how to washgas stove from the deposit. This tool is known as "grandma's", passed from mouth to mouth, and the recipe, like all the people's, is unstable. The individual parts differ slightly from each owner of the miraculous mixture. There is an option where instead of caustic soda several spoons of food are used.

    Instead of caustic soda, you can use several spoons of food

    There is almost the same recipe, but with different proportions:

  • a glass of caustic soda;
  • a bottle of clerical glue (liquid glass);
  • a piece of grinded soap;
  • 10 liters of water.
  • Mix all the ingredients and cook for a couple of hours at low heat.

    Here is another version of the same recipe, its "quick" version:

  • powder washing;
  • 5 tablespoons baking soda;
  • glass of water.
  • Do not mix, but simply shake, then use immediately.

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    Of the three recipes you can choose the one that is more like, however, the last option "for the lazy" is so lightweight that it can hardly compete with the original version.

    Precautionary measures

    Important! Caustic soda when it gets on the skin, or worse, in the eyes, can cause a chemical burn!

    When using, observe the measuresprecautions: on hands there should be rubber gloves, on eyes - protective glasses. Keep the product in a tightly closed can, away from children. If soda gets into your eyes, gently rinse them with cold water, then 2% with boric acid solution (you may need to see a doctor). If soda gets on the skin - rinse it with water, and to finally get rid of alkali, rinse the affected area with acidified vinegar water.

    How and where can I use a home-made miracle potion?

    Than wash the gas stove from fat? Do not torment yourself more with this question - use the above recipe. The solution is able to clear everything: fat in the kitchen, rust in the bathroom - you will wash everything off without much effort.

    To clean the gas grill, cover it with a solution and leave it until morning

    How to wash the grate of a gas stove? Brew immense gas grill cooked according to the recipe in this article. If the lattice is solid, does not disassemble and does not fit into the basin, act differently. Remove the gas burners from the cooker, pour the hob with the mortar, then place the grate on the stove, turning it over. Thus, the grate from below is immersed in a solution spilled over the cooking surface. Further, to pour it completely, wait until the cooked solution is slightly cool and will look like a cold in its consistency. This "jellyfish" layers lay on the grill from above. If you put it neatly on the grate, the mixture does not soil the floors. And now your grill is completely covered with a cleaning compound. Leave all this until the morning, and in the morning you will clean dirt. The slab itself, most likely, will simply be wiped by removing the cleansing "paste" from it, and the grill may need to be rubbed a little with a washcloth. The results will please you, and the solution to the question of how to wash the fat off the grate of the gas stove will be a perfect trifle.

    You can clean the oven with ordinary baking soda and soap

    Minor nuances

    Burners, pens from the stove - all this add up inBowl, pour the solution before the mixture cools. The hot mix works a little better than the cooled, but also the cooled "works", especially if you leave it from evening to morning. Burners and pens can not be kept until the morning, they are not so much contaminated. Usually, to purify a couple of hours of soaking in the described composition is more than enough. After two hours, remove the hotplates from the solution and rinse thoroughly under the tap, rub the handles with a brush, then rinse well with water.

    If there are spots inside the oven, you can try using the same mixture as described above. You can clean the oven with ordinary baking soda and soap.

    Final cleaning stage

    Advice! To polish the surface of the plate and give it a shine at the end of cleaning, vinegar will help you.

    Vinegar will help polish the surface of the plate

    Fill the hob with 9%vinegar, then add baking soda. The resulting solution can be used as a completion to the purification process. Slaked soda, you clean the slab from all the remaining errors after the main cleaning, vinegar will give the surface of the slab a beautiful glossy luster. This is a simple matter - washing the gas stove.