How to wash a carpet: means and ways

The carpet is one of the main symbols of home comfort. A wide covering with soft high pile, certainly, gives to a drawing room or a bedroom the finished kind, brings to a pacification. But comfort very quickly can turn into discomfort, and the pride of the owners - in a dangerous for the health "collection" of dirt, stains, accumulated dust and allergens, if you do not give the carpet enough regular hygienic attention. The question of how to wash a carpet appears almost immediately after its acquisition. And the answer to it can take considerably more time than it seems at first glance.

With a sink carpet to pull it is not necessary.

The question of how to wash a carpet appears almost immediately after its acquisition

Important! The stubborn stain is more difficult to remove than fresh mud.

Yes, and walk on the dirty carpet, not to mention theto lie, sit, play on it, at least unpleasant, maximum - dangerous. Therefore, as soon as there is a need for wet cleaning, the owners do not just wonder where the carpets are washed, but they face a real choice:

  • whether to give the product a dry cleaning;
  • resort to car wash services;
  • wash yourself;
  • call a specialized brigade at home.
  • Dry cleaning is a good option, provided that itprofessional, and its employees know how to wash the carpet correctly, have solid experience and a corresponding reputation. Otherwise, you just run the risk of parting with the carpet for once twice having spent: first time for cleaning (stupid), the second time to buy a new cover. Car washers should not generally include carpets, especially expensive, handmade. Very few such establishments can boast proper conditions for washing / drying and qualification of employees.

    Dry cleaning is a good option provided that it is professional

    If you still think about how to washcarpets at home, it is reasonable. At least at home, you can fully control the process, and you will have an impressive guarantee of a good result. If you still want to keep everything under control, but trust the professionals, call a specialized brigade at home. With the "Körcher" equipment, for example. And then your carpet will be provided with a crystal clear future!

    Incorrect washing

    Can I wash the carpet? Not only it is possible, but also it is necessary. Even very expensive, handmade from silk or wool. Only in this case, if you have chosen the option of independent struggle against dirt, you should definitely know how you can not do this. Do not wash the dirt, regardless of origin, hot water. The maximum threshold in this case is 50 ° C. You can "stain" dirt at best, at worst - dissolve the adhesive base and remain without carpet at all. Also boiling water is the enemy of natural and colored coatings. They deform and molt. Can I wash carpets with a vacuum cleaner? Of course, if you know how to do it right.

    Do not wash the dirt, regardless of origin, hot water

    Can not be used for manual cleaning toohard brushes that damage the pile, and also act against the direction of the fibers. In each manual on how to wash the carpet, it is indicated that soaking such products is strictly prohibited. Moreover, all moisture after washing should be immediately removed by a hair dryer, and placed it from the inside of the cover. Moisture, especially in a poorly ventilated room, will lead to rotting of the weave, formation of plaque, odor and holes.

    Powders, other powdered crystalline powderscheap means for carpets are contraindicated! Rinse them to the end is difficult, they "scratch", damage the pile. It is better to use liquid, gel-like agents. With fat, any composition for dishes can easily cope. Which is especially convenient if we have my carpet at home. Now let's talk about how to do it right.

    Powders, other powdery crystalline cheap preparations for carpets are contraindicated

    Stages of washing the carpet in-house

    Correct, hand washing the carpet at home- a process consisting of several stages. And if you want to have a clean, undeformed carpet in the finals, you should not neglect one of the stages. Are you really interested in how to wash the carpet yourself? Then you need to follow the following algorithm:

  • dry cleaning (including vacuum cleaner);
  • removal of stains;
  • washing;
  • drying.

  • With a low contamination, a special product (shampoo) and a dry method, when the compound is applied, is left to dry, and then the remover is vacuumed

    First, remove large, medium debris. To do this, we arm ourselves first with a broom, then with a vacuum cleaner. If there is such an opportunity, knock out the carpet on the street with a special plastic racket. And only after that you can go to the wash. With a low contamination, a special product (shampoo) and a dry method, when the compound is applied, is left to dry, and then the remover is vacuumed. If there are wet areas, they need to be dried with a hairdryer. But how to wash a carpet with complex spots, dirt, we will tell in more detail.

    On a note! Freshly spilled tea or coffee is removed with a soap solution, dried up with glycerin and soap.

    Carpet cleaning riches 5+

    The blood is perfectly washed with cold water. The dried one must first be soaked with a cold, damp rag left on the stain for 15 minutes. How to wash the carpet if it has paraffin traces on it? Let them wither, then they will be easier to clean. The remaining grease stain should be covered with a piece of paper and ironed with an iron until it is perfectly clean. Wine will yield to a solution of vinegar and utensils (one to one). To wash out a stain follows, alternating a wet and dry rags.

    To wash out a stain follows, alternating a wet and dry rags

    Let's go to the wash. Do it in the air, choosing a horizontal surface (asphalt) and covering it with polyethylene first. This should be done if we are carpets "Köcher"! In winter, you can clean the carpet with snow and a broom, in summer use a solution with a suitable remedy, a sponge, better to do it in good sunny weather. We soak the carpet with a solution, clean it, wash it off. And so several times. In the end, the mop will help to get rid of excess water. After the carpet should be left alone to dry a little. And then hang it on the turnstile. The process is completed successfully.

    Kerher for carpets

    Proven detergents

    The lion's share of success in cleaning the coatings belongs tocorrectly selected detergent composition. And the key word here is correct. Detergent for carpets should be chosen, based on the nature of the contamination, such as washing and the product itself. After all, a carpet, especially expensive, can be spoiled not only by illiterate laundry, but also by improper means. We will make a reservation: natural hand-made carpets are better than not washing at home! Not everyone can do it right, and not every store can find the right tool. There is only one way out - specialized dry cleaning. Therefore, we will talk about the choice of a means only for coatings of factory manufacturing.

    To begin with, every brand of household chemicals has its own means for washing carpets. We list the most popular and working. So, what and how to wash the carpet?

    Cinderella remover for carpet cleaning

    You can use:

  • a means for Cinderella coatings;
  • "Vanish";
  • Powder "Körcher";
  • by means of "Shining";
  • Amway purifier.

  • Vanish for carpets

    "Cinderella" involves dilution of the solution in water(4 caps), rubbing into the carpet, drying, vacuuming. "Vanish" perfectly fights with complex, chronic, stale spots, has a pleasant smell, perfectly washed. The product is available in three forms: shampoo (for manual washing, antibacterial, for vacuum cleaners), spray, powder. Each tool is provided with instructions, which should be carefully read. How to wash Vanish carpet? The shampoo is diluted in water, the foam is rubbed into the surface, dried, removed by a vacuum cleaner. The same technology and with the spray, which is sprayed and rubbed with a sponge. The powder is intended for dry cleaning. It crumbles evenly on the carpet, it is rubbed lightly into the nap, it is kept at rest, it is vacuumed. Before use, be sure to find out in the instruction, which of the tools is suitable for your carpet.

    Means for cleaning carpets "Shine"

    Similarly used and the restmeans, except for the powder "Köcher", which is used exclusively together with a special spray device: the powder is diluted and poured into the tank. However, cleaning of carpets with a detergent of this class at home is still possible: today, on sale there are devices of this company, intended specifically for household use.

    Carpets and washing vacuums

    The washing vacuum cleaners have a lot of fans. There are a number of opponents. Therefore, we will consider this technique from all sides. Unconditional advantages of this type of vacuum cleaner - the ability to perform several functions, high power, decent quality. The washing vacuum cleaner for carpets has the following advantages:

    A detergent-type vacuum cleaner consumes slightly more energy than a conventional

    1. Possibility of wet / dry cleaning of any surfaces (floors, windows, walls, corners, doors).
    2. Removal of blockages in pipes, construction debris.
    3. Cleaning of tiles, sanitary ware.
    4. Use in the process of air purifiers, flavors.
    5. Presence of filters for air, water, removal of allergens.

    Before cleaning, the coating should be simply vacuumed

    Vacuum cleaner of washing type consumes a little moreenergy, rather than the usual, requires mandatory fights, cleansing. After cleaning the carpet with a vacuum cleaner, the coating should dry naturally for about an hour. Other features will take place according to the characteristics of specific models.

    The washing process with this kind of household appliances,naturally, differs from ordinary dry, therefore, in order to make it easier, let's consider consistently how to wash carpets with a vacuum cleaner. Before starting the washing, the coating should be simply vacuumed. After choosing a small area and checking the action of detergent, to avoid unexpected reactions. We add water and a medium to the tank, we begin the process.

    After washing, the carpet must be dried to the end, completely excluding walking on it

    Advice! Perform a wet cleaning followed by a nozzle corresponding to the length of the carpet pile, by slow, smooth movements along the direction of the fibers.

    After washing, the carpet must be dried beforeend, completely excluding walking on it. It should also be remembered that carpet cleaning with a vacuum cleaner should not be done if they have a jute or foamed base.