Carnation spice

Do not think that the spice of the clove occursfrom the flower of the same name or related to it. These are two completely different plants. Carnation seasoning - is the dried undeground flower buds of myrtle tree.

This culture has long been grown at home, and its leaves are considered a valuable healing agent, but only some of its varieties are able to give the seasoning known to us.


Clove tree belongs to the family of myrtleand comes from the tropics. Because of its origin, it is very fond of moisture, and drought can easily kill it. 90% of the production of this spice falls on the African state of Tanzania. It is also grown in India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Ceylon. It can be found on warm islands, for example, in Madagascar.

Small bright red flowers are collected in curvyinflorescence. A strong specific smell exudes not only flowering, but also the entire shrub. Twice a year it blooms and brings a great harvest. The flowers are collected at a time when they have not yet blossomed and are simply dried in the sun. At the same time, the raw materials are fermented. That is, the spice is processed by enzymes, which are contained in it. This significantly changes its properties. How important fermentation can be shown in the example of tea. Green tea, passing a certain treatment (drying and steaming), greatly changes the taste qualities becoming black tea.

In comparison with other spices, clove spicehas a very low price. The reason for this is the productivity of the tree, which yields fruits twice a year, and the simplicity of production. It includes only the collection of flowers, their drying in the sun and packaging.

Chemical composition

Carnation spice and its useful properties have longattracted the attention of people. Caloric content of spices is low - 274 kcal. Although this figure does not really matter, since spices can not be consumed in large quantities. It does not contain cholesterol, it includes many tannins. It is they who give it a tart taste and, in combination with essential oil, endow the product with analgesic properties.

Vitamin composition is not rich. A fragrant ground flower contains a little vitamin C (0.2 mg) and vitamin B6 (0.4 mg). But the plant contains calcium, magnesium, a little iron and potassium. Much more interesting is the essential oils of cloves. They account for up to 20% of its dry weight.

These are substances that can not be dissolved in water,because any of their extracts are made in alcohol tinctures. They have a strong fragrant aroma and look like butter. However, conventional fat, including vegetable oil, can leave a characteristic fatty trace on the tissue or paper. The ethereal oil evaporates so quickly and completely that it does not leave stains.

Essential oils are chemically very active, becausehave a strong effect on the human body. They are found in all parts of the plant, but their concentration in the young bud is especially high. Among all types of essential oils in carnations is dominated by eugenol. It is over 70% of their total mass.

Essential Oils in Cloves

Properties of clove spice are due to itscomposition, which is rich in essential oil eugenol. It is he who gives the clove its original smell. Its analgesic properties are easy to check if you try to chew the spice in your mouth as it is. In half a minute, the tongue will be able to observe numbness and a cool feeling. This effect can last a few minutes. This ability in medicine and cosmetology is used for mild anesthesia.

In perfumery, clove eugenol is used foraromatic compositions when creating woody or floral scents. The substance has a pronounced antiseptic property. Therefore, it is part of the composition of therapeutic creams and ointments. Its action combines anesthesia and disinfection. Because such a cream not only removes the inflammation of the problem skin, but also reduces the feeling of irritation.

Combination of strong antiseptic properties andthe ability to mild anesthesia gave the idea to use eugenol in dentistry. It is a component of temporary seals and protective pads. By this criterion alone one can judge the strength of the action of this substance. Something, and the dentistry of weak means with ambiguous action does not suffer. Not surprisingly, cosmetology actively uses it in the production of medical lipstick, after shave lotions, mouth rinses.

In addition to eugenol, clove spice containscaryophyllene. This substance adds to the overall aroma the woody odor. This substance is used mainly in the perfume industry as an aromatic component. In small quantities, clove contains fragrant sesquiterpene and vanillin, which complicates the overall aroma.

Useful properties of carnation

Carnation spice has useful properties. Its oil is used for baths and inhalations. They have a beneficial effect on the health of people prone to diseases of the respiratory tract. Essential oils of the plant destroy the tubercle bacillus, disastrously affect a number of pathological microorganisms.

When ingested, a combination of cinnamonNutmeg cloves stimulate digestion, provoke a better release of digestive juices. The plant is recommended to eat for the prevention of colds. However, you should be careful and do not overdo it. Spice is not recommended for people with high acidity of the stomach. But with reduced and with inflammation of the colon, its consumption in food is very desirable.

Spice is recommended to chew for problems in the mouthThe cavity, for example, with damaged gums. It helps with bad smell from the mouth. The plant not only interrupts the unwanted odor with its own fragrance, but also kills the pathogenic microflora, which is the cause of the smell. To do this, take a normal dried carnation, and the flower should be chewed.

For external use cloves can beUse only in the form of extracts, oils and tinctures. Her hoods help with joint pain. The action of tannins is aimed at strengthening protection against inflammation, and essential oils reduce pain and disinfect. Clove oil can be used to treat scratches, rashes, boils. It not only disinfects, but also removes inflammation.

Contraindication for oral administration is high blood pressure. When lowered, the spice is recommended for use. It also stimulates sluggish digestion and increases immunity.

Healing Drinks from Carnation

Mint and cloves are two plants with strong andrecognizable fragrances. They blend perfectly, creating a spicy, mouth-watering scent. This property is used by the creators of alcoholic beverages and lovers of good coffee.

One of such popular drinks was mulled wine. Many of his fans are convinced that a good mulled wine must necessarily contain mint and cloves. It is cooked with wine and can add sweet fruit blends and other spices. The drink is drunk hot and perfectly helps with a cold.

This is due to its strong flavor, wherecontain aromatic oils. Substances have antiseptic properties. However, it is worthwhile to caution that this drink should be cooked only with the lid closed. The fact is that when heated, the evaporation of aromatic oils is so intensified that, in order to preserve them in the beverage, it is necessary to cover the boiling solution with a lid.

It is impossible not to mention the liqueurs. For a good drawing they must be strong and contain from 50% alcohol. Although it is believed that cloves can be insisted on and the usual wine. The time of such exposure is several weeks. Similar tinctures, which include extracts from many spices, it is recommended to use with tea or coffee every day on a tablespoon to strengthen immunity.

Carnation in cooking

Our health begins with a fragrant meal, inwhich must necessarily be spices. So the bay leaf and cloves are an excellent digestive stimulant. This combination of plants is a powerful antiseptic, with external application, extracts of these spices effectively relieve swelling and reduce inflammation. Both the bay leaves and cloves contain a large amount of tannins, which strengthen the skin cells. Broth of bay leaf positively affects the gallbladder, promotes the excretion of stones. The content of essential oil in leaves can exceed 5%, but in the fruits of the laurel they are only 1%.

Cinnamon clove cardamom - this combination has becomeclassics in the preparation of sweet dishes and fruit drinks. Fruit compote or pastry will be much more attractive if you add this list of spices in them. And you can use both separately one of these spices, and their combination. The latter will give a richer flavor. It is well known by connoisseurs of coffee. Cloves for this use must be ground into a powder. This can be done in an ordinary coffee grinder.

Using cinnamon in cooking, it is worth consideringthe compatibility of individual spices with certain products and with each other. If several spices are tasted with this kind of meat or cereals, then they can be used separately from each other, and in any combination with each other. Cloves fit well with pork or beef, but it is not used for cooking poultry or fish. It is put in salted meat stews, as well as in sweet dishes, where it is supposed to see vanilla and cinnamon. That is, in sweet third dishes it is combined with these spices. Sometimes it is permissible to use ginger. From cereals, it is perfectly combined with buckwheat and pearl barley.