Curtains in the living room in a modern style with photo and description

Living room can be called one of the mostthe main rooms in the apartment, so its design should be thought through to the smallest detail. The curtains are an integral element of the interior, with which you can decorate the room, make it cozy and stylish. Modern curtains for the living room should meet a number of requirements: meet the latest fashion trends, be functional and practical. To buy curtains should be taken from the wholeseriousness, because choosing an unsuitable for the style of the model, you risk ruining the design of the entire room and visually narrow the space. In order not to be mistaken with a choice and to be aware of the latest fashionable novelties, we will consider the best variants of curtains for decorating the living room.

Principles of selection

Of course, window decoration is not an occupationsimple, and to cope with it, you need to know the basic rules and laws of design. In this case, you should rely not only on your own preferences, but also on the recommendations of experienced designers. So, when choosing a color and model of curtains, you should consider the following factors:

  1. The size of the room and the height of the ceiling.
  2. The number of windows, their size and shape.
  3. Style of interior design.
  4. The color scheme in which the room is made.
  5. Features of furniture: material, texture and color of the upholstery.
  6. Specifics of wall decoration. Here it is important to pay attention to what kind of coating was used - monophonic, embossed or with ornament.

It is better to combine curtains with furniture and other textiles in the living room

Curtains should be combined with the general style of the interior

If the sun strongly interferes with the living room, it is better to choose roller blinds

You also need to decide on the goals that youset in front of you, decorating the window opening. Using the correct choice of curtains and their placement, you can visually enlarge the room and make the ceilings higher. Curtains are able to set the right atmosphere for the whole room. For example, if you want to add an interior of ease and comfort, an excellent solution is to install curtains from the veil. Considering the color composition of the living room, make a decision about which element of the decor you want to highlight, making the main accent of the interior. Note that modern style is a combination of sophistication and functionality, so do not clutter the room with elaborate curtains made of heavy fabrics. Modern style can be supplemented with sliding, straight or lifting curtains, the varieties and features of which we will consider below.

For a small living room it is better to choose light shades of curtains, they visually increase the space

Straight curtains

Despite the fact that there is minimalism in fashion, designThe living room should not be too low-key and cold. Classic curtains and veil tulle flowing beautiful folds, will be an excellent solution for the hall. They will harmoniously fit into any interior, help create a warm and cozy atmosphere. This year, designers recommend to give preference to the composition of monochrome curtains of saturated shade and light matte curtains. The use of a large number of accessories in the current season is not welcome, so be limited to lateral pick-ups. If you think that without additional accessories, veil curtains will look too boring, use several multi-colored cloths that are in harmony with each other. Also add the following to the interior of originality:

  1. Hang only one curtain. This idea suits the owners of apartments, in which on one wall there are two small windows. how you can easily adjust the lighting of the room.
  2. Decorate the window opening with curtains of different colors. Such an unusual solution will not go unnoticed.
  3. On both sides of the window, install a set of contrasting curtains. This option will look especially good in the interior of a spacious living room with a large window.

Curtains with tulle in the living room create coziness and comfort

Curtains on a direct curtain are very convenient for massive curtains

Curtains can be hidden behind gipsokartonnoy construction

Advice! In the case where the apartment is located on the upperfloors and does not require protection from extraneous views, you can use only semi-transparent veil curtains. This solution will refresh the room, make it lighter and visually increase the space.

Light curtains in the living room will give airiness to the room

Roman drapes

This type of curtain has the appearance of integralrectangular paintings, which when you open the window are assembled in elegant horizontal folds. When they are straightened, they close the window to the window sill, and in the assembled state - a third of the window opening. There are such varieties of Roman curtains:

  1. Wireframe. They are equipped with rigid fasteners, thanks to which, when folded, the fabric forms strict folds.
  2. Frameless. They are not equipped with guides, so the folds are formed in an arbitrary order, gracefully falling on the edges.

Roman curtains in the living room on the frame

Roman blinds frameless in the living room form a folding folds

The choice of model depends on the style of the room. The first option suits strict, concise spaces, and the second is better to use to create an interior in a romantic style. Both solutions find their application in modern design. The novelties presented in the photo fully confirm this.

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Roman curtains with flowers are suitable for a living room in the style of vintage

The combination of Roman and classic curtains in the living room

Roman frameless curtains in the living room are great for large windows

Types of Roman curtains in the living room

Curtains with a lambrequin

Exquisite drapery, no doubt, will giveinterior solemnity, but can this kind of curtains be considered universal? Usually, curtains with lambrequins are installed exclusively on large windows, because the kit is quite bulky and takes up a lot of space. In the current season, an increasing popularity is acquired by elegant narrow folds without massive ruffles, picks, fringes and brushes. Such lambrequins decorate even a tiny living room without cluttering it. The important point is the correct placement of the kit. If you fix the lambrequin directly under the ceiling, it will visually appear higher. You can also expand the room by hanging curtains on the cornice, the length of which is greater than the width of the window opening.

Curtains with delicate lambreken in the living room

Lambrequin complements design of curtains

Curtains with a soft lambreken look very comfortable, thus forming soft folds

Curtains with hard lambreken in the living room


Curtain-thread for several years is notlose their relevance. A wide range of models and colors, ease of operation and functionality make them one of the most sought after in the market. A special function is performed by thread curtains in the interior of studio apartments, because with their help the room can be divided into several functional zones. Do not take such curtains solely as a decoration. In a set with dense curtains, they not only make up a beautiful composition, but also cope with all the tasks assigned to them.

Advice! Note that the muslin is quite versatile and will fit almost any style: from high-tech to provence.

Thread curtains in the living room serve decorative purposes

Curtains - muslin in the living room can be interesting tie, for example, for classic curtains

Multicolored curtains of muslin in the living room interestingly complement the interior

Thread curtains in the living room are called muslin

Curtains with eyelets

Eyelets are special rings frommetal, which are installed on the holes in the fabric. This way of fastening the curtains on the cornice differs by practicality, convenience and reliability. If desired, curtains on the eyelets in the living room can be sewn by yourself or ask for help to a professional seamstress. Thus, you can personally choose the fabric and design of the product, given the stylistic features of the room.

Advice! Note that decorating such drapes with additional elements is not recommended. An exception can only be made for textile pick-ups.

Eyelets can be very diverse in material and size

With the help of eyelets it is very convenient to open and close dense curtains

Curtains for bay windows

Curtains for the bay window in the living room, above all, shouldfit under its shape and overall stylistics of the room. Erker creates a kind of zone for privacy, which is appropriate to emphasize the curtains of noble colors. Depending on the interior design, Roman, French or classic veil curtains can be used in such living rooms. Note that for the design of the bay window you will need a special cornice, which must repeat its shape and reliably hold the curtains.

For bay windows, symmetrical curtains

Using curtains, you can emphasize and highlight the bay window in the house

Summing up

As you can see, the options for decorating the windowthere is a lot of opening. The main thing is not to get lost in the abundance of different models and, weighing the advantages and disadvantages of each kind, make the right decision. To determine it was easier, we offer to see the photos of actual curtains in the living room, made in a modern style.