Epoxy self-leveling floors with own hands

Who does not want to have a chic house? It's no secret that luxury floors can fly in a lot of money. But what if you try to cover yourself, at home? Yes, you can very easily make epoxy floors at home without spending a lot of money. Epoxy coating can serve as a good alternative to marble floors - the "marble effect" can be achieved by coating the floor with a 2-mm layer of epoxy resin. We manage the material in such a way that it looks like marble - that's the whole secret.

You can give a color to a coatingby staining it, and making it glossy so that your floors look shiny and attractive. This will require a bit of hard work and the availability of some materials, but the result is worth it - with epoxy floors your house will acquire a completely new, chic look that will surely amaze the guests. Release your creative self and set it to work for yourself!