An ancient mansion in the suburbs of Paris is being modernized

Maison a Colombages is a 19th century mansion ina suburb of Paris, whose interior was transformed by the efforts of designers from the Spanish architectural firm 05 AM Arquitectura. Playing in contrast to the classic appearance of the building itself, the new modern interior produces an absolutely stunning impression. In this regard, it is doubly striking how specialists managed to carry out the plans, while preserving the traditional aesthetics of the house.

One of the primary goals of reconstruction wasimprove the layout of the house to turn it into functional housing, reflecting the features of modern urban life. To achieve this goal, all the non-essential designs of the ground floor have been removed, and the living room, dining room and kitchen have become just functional areas within one large space.

Wishing to pay tribute to the history of the house, many original elements customers preferred to leave in their original form - including these shelves in niches.

The bed, placed in a niche in this way, always becomes a cozy place to sleep.

In the bathroom, a bath and shower are located in a niche, trimmed from inside with marble.

In the interior of the children's bedrooms, the same idea with niches was applied - in fact, they are the hallmark of each room in this house.

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