Chapel transformed into a modern house

Yes! This is another converted church! And responsible for the reconstruction of this chapel in the forest Tisdale (England, United Kingdom) are Evolution Design.

The chapel is located on a hill among the lush Northern Pennine mountains, and retains its historical appearance, while the interior interior is transformed into a quaint modern house. Initially, the cottage was in a terrible and faultyempty for years. The goal was to bring the design into a suitable position and bring it back to life, allowing visitors to appreciate the countryside and unique architecture.

The first step was the repair of the damaged roof,installation of windows and doors to prevent further damage from water. Further, the design process began, as well as the installation of wastewater treatment and maintenance due to its isolated location.

The project provided for three guest bedrooms,bathroom, kitchen / dining room and living room. In order to accommodate everything, without which it is impossible to live, the designers offered mezzanines in the bedrooms. The first floor can accommodate the rest thanks to an extra bedroom.

They paid special attention to the preservationGothic style, arched windows, original in structure. The usual window panels and shutters were installed only in order to preserve the historical details of the chapel.

While the interior interior is, of course, modern rural, the designers have taken care of maintaining and preserving the historic charm of the chapel.

The kitchen and dining room are flooded with light from arched windows and lanterns. The beams on the roof retained their original appearance.

The chapel can accommodate seven people in three double bedrooms and a single.

If you fell in love with this charming chapel, then you can always book it on Airbnb.

Photos made by Chris Humphrey.