Thread curtains in the interior: well forgotten old

Threaded curtains will be the highlight of any interior, and they are very popular with children

Who would have thought that a long-forgotten findeastern masters will be an original and practical solution in a modern interior! Thread curtains have been used for more than a thousand years in hot countries: they create a shadow protecting from the sun, and provide quality ventilation, freely flowing fresh air.

Types of rope curtains

Despite the apparent simplicity, the curtains-rainappear in a variety of variations: different colors, thickness, length, the presence of beads or their absence, nodules, beads and other decorative elements - that only designers can come up with to create a unique and interesting interior! Rope curtains can also be divided into groups according to their destination: in the cafe, thread curtains are used for zoning rooms, in residential apartments they are hung on windows for better ventilation. So what are the main types of rope curtains?

Curtains - rain in the cafe can serve to separate the area of ​​tables

Thread curtains-muslin

From other models of rope curtainsThe muslin curtains are distinguished by the presence of a rim-base, to which thin threads are attached. A unique plus of this solution is the convenience of fastening: you can make a kuliku out of the rim, attach rings to it, sew on hinges or eyelets - any fastening of curtains to the cornice will be appropriate.

Threaded curtains - muslin have a rim of base, which is very convenient for fastening

Also, the border allows you to order the threads: they do not confuse each other with gusts of wind, plodding into incomprehensible knots, you can easily braid the fibers in pigtails or collect them at the edge of the window with a tape.

Rope curtains of noodles

Curtains-noodles do not have a rim, as in Kisei, andeach thread is attached to the curtain separately with a loop or knot. This allows you to experiment with the thickness and texture of the thread, select the weave and even use strips of fabric. The following variants of weaving can be distinguished:

  1. The most common - pigtails. It looks simple and neat, it's easy to implement this solution with your own hands. The braids function as a rim and do not let the threads intertwine. In this case, the curtain as a whole performs the function assigned to it.
  2. Also, various "assemblies" are allowed, includingwith the use of pins and ribbons. This solution is best suited to multi-colored curtains, when the union of threads into groups allows you to delineate the shades.
  3. If you install hooks on both sides of the window opening, you can braid the central fibers into braids and with their help fasten the remaining shoelaces on the sides at any convenient time.

Curtains made of ribbons - a kind of curtains - noodles, where each tape is attached to the eaves

Thread curtains with beads

To make the filament curtains not look nondescript, theiroften decorated with decor elements, the most popular of them - beads. Beads vary in color and size, so you can always find a suitable option in stores. Moreover, they are attached to the laces very simply: just make a knot that does not allow the ball to move down. Of the most interesting solutions can be identified:

  1. Fastening of several threads with beads suchway, that in the intervals are created three-dimensional figures. When using blue and purple fibers, the curtain becomes visually similar to falling drops of water.
  2. White or transparent threads with beads in combination with dark shoelaces of the basic shade look original: from the side it is imperceptible that the beads are fixed, and not just hanging in the air.
  3. Creation of drawings with the help of fastening of beads of the same color at different heights: you will agree, the heart of pink glass beads in the bedroom looks very romantic!

Threads with beads are very beautiful

Curtains of solid materials

A distinctive feature of this variety is theStrands of beads and beads are strung exclusively. In this case, these are not decor elements, but the basis of the curtain, while the thread performs only a connecting function. Such curtains are most often used indoors for zoning space, as they are inconvenient to hang on windows: when wind rushes, beads striking each other, they miss too much light. The exception is the kitchen, because such a curtain does not get dirty during cooking and easily passes the air.

Curtains from beads serve to decorate interiors

Care instructions

Like any curtains, rope curtains requirecareful care: thin yarns can tear during use, not to mention surface dirt, cracks in the beads and loose fibers. What in such cases do?

How to wash threaded curtains?

Let's start with pollution. Cleaning of the product depends on its texture:

  1. Usual thread-like curtains without beads, as a rule,can be washed in a typewriter, you must first braid the shoelaces in the braid. To ensure that the fibers do not begin to moan after washing, it is recommended to choose a delicate mode (the temperature is not more than 30 degrees).
  2. If there are still beads on the fibers, it is better not to risk and soak the curtains in a soap solution, independently wash them: the machine and the threads will remain intact.
  3. Curtains made of hard materials are not very dirty due to their structure, so it is enough to wipe them periodically with a damp cloth, removing the main dirt and dust.

When washing in a washing machine, thread curtains are better than braiding in a braid

Curtain-thread can also be put in a dry clean, if you are not sure that you will cope with cleaning properly. Professionals will bring the shoelaces to the ideal condition, saving you unnecessary trouble.

How to shorten the thread curtains?

If you see that the thread is spoiled, orsimply decided to change the style of the interior, making the curtains short, remember that it is important to fix the end of the lace! If you do not, the fibers from below will start to "crumble", making the curtain sloppy. Moreover, the longer the threads stay in this state, the less they will serve in principle.

In order to shorten the curtains - the threads, their ends after the cutting must be sealed

So, if you decided to make a curtainin short, trim it to the intended level and fasten the tip with a special clip (like on laces, if it fits the general interior concept) or a knot.

When trimming at the end of the thread, so that they are not disheveled, you can tie knots

It is impossible to sew threaded curtains, since the string, as a rule, is not thick, and fixing the thread on it is not an easy task. It is much easier to just shorten the "rain".

Thread curtains in the interior of the living room

In the interior of the living room, the rope curtains can perform two functions:

  1. Zoning, if the living room, for example, is combined withcabinet or kitchen. This allows you to fence off a place to receive guests and create a suitable atmosphere. Also, this is permissible if it is necessary to cover a place for storing individual household appliances: a vacuum cleaner, a washing machine (common in small apartments), etc.
  2. Direct, or basic.

Thread curtains perfectly visually share the space

It should be taken into account that curtains made of hard materials look more informally than ordinary shoelaces, so they are more often used in zoning than on windows.

To select a color scheme, you shouldfocus on the main colors of the interior - the color of the floor and walls, large pieces of furniture. Gradient curtains - a universal solution, covering the entire gamut of shades.

Pay attention to the style: perhaps, the filament curtains in your interior will look ridiculous, especially it is typical for lush styles (for example, Empire).

Gradient curtains - the threads look very impressive

Kitchen curtains in the kitchen

Kitchen curtains should be first of allpractical: the "exhaust" from cooking in the form of constantly moving steam settle on the filaments, so after half a year of operation bright colors become dirty - even regular washing does not help. To avoid this, it is recommended to use curtains made of hard materials: to keep the beads clean, it is enough to wipe them with a damp cloth.

Separate the kitchen area can be using curtains made of threads and beads

If you want to add originality to the roomfor meals, you can create with your own hands a pattern of beads and beads on laces: various butterflies, birds, clouds - a number limited only by your imagination and creativity. Of the classical variants, the most interesting are combinations of black and red, different in shades of brown, as well as monochromatic (blue, black, green, etc.), but different in size beads.

Summer cuisine

If it is a question of "street kitchen" in the country,located in a gazebo or on a veranda, informal curtains made of hard materials will be very useful: as a rule, summer style is quite free. It is recommended that you buy beads from natural materials: wood, stone, etc.

Thread curtains are great for patio, can be used for canopies

Curtains-threads for bedroom

Since the bedroom - a place purely personal,it is recommended to combine thread curtains with usual thick curtains or lambrequins: so from the street it will not be noticeable what is happening in the room in the dark. A gamma of shades rests on the interior of the bedroom: contrast colors are beautiful, and the laces are lighter than the curtains.

Separately, you need to consider a bedroom option,combined with a balcony. In this case, there is no need for dense tulle, and you can limit yourself only to rope curtains of air colors. If the morning sun often interferes with your sleep, choose curtains with a large number of threads (they are denser, less pass the sun's rays).

Thread curtains in the bedroom can be used as a canopy covering the bed

Interestingly the fact that many tenants are luckyattach a stone-amulet to the rope curtains to protect from the evil eye: green malachite, red garnet, and the like. In a hall where a lot of people are constantly going to, such a thing as never to the point.

Curtains rain in the interior of the children's room

Thread curtains in the children's room - not justan intricate design element, but also a wonderful developing game for kids. Guys happily tie knots on the strings, unravel them, string pearls-pearls. Older children can make macrame and attach the hand-crafted item to the curtain with a bead or glue.

Yarn curtains in the nursery can be made bright, in the form of a rainbow, such curtains carry a good mood and positive

There are several interesting options for decorating curtains-yarns in the nursery:

  1. Photogallery: with the help of glue small images of different years are fastened to the filaments - joyful memories of the past days. Such decor is especially liked by teenagers, as it reminds them of friends and relatives.
  2. New Year's version with garlands falling down on a par with strings. The backlight looks beautiful from the outside and serves as a kind of nightlight inside.
  3. Also, on holidays, you can attach a curled serpentine in the form of a spiral or a shiny lurex, fixing it with the help of eyelets: this will create a solemn atmosphere and a joyful mood.

Threaded curtains - a modern trend ofof the past, found recognition among the world's leading designers. Rope curtains make out doorways, windows and any part of the room, and if necessary, you can easily demarcate space. This is a practical and cheap way of zoning, because the strings for the curtain can be made by hand from inexpensive materials. Pleasure yourself and your loved ones with an individual and interesting design!