Four incredibly attractive Scandinavian apartments

Scandinavian style of interior designimplies much more variations than is usually presented in the pages of magazines. They can be bright and muffled, minimalistic and eclectic, natural or saturated colors, furnished in modern style or chic. So what determines this aesthetic that is now in great demand? The modern Scandinavian style, to which weused to began to form in the fifties of the twentieth century. Combining the form and function to create convenient and affordable design solutions is the task that his supporters have set for themselves. Here are several modern Scandinavian interiors, ideally embodying these principles, but executed in a more inventive and playful manner.

The design of this spacious apartment, in whichtraditional Scandinavian themes were confronted with modern motifs, Konstantin Kashchuk developed. Light floors of solid wood - a reference to the classical northern style, and streamlined furniture is a product of modern Scandinavian tastes. A bicycle hanging over the couch? The original furnishings and excellent introduction to the subsequent playfulness of the entire interior. The living room is oriented to the entertainment center, recessed in a niche, which is finished with the same wood that served as a floor.

Red accents bring dynamics to the kitchen. The cult chairs CH33 Hans Wegner managed to become a classic of Danish design. A soft natural shade, they resonate with many other wooden elements of the interior.

Pop art poster, featuring Rassomahy of the X-Men, serves as a background for a composition of sculptures and ceramics, located on a small table in the corner.

Giant letters and portraits give the bedroom an artistry, and a plush carpet saves feet from the cold floor in the morning.

The combination of bright white and soft woodyshades is a good base for a flexible palette for interior design, but in this case, simple and elegant materials look immaculately on their own.

Here this apartment is obliged to you to like! The deliberately frivolous, but stylish and artistic elements of the interior, designed by Anton Medvedev, are capable of awakening a child in any way. Scandinavian style often becomes a breath of fresh air, thanks to its uncompromising honesty and youth spirit. This work is an excellent example.

Classics in the hall immediately fascinate visitors with their spontaneity. Who will be able to resist and not skip a couple of cells?

It is difficult to compete with such a first impression.

Charming and at the same time functional accessories create a home cosiness.

Brick and bleached floors create a more mundane feeling in the dining room. The trolley in the corner is the RASKOG model, look in the IKEA catalog.

The cushion in the form of a plant in a pot and bowling pins not only add eclecticism, but also hint at the entrainments of the owners.

Pay attention to the textured wallpaper, pasted on the far wall - unobtrusive, but stylish.

The garden on the balcony is absolutely irresistible. Just look at this decorative wooden fence.

Bright wallpaper with buttons and a funny ironing board serve as a backdrop for a wonderful dressing room. It will look great different colorful clothes.

Durshagam pastel yellow color was a new use as lampshades for lamps in a magnificent white kitchen. Such lamps are easy to make yourself.

White and black tiles give the bathroom a simple and serious aesthetics, and carrots on the shower curtain gives an incomparable effect.

Minimalist tile was chosen not by chance - in such a small functional space, excessive decor could create a feeling of excessive clutter.

Here it is - effective use of space. Not a centimeter wasted.

Inspiration for this interior designer ZinaidaBaklanova drew from her own memories of childhood, held in Sweden. The task was not to recreate the existing styles and variations, but to convey the atmosphere and spirit of Stockholm in the author's vision. Here all the elements are carefully chosen to create a family pacifying atmosphere for easy communication after a long day.

Open layout simplifies the interaction in the living room, in the center of which there is a kitchen, barely visible in the photo (right edge).

When it comes to the Scandinavian interior, the imagination immediately draws wide white surfaces. Darker colors, especially shades of blue, create an intimate feeling of coziness.

The surprisingly bright and open dining room occupies quite a bit of space. The wide floorboards contrast with the legs of the chairs.

This compact kitchen, being in some waycenter of the apartment, separates the bright neutral dining room from the more characteristic living room. Warm shades of natural wood complement the various blue colors used in the rest of the apartment.

Two narrow high windows are covered with light gas curtains, due to which the lighting becomes more delicate.

In this wonderful apartment, inspired byScandinavian motifs, the French designer Aurelien Brion used a particularly cheerful approach. In terms of eclecticism, it, perhaps, is located in the first place. A variety of colors and styles can become an inexhaustible source of inspiration for the attentive reader, who wants to revive his house with Nordic charm.

What a lot of funny details!

Professional photographer lighting, cute prints on cushions, a variety of modern drawings and posters, all this is unlikely to give you the opportunity to get bored.

Artificially aged floors and armchairs made of natural materials create a carefree atmosphere.

This bedroom definitely will not go unnoticed. The bed is collected from the most real pallets, which, by the way, have become another trend of modern Scandinavian design. Bright yellow chair, though not of northern style, fits into this aesthetics very well.

Rusty red color pretty animates the kitchen. And hanging plants in the background create the necessary contrast.