Kinds of children's carpets with roads

Children's carpet with roads is relatively recentbecame popular in our country. This is due to the fact that new technologies for the production of carpet products have come to us, in addition, the carpet in the children's room with the road can now even be bought over the Internet, something the Soviet people could not do before. As a result, children can now combine business with pleasure, playing and developing on such a carpet.

What a carpet looks like with roads

In order to understand how the appearance of a carpet with roads looks like, it is necessary to return to childhood and remember how the board games looked. It is on this principle that a carpet is made in the form of a road for a children's room, Only the role of the table or the playing field is performed by the carpet. It can create absolutely different game scenes, for example, scenes from cartoons or fairy tales.

Carpet with roads must be bright

Such scenes are modeled with the help ofplastic designer, In addition, manufacturers of such carpet products specifically produce plastic figures of people, animals, cars, buildings and trees. With the help of all this, a carpet with roadscan completely copy the real city with motorways, sidewalks and buildings, and the child on it can revive the picture by arranging figures of little men or animals.

Children's carpet with roads can be supplemented with a variety of toys: figures of houses, people, cars and other

The child can learn the rules of the road and play simultaneously

Carpet in the nursery in the form of a road provides the child with the following options:

  • develop, play on it;
  • get protection from the cold floor;
  • get a foot massage in the case when a similar carpet product is equipped with a special massage device;
  • Get an unusual decorative element, which can become a real decoration of his room.

  • Children's carpet with roads can serve as a study of public places and roads

    There are carpets, which due to the use ofpile and lint-free areas allow to fully simulate the terrain. So, for example, areas without pile are excellent for roads and floors in buildings, and with pile - imitate the green and residential zone, as well as many other elements. As a result, using a children's carpet with roads, the child receives a wide field for creativity and his imagination.

    On a note! Such products are made of 100%polypropylene, due to which their life time significantly increases. This material is resistant to mechanical damage, abrasion, and is also not afraid of contamination and is easy to clean. However, it does not burn and does not shed.

    Children's carpet with roads can be given a volume, road sections made lint-free, and the rest of the pile

    Since polypropylene is available in different colors,you can buy, for example, not only the blue children's carpet-road, but also the green or red children's carpet-road. Choose the color of the carpet to the interior of the room. It is also worth noting that this carpet product does not create a static electric charge. In addition, it is completely hypoallergenic, so it can be stored in the room where the child with an allergy is living.

    Subjects for embossed carpets

    Children's carpets with a pattern of the road have severalvariants of the plot. Based on this story, the child can build various scenarios of his games. For example, you can buy a carpet called "Traffic". It is an imitation of a city district or part of a city with highways, football and basketball fields, parking lots, trees and pavement paths.

    Carpet with imitation of urban area "Traffic"

    If your child has a propensity for urbanlandscapes, it makes sense to buy a carpet in the nursery, the road for cars in which will pass already through the whole mini-city with its environs. Here you can see the island in the sea, country houses, the airport, as well as ponds. In this case, the child can further express his imagination, playing, for example, in the mayor of such a mini-town.

    Another option for the design of such carpetThe product is the creation of virtual buildings. Of course, such a "house" will look very modest, as it will not have walls, but your child may well "finish" them with the help of his imagination. Some variants of this design are carpets in the nursery, not only in the form of a road, but also with adjacent houses with land plots. Such areas may include a swimming pool, a small courtyard, an imitation of plants.

    Children's carpet with a railway

    Naturally, there are also design modelssuch products, since almost any composition can be made on a carpet. Therefore, going to buy your child a carpet with roads for cars, ask him in advance about what he would like to see in his room. It makes sense to choose a suitable mat in advance on the Internet, because in this case you can see it in a photo or video.

    Children's carpet with roads will be interesting for both boys and girls

    By the way, there are companies that producesuch carpets on the special order of their customers. To do this, you just need to choose its design and content of the playing field. As a result, you will receive for your child an original product that will only be with him.

    Designer mat with a road

    It is worth mentioning about the toys supplied with the described product. You can buy cars and figurines separately, or you can choose such a carpet with roads, which contains them in the kit. The latter option is more convenient - you will get a single developing game complex.

    It is necessary to choose high-quality carpeting in the nursery

    The choice of developing mats for children

    Children's carpets with roads for cars are producedtaking into account the sex and age of the child. Next - the choice is yours. For a girl, it is best to exercise such a choice under the control of the mother. In this case, you can recommend various compositions on the topic of housing and furnishings, landscape design. Boys will quickly find a common language with the pope and they will be approached by autodromes, residential areas with roads, as well as various imitations of real and fictional battles.

    Developing carpets should be purchased by children, starting from one year. It is at this age that a child may have a need for physical activity. Developing carpet will allow the child to play andcrawl on it is completely safe, while children will be able to learn to handle toys, and later - to get an idea of ​​how, for example, how a residential house or a residential city district is arranged.

    Children's mat with roads for kids

    If we talk about some special preferences, then for children of preschool age, the carpet should be larger, and also its coverage should have bright colorful drawings.

    Children's carpet for preschool children can be simple, but bright and interesting

    As for children between the ages of four andeight years, they need carpets with more elaborate plots, so that during the game they can model some real events. It can be an imitation of a football field, images of animals, fairy-tale countries and locations from cartoons. In this case, it will be best when you ask the child for his opinion about the choice of this or that variant of the carpet.

    Children's carpet with traffic signs

    Children's carpet on the photo with roads and garage is more detailed and suitable for school children

    As for the age of over eight, herequires the provision of the child with toys that have already allowed him to begin to socialize. For example, a playing field with signs of traffic and markings will allow him to learn the rules of the road, and imitation of the room in the house will help to better understand the duties of the housewife.

    On a note! If you are at a loss with choosing a rug inchild, consult with the seller of the store, which sells such game products. In addition, you can learn the information posted on profile sites devoted to children's toys and the education of children. There is usually advice from educators and pediatricians who will certainly help you properly equip the nursery.

    Children's carpet with roads will also be useful for socializing and girls

    Children's carpet-puzzle

    There is also such a kind of developing carpets ascarpet-puzzle. Unlike the products we describe, it consists of several mini-rugs, which are blocks that form a large carpet. As a result, a child can collect from them a variety of designs, which at the same time can have quite a serious functional purpose.

    Such a carpet can serve not only goodan educational toy, but also an original piece of decor. And if it bears images of letters and numbers, with its help in the form of a game you can teach your child Russian language and arithmetic. In this case, such a rug can be safely disassembled and taken out, for example, to nature.

    Schoolchildren will be approached by more serious images,for example, a geographical map of the world, but kids will appreciate images of fairy-tale characters and heroes from their favorite cartoons. The main thing is that such an image should stimulate the child for active games and develop his fantasy and intellect.

    Children's carpet - a puzzle with roads is interesting because sections can be changed among themselves

    Interesting! Also puzzles can be used inprevention of flat feet in children, as there are their models that have a special orthopedic coating. As a result, your child can not only play, but also be treated.

    Caring for children's rugs

    Since all products described by usare made of artificial materials, resistant to mechanical damage, they can simply be washed. No other procedures are necessary to care for them. This is a quality and unpretentious in everyday life product, which practically does not require care for it, with a long service life. It should be borne in mind that the foam is afraid of high temperatures, so carpets made of it, should not be placed next to heating appliances.

    Foam is a common basis for children's rugs with roads

    In addition, penpropylene is very sensitiverefers to the impact of aggressive chemicals on it. Therefore, do not wash it using strong cleaning compounds. You will have enough warm water with detergent added to it. Such a mixture is able to wash off all possible contaminations that your baby can leave on the carpet product.