Roman blinds: photos and ideas 2016

Today, the increasing popularity in the designthe design of any dwelling is acquired by Roman curtains, which revitalize the existing interior with originality, unconventionality, originality. They can be fastened to windows made of wood and plastic. This roller construction, staying in a closed version, is quite snug against the window surface, while, while being raised, these curtains create interesting folds.

How to choose the right fabric for Roman curtains

Now there are manyvariants of Roman curtains on plastic windows with a photo of 2016, everyone can choose for themselves the most suitable variety of them. Important is the fabric, from which such curtains will be made.

It is worth paying attention to linen fabrics,created from them, the curtains perfectly fit into any interiors, they are absolutely safe in an ecological sense and do not cause any allergic reactions. However, for the kitchen, such materials should not be used, as linen curtains will absorb all the smells, and it is quite difficult to iron the flax, as a result, it is usually not possible to fix all the creases that formed.

Materials from cotton contribute to the creation of a houseas much as possible cozy and comfortable environment, however for kitchen they are still undesirable to apply, during washing the cloth made of cotton is steadily thinner and soon becomes unusable. But the synthetics are excellent for the kitchen, because they are often impregnated with special solutions, protecting from kitchen dust and soot.

There are also blended fabrics based oncombination of natural and synthetic fibers. They can also be used perfectly for windows in the kitchen, they are easy to iron and wash, they usually seem absolutely natural.

Looking at the photo of 2016 Roman curtains, peopleprobably want to have any of their options at home, but, above all, you need to carefully study all possible types of similar curtains to choose for their homes those that will serve as the best decoration of the interior.

The distinctive properties of Roman curtains, relating to the classical and colonial styles

For those who want to buy ready-made Roman blindsan interesting option will be simple, but at the same time extremely elegant curtains of classical style. Classical Roman curtains are characterized by folds of a horizontal character, completely disappearing during the opening of the canvas. In cases where such a design is in a closed state, the web will be completely flat, and the fabric will be attached to a special frame, usually created from racks or plates.

Classic version is perfect forany room, whether it is a room for children, a kitchen or a living room. For Roman curtains of a classical nature, a wide variety of combinations of colors and ornaments are possible, while taking into account the general style inherent in a certain room.

In the situation of Roman curtains relating toColonial style, the main component is the material from which the curtains are made, the use of synthetics is unacceptable. In order to create Roman curtains, which are of colonial character, designers usually use velvet, silk, brocade, cotton, linen. Most preferable for such curtains will be natural colors, including yellow, blue, green, a pattern is possible, which includes various variants of cells or strips.

Provence style and retro for Roman curtains

Experienced professionals in the field of interior designoften seek to execute the design of children's rooms, bedrooms and kitchens in a style called Provence, creating a gentle, cozy, tranquil atmosphere in a room where people usually rest or indulge in favorite pursuits. This style implies the production of curtains made of natural fabrics, most often using linen or cotton. This style is characterized by colors of light shades, which include a variety of shades of beige, turquoise, lavender, milk. Drawings are often applied in the form of ornaments from flowers, images of animals, prints related to the theme of the sea.

In the case of retro style, it's best to usenatural materials, it is desirable to use fabrics with coloring in stripes, a box or with a floral ornament. Wooden curtain rod for Roman curtains will help to strengthen the sense of being in the past. A special charm for such curtains is given by old-fashioned patterns, cornices made of brass, cords made in the general color scheme.

Living rooms and Roman blinds

Such curtains look appropriate in anyindoors, they fit organically into every interior, you just need to correctly choose the coloring of the fabric. If the room is sustained in the classical style, then it is recommended to use well-known noble materials for curtains, which include organza, tapestry, velvet, brocade. When the living room is furnished in the Art Nouveau style, the best option is fabrics that do not have a pattern, with minimalist style designers usually use materials with light or dark stripes.

For living rooms with a small area is excellentsuitable monochrome fabric light colors, such color solutions uniquely help make the room larger for visual perception. If the room is large enough, Roman blinds of dark color are perfectly acceptable, combined with curtains that have a sufficiently high density. A successful design solution gives the room a cosiness, the furnishings seem more homely and comfortable. If the living room is sustained in the oriental style, Roman curtains made of bamboo are quite appropriate.

How to pick Roman curtains for kitchen facilities

When the owners decide to pick up the Roman curtains onthey should always take into account that there are always a lot of pollution of a different nature in such a room. The optimal option will be the use of synthetic and combined materials. Thanks to today's technologies, it is possible to add a certain amount of synthetic filaments to fibers of flax or cotton, as a result of which the fabrics will outwardly look completely natural, but at the same time they will possess the qualities of synthetic materials.

It is recommended to choose curtains up tosills, as the kitchen is constantly required to have free space. The main advantage of using such curtains in the kitchen can be considered uncomplicated. When the fabric is soiled without any problems, it is erased by the washing machine or by hand.

Pros of Roman curtains for the room where the child lives

Modern designers often recommend Romancurtains in the nursery, such curtains have a lot of advantages for the room where a small person spends most of the time. The main advantage of such designs is the possibility for the child to independently raise and lower the room curtains.

In the nursery it is desirable to choose natural fabricsof the highest quality, in such rooms adults are often forced to organize cleaning and washing, so not too high-quality materials will quickly become completely unfit. Roman curtains for the children's room can have a variety of color solutions, the child will be pleased to see your favorite fairy-tale characters, flowers, animals, birds. By arranging a special room for your child, parents should use Roman curtains on the windows. They will look in such a room quite naturally and help make the room as comfortable as possible for the child.

Self-made Roman curtains

People who pay much attention to the designthe design of his apartment, often interested in the issue of tailoring Roman curtains to order or independently. This process involves several stages, first of all, it is necessary to choose the right material from which the construction will be made.

Next we need to calculate the yardage, accurately measuringwindow options. If necessary, the eaves are assembled, then you can start to open the purchased material and directly assemble the structure. Reiki should be sewn at the same distance from each other, then rings are added from the inside of the fabric, and the cord is threaded.

Upon completion of all the above actions,it remains only to hang on the window is already completely ready design, which will become a real decoration of the room and will always please the owners. There is no doubt that Roman curtains on plastic windows have really unique properties, they are absolutely universal and will be in their place in any room. Having chosen a certain color and texture of the future Roman curtains for a drawing room, a nursery or a kitchen, a person can only order such curtains from the relevant specialists, or make them independently.