Apple pruning in autumn for beginners

To fruit trees bring more harvest,they need to be taken care of. The list of such procedures includes not only watering, fertilizing, sprinkling, but also removing branches, which is called pruning. Such actions are needed to form the crown and increase yields. Pruning apple trees in the fall - a video for beginners in detail about this.

general information

Many beginning gardeners believe that removingbranches can be just like that, but for this procedure there are certain rules, adhering to which you can get the maximum effect. Formation of the crown should begin with the moment of planting the seedling.

Pruning is necessary to form the crown and increase the yield

Do not forget that each fertile tree needs a special approach. Pruning apple trees in autumn for beginners is carried out taking into account:

  • age;
  • crown configuration;
  • quality of fruits and their quantity;
  • state.
  • What do you need for trimming?

    To do everything right, it will takepreparation. Before starting work, familiarize yourself with the technique of the procedure, stock up the tool and make a garden var. Details will be explained later in the article.

    Cut fruit trees should be only a sharp tool

    1. Tool.

    Pruning apple trees in autumn for beginners will be conducted:

  • secateurs;
  • with a garden knife;
  • garden saw.
  • Cut fruit trees should only be sharptool, so before starting it should be carefully sharpened. Poorly pointed cutting products will leave ragged edges, which will adversely affect the speed of the restoration of the tree.

    As a substitute for the var, experienced gardeners offer oil paint

    1. Garden var.

    About this mixture will be written a separate article,Because there are a lot of recipes for his preparation. As a substitute for the var, experienced gardeners offer oil paint, but only such, based on linseed oil. No other species should be used, because it will negatively affect the tree.

    1. Technique of a cut.

    In the technique of circumcision of fruit trees there isthe basic concept, which even experienced gardeners try to adhere to - is a ring structure. To understand it, you need to own information, which we want to share with you.

    General principles of pruning apple trees

    The branches, which are more than 30 degrees away from the trunk, have a special influx. If you look closely, you can see it at the bottom.

    The peculiarity of this build-up is that it quicklyregenerates new cells, restoring damaged areas. Pruning a columnar apple or pyramidal is performed over the ring structure to accelerate healing. Otherwise, the cut may remain open long enough, allowing diseases and pests to enter the tree.

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    Trimming branches above the influx is allowed, onlyif the central conductor is partially removed for grafting. You can do this only for a short period, after which you should make a "correct" cut.

    Apple tree pruning scheme

    Two types of trimming

    1. On the inner kidney.

    This type of pruning involves leaving the kidney pointed at the center of the tree at the top. The purpose of this method is to strengthen the central part or change the direction of growth.

    1. To the external kidney.

    In such situations, sawing branches is necessaryTo do so, that as a result the kidney which is orientated on an external part of a tree as a result remained above. This orientation allows you to expand the crown of the tree and reduce the number of branches in the center.

    Trimming branches above the influx is allowed only if the central conductor is partially removed for grafting

    Correct pruning of column-shaped apple trees: video

    Removing the branches of a garden saw is not the bestmethod, because as a result there are lacerated edges. To fix this, it is recommended, after cutting, to use a sharply sharpened knife to remove burrs, after which the "wound" should be treated with a garden crock.

    Work garden saw is not as easy as it canto appear. To do this, there is even a special technology, which will now be discussed. Stepping back 25-30 cm from the ring, we begin to saw off the branch from below, stopping at a third of the branch. After that, move the saw up, moving 2-3 cm further from the ring, and continue to saw to the end. After removing the branch, you need to cut the remaining stump under the ring, clean it and process it.

    Pruning on the kidney

    This technique of removing branches is considered veryimportant, although it is not so difficult to study it. The garden knife should be located from the back of the kidney side. After this, a sharp and confident movement is made with a cut so that the tool cuts the branch at an angle of 45 degrees. Here the main thing to watch is that the knife does not touch the kidney.

    Correct pruning of apple on the kidney

    Pruning young trees

    The apple tree gives us very delicious fruits thatlove not only children, but adults. Plant such a tree is relatively simple, but it's not so easy to take care of. Transplanted to a permanent place, the apple tree should be cut almost completely.

    Pruning apple trees in the fall for beginners is becomingvery laborious work, because it requires high accuracy. This will help the tree to maintain the maximum number of leaves, form a beautiful sprawling crown and restore the root system at an accelerated pace. Look at the video cropped columnar apple trees.

    Pruning apple trees in the fall for beginners is very laborious work, because it requires high accuracy

    For the first time branches are deleted according to the following rules:

    1. Branches-competitors should be eliminated completely. To cut them it is necessary so that hemp does not remain, otherwise it can provoke the appearance of new kidneys and tops.
    2. Central conductor of apple trees with sprawlingthe crown should not be more than 15 cm, and with a pyramidal - 20 cm. The main branches are best shortened in a timely manner. Look at the shape and outer silhouette of the crown. If it is pyramidal, the pruning of excess parts is carried out so that the outer kidney remains at the top, and if the spreading form of the crown, then the inner one.
    3. In order for the lower branches to take a horizontal position, a small load can be attached to them.
    4. Do pruning without the need is not necessary, becauseThe position of the branches can also be changed without such radical measures. For example, thin branches are best tied to the base so that they take an upright position, while the thick ones are lowered to the ground.
    5. In a normal tree, the lower branches grow onheight not more than 50 cm from the ground. It is impossible to allow branches to grow from the upper quarter, because in that case the tree will be too high, which will make it difficult to harvest. To prevent this, it is necessary to trim the seedling at an altitude of 70-80 cm, which will provoke the growth of branches, from which the crown will subsequently be formed.