Jewelery carving from paper from the Indian master

Making paper crafts is an art. And Part Kothekar Parte Kothekar brought this art to a new level. His works look so miraculous that it seems as though for their creation the master does not need a knife, paper, or his own skillful hands. Each work looks like a soaring sketch from the artist's notebook, concealing the pain transferred by the creator himself. Genus Part Kotekar from Ahmedabad (India). According to the master, carving on paper is his passion, and the source of inspiration for him is everyday life. All his works are original masterpieces made so masterfully that contemplating them, it is impossible not to feel all the beauty of the process of their creation.

These works are a perfect examplevisual arts. As the master himself says, the beauty of working with paper is that even he does not know whether his next cut will lead to the final stage of the work or not. Often, only curiosity moves them on the way to the final result. Also, Kotecar says that he himself has only a general idea of ​​which figure will end up in the end. Sometimes he just gives himself up to a creative impulse, trying to extract this figure from paper.