Bright apartment with a budget finish in Prague

This apartment has an area of ​​45 square meters,located in the developing suburb of Prague, was acquired by the current owner in 2009 and until recently remained in its original form. Only last year, the owner of the housing turned to his friend from Italy, who heads the design firm Stag Pads, so that he helped to carry out a complete renovation of the apartment, while keeping within the framework of a modest budget.

Performing most of the work (except forinstallation of electricians and sanitary technicians) independently, buddies have saved enough money. Budget furniture from IKEA successfully complemented the restored vintage gizmos - so friends managed to create a classy modern interior, while avoiding unnecessary waste.

A youthful, but at the same time refined aesthetics, benefits from the use of a fresh color palette that includes yellow, blue, ultramarine, dark gray and black.

In the bathroom, a simple tile of black and white colors forms a pattern of clean and sharp lines.