Modern beach house in San Sebastian

The project of this house specialists Studio ArthurCasas was ordered by friends of previous clients of the company, who wanted to become their neighbors for them, by building a house on the same stretch of coastal strip near San Sebastian (Brazil). The mansion, called Casa EK, boasts an original exterior design, and therefore it is quite difficult to confuse it with neighboring houses that appeared here earlier. In the process of designing it was necessary to solvequite a lot of problems: it was necessary to fit on one fifth of an entrance group and a parking space for a car, as well as provide the widest possible view of the beach, while also taking care of the privacy of the owners.

To achieve these goals, the whole design wasit was decided to raise slightly above the level of the ground, while simultaneously making an excavation for the garage under the garage, the entrance to which is now carried out through the massive gates, when opened as if leaving directly under the ground. If necessary, these gates can be closed only by half: in this position the structure provides sufficient protection from extraneous views from the street, while not overlapping the survey for the tenants themselves.

On the ground floor there is a main living area, technical rooms, a swimming pool and apartments overlooking the backyard.

To satisfy all customer requests,designers had to design a fairly large house: it occupies almost the entire area of ​​the plot, and there is no real court in the usual sense of the word. With the purpose of a little revive the look of the estate on its perimeter were planted garden plants. Large sliding glass doors in the living room open directly to the pool. Thanks to the almost panoramic glazing, it seems that vertical gardens are broken directly within the walls of the house.

On the second floor there are five bedrooms: the windows of two of them are facing the ocean, the other three - to the hills surrounding the estate. Just behind the central staircase are another bedroom and living room.

On the roof there is a terrace with a jacuzzi and a fireplace. Glass railings provide an unobstructed panoramic view.