How to wash the marks from the felt-tip from the clothes?

If there are children in the family, sooner or later the question arises as to how to wash the felt-tip from the clothes. And it does not matter how old this child is, he in any case uses felt-tip pens, and sooner or later will leave a mark on him on clothes or furniture.

Another thing to note is that all modern felt-tip pens have bright colors and good durability. Accordingly, they can not be laundered from clothes. Although, if you know some of the secrets, you can still cope with this task and clean the tissue from the marks of the marker.

All modern felt-tip pens have bright colors and good durability

There are several effective tools thathelp clean the textile or any interior items. But only it is necessary to find out in advance how it is possible to wash the felt-tip from clothes and how to deduce its traces from furniture and other objects in the house.

Also, the effectiveness of cleaning the tissue depends onhow quickly the spot was discovered, and how quickly they started the process of removing it. Here you need to understand that the earlier you started to clean the traces of the marker from the fabric or any other surface, the better the result of these efforts will be.

It is better to find out in advance what means it is possible to remove stains from this type of tissue, and which ones should not be used for these purposes. All these tips will be described below.

To begin with, it is important to determine on which basis the marker is produced

Types of markers and choice of means for removing stains

So, if we talk about how best to washa stain from the felt tip on clothes, it is important to note here that almost any means can be used, except for the solvent. He is categorically forbidden in this case.

First, you need to determine on what basis this marker is made. It can be:

  • water base;
  • oil,
  • alcoholic.

  • Oil-based markers

    Only after this, you can proceed with the selection of an immediate means for such cleaning. After all, it depends on the base of the felt tip which means will best cope with this task.

    Also, even after the tool has beenit is better to test it on the tissue. To do this, apply a few drops of our cleaning agent on the back of the product and look at the reaction. If the color of the fiber has not changed, and the overall state of things has not changed for the worse, then you can without any doubt proceed to clean up. Well, if there was any negative reaction from the side of things, it is better to abandon such a method.

    Once the product is determined, it is best to still test it on the tissue

    Advice! If you do not rush and follow all the advice that experienced experts suggest, then you can easily cope with any stains.

    And it is for sure to understand how to wash the felt-tip from the clothes, using different ways of cleaning the products from the marks of the felt-tip pen.

    Basic methods of staining

    So, the choice of the method of cleaning directly depends on the basis on which the marker appeared, which also spoiled the product. Let's start with water-based or chalk-based markers.

    In this case, it should be noted, traces ofmarkers on water or Cretaceous basis are eliminated very quickly. To do this, the usual dishwashing detergent is suitable. They need to moisten the simplest sponge and then rub a dirty place well. You can also just drop a few drops of this product on the spot itself and wait until the mixture is completely dry. After this, the thing should be washed. And you can wash as usual household soap, and powder for washing.

    Stains from water-based markers can be removed with a dishwashing aid

    And if we are talking about things that are produced fromskin, then you need a special brush with a soft pile. It should also be soaked in a soapy solution and it is good to wipe a dirty place. Well, the rest of the soap solution is easily eliminated with a conventional paper towel.

    As you can see, the traces from this type of marker withEasily eliminated with a simple soap solution. Therefore, in case of spot detection, one does not need to panic immediately, it is sufficient to follow the above instructions, and the problem will be quickly resolved.

    How to remove a trace from a felt-tip pen on an alcohol basis?

    Very often on the clothes remain marks from the markeron an alcohol basis. Here, as in the previous case, you can very quickly cope with the problem. However, instead of a soap base, you need to use other means, namely:

  • vodka;
  • medical alcohol;
  • simple cologne.

  • Spots from markers on an alcohol basis can be removed with vodka

    To do this, moisten the usual cotton swab inalcohol, vodka or cologne and gently blot the problem area. It must be remembered that in this case it is strongly recommended not to rub the thing hard, otherwise the marker can get even more into the fabric or simply spread out. Also, make sure that the disc is not too dirty. If it is painted, it is better to change it and continue to soak with clean fleece.

    Attention! Another very important advice is how to wash withclothing felt-tip pen on an alcohol basis, refers to the fact that before the procedure should be put under a dirty cloth a clean cloth or an unnecessary textile product.

    It will absorb the composition and thus help to avoid the formation of new spots.

    Strongly do not strongly rub the thing

    After all the above procedure is completed, the product should be stretched. Or to grease with a cream if it is a question of a leather thing.

    I would like to especially note that the specificthe choice of this or that remedy, directly depends on the type and color of the fabric on which this stain was placed. For example, those products that are great for white things can be categorically contraindicated for colored products.

    After removing the stain the thing needs to be washed

    How to deal with other types of pollution from markers?

    It is understood that in addition to the two above mentioned speciesfelt-tip pen, there may be other stationery items that also leave stains on clothes. For example, if it is a permanent pen, then you need to use more powerful tools. Will help some professional stain remover of the type "Vanish". The part of the product, where the trace from the marker is directly located, should be moistened with a spot cleaner and literally after 30 minutes, the thing is thrown out. But during washing it is also necessary to add this remedy. By the way, to prevent the stain from spreading all over the fabric, the dirty place must first be damped with plain water.

    Stain remover Vanish

    In addition to "Vanish" you can use a simpletable vinegar. It is well suited for those cases when you need to learn how to wash the marker with white clothes. It is applied to a dirty tissue site and is waiting until it dries. Next, in the same place rub the food salt and leave for 10-15 minutes. After that, the remnants of the mixture are washed off and completely washed. During washing, you need to use a normal laundry soap.

    Another interesting way is the use of lacquerfor hair. It is sprayed onto clothes and then dabbed with a plain cloth. But here it is important to remember that the lacquer needs to be wiped with a napkin until it dries. Otherwise, then it will be even harder to cope with such a stain.

    The fat marker is very easy to clean with conventional vegetable oil

    Not less often there is one more question. It concerns how to wash a felt-tip pen from colored clothes. In this case, you need to understand that the chosen method should not damage the product. If it is a stain remover, then it should be suitable for colored clothing. But you also need to consider the type of felt-tip pen. Suppose that those funds that are suitable for a water-based marker can be of no use in removing traces of a felt pen on an alcohol or fat basis.

    By the way, the fat marker is very easy to clean with conventional vegetable oil. The whole procedure involves several stages. Namely:

  • a few drops of oil are applied to the contaminated area;
  • then the fat stain is eliminated with a conventional dishwashing detergent;
  • at the end it is good to slip the clothes.
  • This method is not much different from those that were mentioned above.

    The floor can be cleaned with alcohol or toothpaste

    How to save all the other items in the house?

    In addition to questions about how to remove the felt pen from clothes, it often often becomes necessary to learn how to remove stains from carpets or any other surface.

    Advice! If it is a question of a carpet, here it is also useful table vinegar. It is this tool that will perfectly cope with this task.

    He is treated with a contaminated area of ​​the surface and then covered with a towel. As a result, the paint from the carpet simply goes to the towel.

    As for the furniture, it is perfect herealcohol. True, it is better to mix it with ordinary tap water. In this case, the proportions should be equal. Next, using a rag soaked in such a solution, the dirty surface of the furniture is treated.

    As for furniture, alcohol is excellent here

    Sometimes the marks from the felt-tip pen turn out to be on the oven. Here you can not do without alcohol. It is also mixed with water and, similarly to the above method, the desired portion of the oven is treated.

    Sex often suffers. This surface is also cleaned with either alcohol or toothpaste. If alcohol is used, it is diluted in equal proportions with water. Well, toothpaste is applied with a sponge or brush.

    Based on everything that was said above,It is clear that any surface can be easily cleaned from the traces of the marker. Only here it is desirable to do this as soon as a spot is formed. Then the result will be much better. And of course, you need to choose a method of cleaning, based on the type of markers and the surface itself, which has suffered.