Track: medicinal properties and contraindications

The sequence in the natural environment includes more than 200species. Some have the status of "protected" and listed in the Red Book. The second scientific name for the string is bendence (translated from Latin Bidens). All species are very diverse in life form. In nature there is an annual grass up to 80 cm high, shrubs and trees up to 4 m high.

Of all the known types of bendence drugproperties have a three-parted sequence. A "tripartite" plant is called a leaf form divided into three parts, of which the middle is the largest. The people call it scrofulous grass or goat's horns. The last name of the grass was due to the shape of the seeds, similar to the head of a goat with horns, so the plant reproduces. The sequence is blossoming with dark yellow small flowers, framed by a basket of small dark green leaves from June to September.

Area of ​​growth

The alternate can be found in meadows throughout Russia,marshes and lakes in Siberia, along the canals in Asia, in the form of a weed in the gardens. But the main raw materials are collected in Belarus, Ukraine and some regions of Russia.

In many herbalists, greatdescription of leaves and flowers of grass. It is justified by the fact that along with the tripartite succession, in the southern regions one can meet a series of dull and alternating rays. Both species, except for external signs, differ from the tripartite sequence by the fact that they are not medicinal and can lead to poisoning.

The healing properties of the string are known more than a century ago and already at that time scrofulous grass was harvested in large volumes throughout Russia.

As a medicinal raw material, onlyupper shoot, root is not suitable for use. Collect the grass is necessary during the appearance of buds, as in the drying process it continues to bloom. Raw materials spread under a canopy, in ventilated rooms. Shelf life of the herb is 2 years. If there is no possibility to collect raw materials independently, the billets of plants can be purchased without a prescription at the pharmacy.

Application in agriculture

The healing properties of the sequence are used in veterinary medicinefor the treatment and prevention of large and small cattle. Drinking from cooked broth is given for exciting appetite, with gastrointestinal diseases, rickets of domestic animals.

External applied in the form of lotions or compresses in the lesions of the skin.


Streak medications have contraindications. Inside is not recommended to take:

  • children under the age of 3;
  • children at elevated temperature;
  • pregnant women in the last trimester;
  • adults with low blood pressure;
  • Like any other medicinal product, the sequencein large doses can adversely affect the state of the Select from the commonly used metokorganizma. Exceeding the recommended dose can cause side effects in the form of increased excitability, diarrhea, panic attacks, weakness of the body.