Crystal chandelier in the interior

Fans of gala events or balls, performances in classical theaters or excursions to luxurious palaces probably saw chic chandeliers made of crystal in these rooms.

A crystal chandelier in the interior of large halls is often a work of art and largely determines the solemnity of the situation.

In apartments, I often want to reproducea similar sensation and use a masterpiece of crystal as an element of the interior. Fortunately, that models of lamps are now created a huge amount: from the masterpiece classic options to the simplest products. An interesting crystal chandelier in the interior of any room can become the main highlight, you just need not be afraid to experiment.

Crystal chandelier in the interior of the dining room

It is often said that the crystal chandelier innursery or in the kitchen is a search, that it is impractical in terms of cleaning, about a bunch of other obstacles to its use. Do not live with stereotypes: like - hang! Correctly choose the model, based on the destination of the room, find out how to wash the crystal chandelier, and enjoy the play of light in your home.

Crystal chandelier in the bathroom

Even the teachings of feng shui encourages the choice of fixturesfrom crystal. Experts for sure in the course, as between the lens, only positive energy is circulating, which goes directly to the dwellers of the dwelling.

Stylistic solution

Designers please us, consumers, fixturesin a variety of styles. Usually professionals try to maintain a common style in the interior, for example, classics, Empire or Provence. In this case, the crystal chandelier in the interior should be combined with other components: furniture, decoration, decoration, etc.

Crystal chandelier in a classic interior

Crystal chandelier in the interior of a spaciousThe living room in the classical style is usually a massive masterpiece in several tiers with an abundance of hanging details. Plafonds in this case can be made not from crystal, but from another material, and be selected for the main colors of the room. Gilding, silver shades and, naturally, pure as a tear, crystal are welcomed.

Modern offers all the same abundance of hanginglenses, but in clear laconic outlines, for example, rectangular chandeliers or models in the form of a bowl. Such lamps are suitable for modern minimalistic, and for classical directions.

Crystal chandelier in the interior of minimalism

Crystal chandelier in the interior of the country or Provenceis usually represented by several plafonds on curved skeletons with a small amount of decorative details. The main thing in the rural interior is a cozy atmosphere, and it is easy to create small lamps using colored crystal. This crystal can cast a green, orange, raspberry or blue hues. Specialists can give it additional color: adding cadmium - a reddish hue, copper - greenish, cobalt - blue, silicon - pink, etc. Slowly the stereotype disappears, that crystal is only crystal transparency, because now it's just dark crystal.

Crystal chandelier in the interior of the bedroom

For the gothic style there are pendantVariations from dark crystal with original candlestick-candles. They usually hang in the dining room or in the living room. Spectacularly looks black gothic crystal chandelier in the bathroom.

Crystal chandelier in the Gothic style

More simple in form and, importantly,smaller chandeliers can easily be used in minimal modern interiors. Often light sources in such interiors are located point-by-point, over certain zones. Hi-tech does not seem to involve large-scale fixtures with hanging details, but some models with clear shapes combined with a streamlined silhouette will fit into the technological design.

Crystal chandelier in the interior of high-tech

Thinking about the overall stylistics of the room, there will bejust select the chandelier "in the subject". However, we can take a pretty bold, but very effective decision. Now in vogue, eclecticism or a mixture of styles. Interiors of a similar plan suggest a harmonious combination of elements from different styles, with harmony being the main criterion. So, it's appropriate to use a gothic chandelier in a black and white classical living room, and also play with decorating one of the walls, placing a modern black and white poster there. Or it is typical for a rural interior to add a chic modern chandelier from crystal, without forgetting that it blends in color with the rest of the interior.

Crystal chandelier in the interior of the country

Of course, when creating such interiorsthere is a risk. If the brain "explodes" when you look at the room, the creator's creativity has clearly crossed a certain line. More than three stylistic directions, especially diametrically different from each other, are not worth using.

Use in different rooms

Of course, the most popular place for a beautifulcrystal chandelier - this is a living room. If there is a separate room for the dining room, a crystal chandelier is often hung above the dining table. By the way, it is better to choose a model that repeats the shape of the table: a rectangular table - an elongated or rectangular chandelier, a round table - a multi-round round beauty.

Crystal chandelier in the interior of the living room

In the bedroom, a crystal chandelier is also appropriate,Only you need to confine yourself to a small lamp of the original form, for example, in the form of a ball or with shades in the form of flowers. The large hallway will also look stylish with this kind of lighting. However, you need to understand that there is usually no natural light in the hallway, so you need to get even light from the chandelier. To do this, some of the lamps in it should be pointed clearly down, and not on the crystal elements.

Crystal chandelier in the interior of the bedroom

An interesting solution is the crystal chandelier inbathroom. And here you can fantasize, based on the characteristics of the premises. You can use a chic model in a Gothic or classic style in the simplest interior of the bathroom, or you can buy a compact modern or minimalistic chandelier for a luxurious and spacious Empire-style bathroom.

Crystal chandelier in the interior of the bathroom

It is believed that the crystal chandelier in the interiorcuisine - this is irrational. However, there is another point of view. Anyone who, in addition to the workplace, organizes a dining area in the kitchen, may well use several light sources, and one of them is just above the dinner table. And knowing how to wash a crystal chandelier, there is nothing terrible that sometimes when cleaning the kitchen will have to give time and to her.

Crystal chandelier in the interior of the kitchen-dining room

Also unthinkable for some crystal chandelierin the nursery, mainly because of the high cost of the product, although much more important is the other. It's worth thinking about child safety and not using variants with long dangling threads and fragile details so that they do not accidentally fall and the child does not get injured by splinters. Another important point: a crystal chandelier in a nursery can be dangerous for the sight of the baby because of the large number of glare and refraction of light. To avoid all the menacing factors, you can use laconic and simple models with a minimum of decorative details and fasten them high, directly under the ceiling.

Crystal chandelier in the interior of the children's room

Not all children are mobile boys,who also strive to arrange a fight with pillows or play with a radio-controlled helicopter. It is appropriate to a small crystal chandelier in the nursery for a girl. More pink details, butterflies, rhinestones - and your little princess will be delighted. For boys, options are suitable for a space theme: stars, planets, etc.

Choosing the right model

Choosing a chandelier in a particular room, it is important to consider:

- height of the ceiling. If the ceilings are high, about 3 meters, you can buy a long chandelier. When the ceiling below, some family members may hurt her little children, as well as the ubiquitous pets - play with it and accidentally dropped.

How to choose a crystal chandelier - consider the height of the ceiling

- the propagation of light. Chandelier is not only a decorative object, but also a lighting device. The correct lighting depends on the number of lamps or cartridges for them, as well as their power. The rudest calculation is this: in a typical room with a window and a low ceiling you need 15 watts per square meter.

When choosing a crystal chandelier in a room, we calculate the power

- the question of replacing the bulbs. If in large rooms this question arises seldom, since no one has canceled the ladder, in small rooms it is rather important. In the corridors or in the bathroom it's difficult to contrive and put a ladder, not pushing the furniture, and therefore it is better to learn in advance all the nuances. By the way, if you are impressed by the crystal chandelier in the bathroom, when choosing a model, you should additionally specify whether all its parts will withstand constant humidity.

Crystal chandelier in the bathroom

Caring for sparkling luxury

Caring for a crystal chandelier is not so difficult,as it seems at first glance. Methods for cleaning the crystal are different: dry and wet. If there is not enough dirt, usually rub the details of the chandelier with a dry rag, if a lot, do a wet cleaning with different cleaning agents.

When dry cleaning is additionally possibleUse a brush with antistatic effect. At the same time, it is better not to touch the suspension with hands, then you will have to remove fatty marks from your fingers. It is better to wear fabric gloves and gently wipe each suspension so that they do not touch each other, otherwise they may crumble or scratch. If the suspension on the chandelier is not removed, you need a stepladder and a little longer time to wipe the details straight up.

Care for a crystal chandelier with the help of special equipment

Variants, how to wash a crystal chandelier,several. Previously, you need to turn off the electricity and do not turn it on until all the details have dried out. In shops, a special spray for cleaning the crystal is sold: it must be applied to the chandelier and wait until it drains.

How to wash a crystal chandelier

You can prepare yourself and washing yourselfsolution, while it should not be hot, otherwise the crystal may darken. For the solution, mix a tablespoon of ammonia and a glass of warm water. After washing, each part should be wiped dry. Metal, plastic and other elements of the chandelier must also be wiped with a damp cloth. A few simple manipulations - and your crystal beauty is again bright and shiny.

A cosiness to your home!

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