Titanium shovel: features, strengths and weaknesses

Titanium shovel, features of which areits high strength and extremely light weight in comparison with analogues - a truly magical tool: and clay does not stick to it, and it does not bend like other shovels, and it does not dull. To use such a tool in work is a pleasure. In addition, the range of its application areas is quite wide.

Application of a titanium shovel

It is unlikely for anybody will be a news that the titanium shovel is used directly for working with soil. In particular, one can not do without it when it comes to:

  • excavations;
  • preparation of the site for construction or planting;
  • the transfer of soil from one place to another, and so on.
  • Statistics show that the strength of titanium bladesat least 2 times higher than steel. Shovels from titanium are 3 times durable than steel because of the long enough safety of sharpening sharpening of the working blade. As a consequence, the work is carried out more efficiently and quickly. This applies to both bayonet and folding titanium shovels.

    In addition, there is an army analog of titaniumshovel, characterized by a shorter length. Without this tool, it is simply impossible to imagine an ordinary infantry soldier or an airborne force. There is even a special instruction for the use of a titanium shovel in combat conditions.

    An equally well-known species is consideredfolding tourist titanium shovel, with which it is much easier to install a tent, to equip a place for breeding a fire and even to cut boughs. Well, for the summer residents, a shovel is generally an essential item.

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    Bayonet Titanium Shovels

    Such material, as titanium, is known in the people as"Winged" metal. A variety of types of shovels are made of titanium. One of the most famous varieties of shovels made of this metal is a bayonet titanium shovel. The popularity of shovels of this type is due to the incredible ease of operation.

    To minimize the load on the muscles andto focus on the tool more convenient, the shovel was equipped with a special handle, which is located on the handle. Having stopped the choice on the bayonet titanic shovel, pay attention to the shape of the cut. If you want to minimize the load on your back, choose a model with a curved handle.

    In general, titanium in itself is a guarantee of the durability of the tool made of it, as well as excellent sharpening, strength and a small weight of the product.

    All without exception titanium shovels differhigh degree of reliability. What they are good for is the fact that they do not work as long as they do not demolish them, they retain their original appearance. No less important advantages of bayonet titanium shovels are:

  • non-compliance with rust and oxidation;
  • preservation of sharpness of the working edge.
  • You can buy a model that allows you to change the position of the bayonet. Bright representatives of this family are folding shovels, which have three fixed positions of the bayonet blade.

    When the shovel is folded, the blade is in the raised positionup to the shank position, which allows you to minimize the length of the tool and most comfortable to transport it. When it is necessary to start working, the blade is bent downward, and the work proceeds normally.

    The third mode, when the blade is located perpendicular to the cuttings, makes it possible to turn the shovel into a hoe.

    Perhaps the only disadvantage of the bayonettitanium is their extremely high cost. However, if you buy low-quality garden tools, then soon it will have to be changed to a new one. So it's better to choose the lesser of two evils.

    Tourist titanium shovels

    On the device the folding tourist shovel is similar to the bayonet:

  • has the same shortened handle handle;
  • is characterized by a high degree of stability of the red type to mechanical influences;
  • is made of solid-molded profiled titanium 2 mm thick;
  • has 3 modes of fixing the blade.
  • By purchasing such a shovel, special attentionshould be given to the quality of the assembly and directly the material itself, from which the stalk is made. The most common shovels with cuttings made of high-strength wood, first subjected to hard grinding, and then qualitatively lacquered, so that the resulting coating was able to withstand abrasive and moisture effects.

    Modern folding titanium shovel can haveand a stem made of carbon fiber. In comparison with the wooden analogue, such a cutting is even more durable and light and in addition can have a telescopic structure that allows to regulate the length.

    Welded titanium blade and ergonomic handle are covered with a convenient protective cover.

    Other varieties of titanium shovels

    In addition to the above, other types of shovels are made of titanium, including:

  • soviet type;
  • stripping type;
  • bread type;
  • for snow removal, etc.
  • Can I make a titanium shovel with my own hands?

    In planning to make this or that toolwith their own hands, it is important to remember that this is far from always expedient. Especially in this case. The fact is that real titanium is hard to get, and it will not work at home. You can save here, unless you buy a ready-made working cloth and make a cutting yourself. Of course, we are not talking about a telescopic cuttings made of carbon fiber, but for work at the dacha it will be very good and wooden.