The recipe for the preparation of jelly from red currant for the winter

Currant is a real storehouse of vitamins anduseful substances. In this berry contains a very large number of various micro and macro elements, which allows it to have a lot of positive for the body properties and effects. In addition to benefits, this berry also boasts a great taste, which makes it so popular both among children and adults.

From the currant you can do absolutely different things,for example, all sorts of mousses, jam, jam, add it as a filling in pancakes, and you can make a delicious jelly from red currant, a recipe for the winter which you can read in this article.

Procurement of jelly from red currant for the winter canto become a very sensible solution, since it will allow even in the coldest winter days to always have the opportunity to enjoy delicious jelly, a real natural product, without all sorts of harmful additives and preservatives.

Picking berries and preparing dishes

The first stage from which cooking beginsjelly from a red currant, is a choice of berries. In order to make jelly as delicious and aromatic as possible, only fresh berries of high quality should be selected. It is very important to thoroughly wash the currant before cooking the jelly, so that it does not contain all kinds of substances that can adversely affect the taste.

As for utensils, it is better to cook jellyall suitable either enameled dishes, or stainless steel utensils. If you decide to take enamel ware for these purposes, then its enamel should be checked for cracks. It is important that the enamel does not contain cracks, chips and other serious damage, since such dishes for cooking jelly simply will not do.

We choose cans for jelly filling

Before proceeding, directly todescription of the existing recipes of jelly from the currant for the winter, as well as to the cooking of jelly, it is necessary to deal with the banks, in which the jelly will be decomposed for storage. It is best for this product to fit banks with a capacity of 500 ml or even less. Fill the cans to the brim. Keep jelly best in some cool and dry place.

Options for jelly recipes from red currant

There are manyrecipes, allowing to cook really tasty jelly from the red currant, which will always be pleasant to eat. Some recipes require the use of only currants and sugar, while others include additional components in the jelly: cherries, raspberries and other berries and fruits, which allows you to significantly diversify the taste of jelly. Let's consider the most popular recipes of jelly from red currant:

  • Ordinary jelly from red currant. For this recipe, you need to take 2 kg of red currant berries, 0.5 liters. water, 1.75 kg of sugar, and 1 package of zhelfix. Before the beginning of the process itself, we wash the currant, and dry it. As already mentioned above, the currant should be of good quality. Then he folds the currant berries in a bowl, after which we knead them and pour in water. We put a bowl on the fire and bring its contents to a boil, however, we do not need to boil the mass, just bring it to a boil. After that, you should cool this mass, and then shift it into gauze and squeeze it. From 2 kg of currant and 0.5 l. water, it should be about 1.5 kg of juice.
  • Next, we pour the resulting juice into a saucepan,adding at the same time 2 tbsp. sugar (they are taken from the total amount of sugar taken), mixed with gelling agent. Then again bring the mass to a boil, while stirring constantly, then pour out the remaining sugar and again bring the contents of the pan to a boil, then cook for exactly 30 seconds. Next, you should pour the resulting mass into cans, close them and carry them to storage. All. In the winter it will be possible to eat very tasty and very useful red currant jelly.

  • Jelly with cherry and red currant. For the preparation of jelly according to this recipe the following ingredients will be needed: 1.25 kg of red currant, 0.75 kg of cherry or sweet cherry, 0.3 liters. pure water, 1.25 kg of sugar, 1 packet of zhelfix or other gelling agent. Red currants and cherries are very carefully washed and dried, the cherries should also remove the tails and bones, then add both of these ingredients in a pot and pour water. As in the previous recipe, it is necessary to bring this mass to a boil, but in no case boil. After bringing to a boil, the resulting composition should be cooled and discarded on gauze, and then squeezed it. Of 1.25 kg of currant and 0.75 kg of cherry should be about 1.25 liters. juice.
  • Then mix 2 tablespoons. sugar with the gelling agent you have chosen and pour it into a saucepan. Then bring the juice back to the boil, then add the remaining sugar and bring it back to a boil, then cook for exactly 30 seconds, turn off the fire, pour the jelly over the jars.

  • Jelly with raspberry and red currant. To prepare a delicious jelly from raspberry and red currant, you should prepare such ingredients: 0,75 kg of red currant, 0,75 kg of raspberry, 0,25 l. water, 1,375 kg of sugar, as well as a package with gelling agent. First of all, my currants and raspberries, we remove the stems from the raspberries, after which we dry the berries. Then add these berries in a pan and fill them with water, bring the resulting mass to a boil, but do not leave it to boil. Instead, throw the mass in gauze and squeeze it well, getting about 1.25 liters. fruit juice. Next, add a mixture of gelling agent and 2 tablespoons. sugar in the resulting juice, after which we again bring to a boil. After the composition boils, add the remaining sugar to it and bring it back to a boil and boil for 30 seconds, remove the pan from the fire and pour the resulting mass into cans, close them and put them away for storage.
  • Actually that's all, if you want to cooktasty jelly from the currant, the recipe for the winter that you read above, can be very useful to you, since it allows you to preserve all the useful properties of jelly, and also has a very good and pleasant taste. Therefore, if you want to always be able to eat delicious jelly from natural products in winter, you should definitely take advantage of one of these recipes. Of course, this is not all recipes, there are also a large number of recipes, in addition, you can invent recipes yourself, adding to the red currant any other ingredients that can make it taste better, here already, as they say, it all depends on your imagination and your taste.

    The result

    I want to believe that this article is validwill be useful for many people, and if you really like red currant, the jelly recipes for the winter from it, which are presented above, may be very interesting for you. Therefore, do not miss the wonderful opportunity to provide yourself with your favorite treat, which, incidentally, has not only a very good taste, but also contains a large number of vitamins, which can have a very positive impact on your body, since this is really a natural product.