Fresh accent in the interior: carpet-grass

Everyone wants to make the atmosphere in their apartmentas cozy and homely as possible. In part, therefore, the grass carpet is gaining a lot of popularity. Green color calms, allows tenants to relax. He is also able to emphasize certain features of the interior, especially in the style of IVF.

Green carpet with long pile

What are carpet-grass?

In this category fall all the green carpets "under the grass," that is, with pile. A common characteristic for models is the color, and its shades may be completely different.

Round carpet-grass

That is why the carpets are classified more often by texture:

  1. Hard and soft pile. In the first case, as a rule, small mats are purchased in the hallway, where the softness of the fibers does not play a role or does anything harm. Soft carpets are suitable for those rooms where they often walk barefoot.
  2. Short and long fibers. The choice of this characteristic depends solely on the buyer's preferences, his ability to care for the coating.
  3. Tangible sensations from the material. Typically, grass carpets are made of polypropylene, but in some cases, flax and the like are also added.

Green carpet-grass in the living room

Take into account such characteristics as shape and size: from the purchase of even the most beautiful carpet will have to be abandoned, if it simply does not fit on a given area.

Decorative artificial grass carpet

Caring for carpet

Before buying, you should decide for yourself: are you ready to take care of the carpet-grass? It takes a lot of time to care for many of them.

To minimize the level of bacteria, it is recommended to vacuum the surface once every 2-3 days and conduct a wet cleaning weekly

Since it is preferable to buy a carpet with a long nap for residential premises, the coating will have to be cleaned 1-2 times a month, so that it does not accumulate dust.

For residential premises it is preferable to buy a carpet with a long pile

To minimize the level of bacteria, it is recommended to vacuum the surface once a day or two and to conduct a wet cleaning weekly.

Carpet-grass of unusual shape

A special danger awaits the owners of long-haired animals: the woolens are tangled in the fibers of the carpet, they get stuck between them. To ensure that the coating does not get dirty, it needs to be thoroughly cleaned and cleaned more often.

On a note! In general, the main problem of carpet care underthe grass is not in complexity, but in the regularity of harvesting. Since the green color strongly contrasts with any dirt, the slightest stain or dust will be visible immediately.

A special danger awaits the owners of longhaired animals: the woolens are entangled in the carpet fibers, get stuck between them

Use of carpets on terraces

Carpets-grass look profitable on variousterraces and balconies, even in the frosty winter, recalling the warm summer. On a green cover it is possible to put a wicker country furniture, as well as hammocks, chaise lounges, white elements of an interior look.

Leave a free space on the terrace, otherwise the room will seem cluttered and small.

Carpets-grass look profitable on various terraces and balconies

Carpets-grass in children's rooms

Green grass carpets are also often used inchildren's. Since green is universally recognized as the most neutral, calm and balanced color, it is customary to put it in the rooms for toddlers: it promotes the development of intelligence and forms a favorable emotional background. And even these carpets simulate the summer situation, when children are most inclined to walk and frolic. This motivates them to play and interact with each other.

Green grass carpets are also often used in children's

On a note! As decorative elements are often used plush animals, as well as soft pillows-stones and various houses for children.

At the same carpet-grass for home can be likelarge (covers the entire area of ​​the room, then it is better to have more items on it for children's games), and to represent a separately allocated space.

Carpet-grass in the living room

Carpet in a modern interior

A green carpet - like a small lawn incity ​​apartment. It nicely animates any dim interior, making it more vivid and welcoming. It is no accident that carpets of the color of grass often stale in the premises of gray-white and coffee color scales. This allows you to get rid of sugary monotony and make the room more effective.

Carpet in a modern interior

Style IVF

In the last decade, ECO-style has become quiteA common trend in the modern interior. The main feature of this style is a natural color scheme with the use of natural materials: stone, glass, wood, etc. Also, this style assumes the presence in the apartment of various living plants.

Green carpet under the grass - great forrooms in the style of ECO, because green - a unique natural shade, which means that it perfectly fits into the general appearance of the room, examples you can see in the photo below:

Green carpet under the grass - great for a room in the style of IVF

To make the combination look more harmonious,put near a carpet a large house plant like a small palm tree. Carefully choose a pot for the plant: families with children will come up with massive models for a stone that will not only fit into the style of IVF, but they will not be easily overturned.

Green carpet under the grass in the interior

Carpet-grass for summer residence

Sometimes to organize a real, good lawn ondacha for children's games is simply not possible: not enough nutrients in the soil, too shady or too sunny place. Not to mention the fact that the constant trampling of grass is likely to negatively affect her condition.

Carpet-grass for summer residence

In this case, help comes carpet-imitationherbs. You just need to specify the required sizes, and special services will deliver the cover directly to you at the dacha. This move is convenient when organizing a football field for local children, a golf course or just a convenient space for active children's activities.

Green carpet-grass

Small carpets for pets

Often small rugs like dogs as litter. Especially if they are soft and warm. Treat your pet with a stylish and convenient gift.

Often small mats like dogs as litter

Rugs, similar to what is presented in the photoabove, can also be used as a protection for parquet: often chairs on wheels scratches the floor. This "lining" will save the tree from unwanted damage.

The combination of carpet-grass with other carpets

Carpets in the form of grass, as a rule, take as a basisthe color is "green lawn", more rarely - more saturated "lime" or pale green-yellow. The bright "green lawn" blends well with the colors of the rainbow, as well as with shades of green. The original design solution - small round rugs of different tones, evenly spread over the room. Specific function such an interior does not carry, but it looks great from the outside.

Carpets in the form of grass, as a rule, take as a basis the color "green lawn", more rarely - a more saturated "lime" or pale green-yellow

On a note! Carpet-grass is one of the most versatile and practical options for decorating a room. Modern and stylish, they bring a part of the summer sun, brightness, natural freshness to the gray line of everyday life.

The bright "green lawn" blends well with the colors of the rainbow, as well as with shades of green

Such an element of the interior will decorate any room and will appeal to both adults and children. Give yourself and your family a cozy grassy rug!