America's oldest supermarket now houses 48 charming economy-class apartments

The Internet revolution has driven everyone crazy. This phenomenon is no longer limited to viewing web pages or video streaming, as in previous years. The World Wide Web has made our life easier by providing an opportunity to visit online stores and make payment transactions from anywhere. We can learn the latest news anytime and anywhere. Each new product is immediately available topurchase in online stores, besides in a variety of options and at lower prices. This caused an unprecedented stir among the masses. On the traditional methods of shopping, all safely forgotten. Nesetevye shops have sunk into oblivion. So how are the old shopping centers going to survive?

In The Arcade Providence came up with an innovativeway to solve the problem. This oldest in the US shopping complex was converted into an apartment-building for immigrants. To implement this project, specialists from Northern Collaborative Architects were invited. The cost of redevelopment of the building was about $ 7 million, but the revenue from the new project is expected to be more than twice as large. The cost of rent starts from about 550 dollars a month - this amount is quite feasible for most and corresponds to the spent efforts. By the way, many shopping centers have already "infected" with the example of The Arcade Providence, and I want to believe that in the near future they will change in its likeness.