Peat tablets for seedlings

Peat tablets for seedlings appeared on salenot very long ago. Many gardening gardeners are not yet aware of their existence. But those who have already tried to grow seedlings in peat tablets, completely abandoned the grandmother's method, giving preference to this new invention. Today it is an effective wand-rod for the most effective germination of expensive and rare seed material, small and difficult seed. What is so good about these little rounds that so quickly won the favor of lovers of plant growing?

Composition of peat tablets

Initially, peat pills were developed forprofessional and amateur rooting of cuttings, growing seedlings of vegetable and ornamental crops, germination of seeds. In their composition, the main ingredient of which are horse turf and humus, there are nutrients, microelements, growth stimulant necessary for germination and proper growth of plants. The structure of peat has a high air and moisture permeability, which creates the most suitable environment for plants to grow and form the root system. To preserve the entire structure, the mixture is placed in a grid with small cells, which simultaneously retains the soil and does not prevent its swelling from the water.

How to use peat tablets for seedlings

Before proceeding to seed the seed for seedlingsPlace the peat in a deep enough container, pour warm water. Having absorbed moisture, they swell, increasing their size several times, turn into compact cylinders. Each such cylinder on one side has a small notch, where it is convenient to place the seed of the plant. To prevent diseases of seedlings, it is possible to add a little bit of potassium permanganate to the preparation of tablets, achieving a weak pink color.

Advantages of peat tablets for seedlings

Do not need additional fertilizer at the initial stages of germination.

Effective when junking. The root system of some plants does not tolerate transplantation, is ill for a long time, which affects the growth and further fruiting of the aerial part.

When growing plants that are smallseeds and difficultness, they significantly simplify the care and germination of seeds. But it should be remembered that sometimes a mesh that holds the substrate in a compact form can be too complicated for the tender roots. For example, when planting on a permanent place grown in peat tablets petunia better to get rid of it.

Comfortable if you need watering through a pallet. Growing plants with a tendency to attack with a black leg or having a very fragile, tender stem, one should refrain from watering from above - this can lead to illness or death of sprouts. The loose concentration of the tablets allows the water poured into the tray to be absorbed quickly, reaching the roots in time.

Indispensable for the cultivation of expensive speciesplants, the seeds of which are sold individually, in a special encapsulating capsule of nutrients. Such seeds should be planted individually in a separate tablet, paying due attention to each of them. This variant of planting allows controlling shoots, transferring each sprout to the most suitable place for it: well sprouted place in a cool, and delayed in growth - closer to the sun and heat.

As the seedling grows, its roots grow, the peat with it is simply placed in a container with soil, without removing the net and without damaging the roots.

Thanks to the peculiarities of peat, it does not absorb excessmoisture, plants planted in it will be saved from the threat of falling ill with a black leg. This disease is often found in seedlings, caused by excessive soil moisture due to improper irrigation.

Tablets are convenient for lack of shelf life. They can be stored for a very long time, only to ensure that they do not get moisture. Their compactness makes it possible to sow more seeds, because most often the mini-horticulture with seedlings is placed on window sills with limited space.

How to choose the right pills

On sale you can find peat tablets with different characteristics, therefore it is very important before they purchase to study the needs of seedlings that will be planted in them:

The diameter of the tablets varies from two to sevencentimeters. Naturally, when swelling, they acquire different volumes. Choose should be based on what will be planted: the smaller the seeds and the more tender the plant itself - the smaller the size will fit. The diameter of 4 cm is the most versatile option, suitable for almost all seedlings. Sometimes the network offers only one kind of tablets. If there is no choice, but it is necessary to sow the seeds of large plants, with a fast growing powerful root system, or to root a thick stalk, then you can use the material that is. But you should regularly check the bottom of the peat, so as not to miss the exit of the roots and their entanglement. In this case, you need to hurry to plant the sprouts in separate pots.

When buying tablets, it is desirable to pay attentionon the structure of their filling. Some producers fill them with a coarse peat fraction. This structure of peat has a weak air permeability, which may result in a poorly developed root system of shoots and a predisposition to defeat with a black stem.

To fill the tablets, peat is used,differing not only in structure, but also in acidity index. Usually it is indicated on the package, it can vary from acidic to neutral. In this case, it is necessary to know well the preferences of plants that will be sown or planted for propagation. If you do not pay attention to this fact, buy a peat with a high acidity for vegetable and decorative crops, and for conifers with a neutral acid, this will greatly slow down their germination and growth, down to the death of the seeds. Because of this important factor for the effectiveness of the final result, it is not recommended to buy tablets in bulk, without packaging, with all the necessary characteristics indicated on it.

The choice of peat in a specialmesh, which not only keep the contents from spillage after saturation with water, but also impregnated with fungicides, which prevent a number of diseases. A cheaper option, without a special shell, after absorbing water loses its integrity, turns into a shapeless clump of peat.

How to grow seedlings in peat pills

They are often used to obtain seedlingsheat-loving vegetable crops. Cucumber, tomato, pepper, eggplant seedlings grown in peat tablets develop well, adapt quickly to the environment, and do not slow growth after planting in open ground. And these facts are very important for obtaining a high-quality and abundant harvest in a timely manner.

Peat tablets for seedlings: instructions for use

Place the tablets in plastic cups overone piece in each or in a container with a light-transmitting cover. It is convenient to use sudochki, in which confectionery products are sold. They have transparent caps that do not interfere with the penetration of light onto the shoots, and are closely adjacent to the base, which helps create a greenhouse microclimate for the seedlings.

Pour each tablet with warm water. It is advisable to take water thawed, rain, or insist water for at least a day. Do not forget about the preliminary disinfection, especially for the cultivation of the dormant plants. Therefore, add a little potassium permanganate to the water so that it has a gently pink shade.

Plant seeds should be placed in the recesses in the middleswollen pills, using a toothpick, tweezers or, if they are large enough, then just hands. Expensive varietal or large seeds are enough for one piece, the seed can be spread more easily for 2-3 pieces. Small seeds do not fall asleep, and larger ones should be covered with a small amount of peat or humus. Watering is not necessary - the moisture in the pill is enough for a long time.

A container with seeded seeds covered with glass,polyethylene or lid so that air can not penetrate inside. Only its tightness will allow creating greenhouse conditions for seedlings and will not allow quick drying of the tablets. After the appearance of the first sprouts, they should be taken care of, taking into account the requirements of each particular plant.

Care for planted seedlings

Care for the seedlings is the periodic airing of the microplate and to ensure that the tablets do not dry out. Watering in this case can be carried out in two ways:

  • If there are no sprouts yet, or if they are sufficiently strong, it is possible to spray the tablets from the spray gun;
  • Delicate and fragile shoots do not allow watering from above. Therefore, you should saturate the tablets with moisture through a tray, gently pouring warm water over the wall of the container.
  • Alternative to peat tablets

    For the cultivation of seedlings, coconut treestablets, which are analogous to peat. They are made of coconut fibers, which have not less water and air permeability. The difference lies in the stable acidity, which is most suitable for most plants and is 6.0.

    Planting seedlings in peat tablets - the mostAn effective way of growing plants with 100% germination and survival. The main condition for proper use and obtaining with their help the maximum effect is the elimination of drying during the germination of seeds.