Asparagus: useful properties

Fresh asparagus or asparagus, useful properties of which are known to many, in Russia is a delicacy, although it is not so difficult to grow a valuable product in your garden.

Three varieties of asparagus

Asparagus - plants-perennials, herbaceous or semi-shrubby. There are several varieties of shoots of asparagus, differing from each other in color:

  1. Green asparagus - grown in the light, it has a lot of chlorophyll and this species is more useful than all, has a vivid taste.
  2. White asparagus - it is grown without sunlight,sprinkling the sprouts with the soil. The taste of this asparagus is tender and neutral, but there are much fewer useful substances in it than in green, but more calories.
  3. Purple asparagus - characterized by a minimum of roughfibers and a relatively high content of sugars. As soon as shoots of such asparagus are uniformly colored under the sun, they are collected, and the stems retain their color, which, however, lose when processed by heat.

The taste of white asparagus is tender and neutral

Previously aristocratic was considered white asparagus -the most tender and juicy of the three, she easily takes on the taste of seasonings and sauces. But in our age the benefits of green have become more relevant. Violet asparagus is very special and rare, so few can really appreciate its quality.

Known as wild asparagus, found in the Crimea, the Caucasus and the Middle East, in Western Siberia, in southern Europe, in Africa.

In Russia, asparagus is sometimes called a Korean dish"Fuzhu" is a dried film obtained from the production of soy milk. Soy asparagus, the use of which is caused by high protein and fat content - the most useful amino acids - does not taste like asparagus.

Green asparagus is more useful than all, it has a bright taste

The Benefits of Asparagus

Asparagus, whose benefits are known throughout the world, is full ofminerals: potassium, copper, selenium, manganese and vitamins: K, A, C, E, group B. There are many in shoots of asparagus and dietary fiber, but there are very few calories (only 21 calories in 100 grams of green stems).

The most useful is green asparagus - especially for pregnant women in the early stages, because for the harmonious development of the fetus they need enough folic acid.

Useful asparagus substances are involved information of connective tissue, strengthening of bones, hematopoiesis and the work of almost all systems of internal organs. Although the use of asparagus increases immunity and cleanses, nourishes the skin (in the form of masks), it also has contraindications: stomach diseases, cystitis and prostatitis, rheumatism of joints.

How to choose asparagus in the store?

Shoots that are fresh, can be distinguished frompoor-quality goods on a smooth, rough peel, tightly closed heads. Slightly rub two stems together - if you hear a squeak, you can safely buy them. Ideal is 15-18-centimeter asparagus.

Asparagus stems are better to eat immediately after purchase, you can store three to four days, wrapped with moistened matter.

Ideal is 15-18-centimeter asparagus

Cultivation of asparagus

Asparagus, the cultivation of which you do not meet so often, it is not difficult to plant on your own bed. Do this in several stages:

  1. Grow seedlings in pots or directly in the ridges,fertilized with manure or compost (they begin to sow seeds at the end of May). Shoots appear after 3-4 weeks, this process will be faster if seeds germinate in advance. After the appearance of sprouts, it is necessary to thin them, leaving promising plants.
  2. At the end of summer, the plant has a rhizome, 3-4 shoots. Cuttings of stems are done early in the morning or in the evening, and the remaining plant is covered with soil. For the winter, asparagus must be fertilized.

Grow asparagus seedlings in pots or directly in the rinks fertilized with manure or compost

You can grow asparagus in the off-season. To do this, take old plants already, which are buried in the basement or greenhouse. Rhizome such a forcing will not give, but the stems will be formed due to stored substances.

Every trucker needs to know how useful the asparagus is, since it is not a problem to grow this aristocratic delicacy in Russia.