How to effectively remove the smell from the carpet

Spilled sweet water on the carpet - the reason for the formation of an unpleasant smell

Repulsive fragrance in the room deliversconsiderable inconveniences and discomfort to all tenants, so the actual question is how to remove the smell from the carpet. It is generally accepted that only owners of pets are affected with this phenomenon, but this is not so.

Even a brand new path can be "with a soul"because for its production is not always used only high-quality materials and fibers. Some products are subjected to chemical treatment during production and transportation, which also does not pass without a trace. To struggle with a problem it is necessary at once, as any delay will only aggravate a situation.

Animals as the cause of the smell on the carpet

We are fighting with the source

To prevent the return of an unpleasant odor, you must first of all get rid of its cause.

Wool and nap are excellent preservers of odors

We suggest to consider the most common of them:

  • Features of the material. The fact that wool and pile in themselves are excellent custodians of different smells. They quickly absorb them from air or spilled liquid. Do not expect to say goodbye to the smell by airing, as it will not bring the desired result. The fabric retains the aroma so strongly that it remains in it for many more months.
  • Chemical treatment. To protect the goods from pests and damages, sellers apply special funds to it. They lead to a sharp repulsive ambre, which obviously will not please the new owners. Also, the douche can talk about the presence of synthetic fibers and the use of poor-quality paint in production.
  • High humidity. Before removing the smell of damp from the carpet, find its source, because under the cover is usually found and a congestion of mold. In addition to purification works, you need to ensure optimal air exchange in the room: clean the air duct and acquire supply and exhaust ventilation.

  • The prolonged presence of tobacco smoke in the room leads to its absorption in all surfaces

  • Pets. As a rule, it is the products of their vital activity that impregnate the coating with a hideous ammonia stench, which is difficult to get rid of. It is not only incredibly persistent, but it is felt most strongly.
  • Smoking in the apartment. Tobacco flavor is transmitted to both carpets and upholstered furniture. Remember: the prolonged presence of tobacco smoke in the room leads to its absorption in all surfaces, including walls. If with the elimination of the problem you are delayed, then for its solution you will have to carry out cosmetic repairs.
  • Methods of elimination

    Before you remove the unpleasant odor from the carpet, you will need to familiarize yourself with all the known methods and choose the most suitable for yourself.

    Soda is an excellent carpet cleaner

    This depends to the greatest extent on the nature of the pollution, its causes and timing. The most effective and recognized options are:

  • cleaning soda;
  • washing and ventilation;
  • application of household chemicals;
  • treatment with potassium permanganate;

  • Carpet Cleaning with Manganese

  • use of vinegar or hydrogen peroxide;
  • quartz by means of an ultraviolet lamp;
  • access to dry cleaning services.
  • The latter method is the most expensive, but using the services of professionals, you can surely be sure of the result.

    The use of vinegar in the fight against the smell on the carpet

    At the same time, cheaper means are well able to cope with the task and are also indispensable helpers in the fight against the stench.

    Folk recipes

    Do not rush to go to the store for a jar of expensive cleaning equipment, consider more economical options.

    Washing powder for carpet cleaning

    Few people know that a good tool can be done independently from what is in the pantry of each landlady.

    Soap solution to remove non-essential dirt on the carpet

    Consider the most popular of them:

  • Dilute the soda with water until it is mushy,and then gently apply on the desired area. Leave it for 15 minutes, then collect it with a spatula. All you have to do is to wet the damp place with a dry napkin and enjoy the result. If the perfume is too strong, add a few drops of essential oil of rosemary or lavender to the soda. Fragrant powder put on the coating, and after a few minutes, vacuum off.
  • For non-essential soiling, use a soapy solution. 1 liter of water will need 1 tbsp. l. soap. With the resulting liquid, wipe the stain and dry it with a towel.

  • Soda solution for odor removal from the carpet

  • If you are a happy owner of a natural carpet,then the problem zone can be poured with hydrogen peroxide. As soon as it dries, there will be no trace of the darling. But be prepared for the fact that synthetic products can shed. Of course, it's better not to take risks, so check the action on the back.
  • Want to know how to remove the smell from the carpet in your homeconditions with the help of his own prepared means? Then let's get started! This method will take a considerable amount of time, but the fruits of the work will certainly please you. For work you will need: table vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, baking soda and washing powder. On the selected area, pour a thick layer of soda. Next, let's prepare the talk: in a jar, mix 100 ml of hydrogen peroxide and water, add 1 tsp. powder. Shake well the resulting mixture (until the foam appears) and spray it onto the soda. You will see the reaction of all the ingredients: they will bubble and bubble. After a couple of hours you can clean the area with a brush, and rinse the rest of the emulsion with warm water. After the completion of all processes, dry the wet place. From the unpleasant odor there will be no trace.
  • Remember: do not soak the soiled area with water - this will only enhance the smell.

    First fill it with vinegar and let it soak.

    Hydrogen peroxide is an excellent means for removing odor from carpet

    Thus, you will be able to reduce the scale of the problem.

    Shop facilities

    Not all people well relate to the above experiments and are ready to entrust the rugs only to proven emulsions, designed taking into account the characteristics of carpet fibers.

    Amvei cleaner for odor removal from the carpet

    Cleaning products can be divided into 2 groups:

  • stain removers;
  • shampoos.
  • They are easy to use and designed forgentle processing of different types of surfaces. The products of such brands as Amway, Cinderella and Vanish for carpets remove the smell, remove various stains and return them to the former saturated colors.

    Carpet cleaning by Vanish

    The processing procedure does not take much time, since it consists of only a few steps:

  • Preparation. Using a vacuum cleaner, remove small dirt from the coating. Dilute the cleaning emulsion with water (the proportions are indicated on the packaging). Follow the manufacturer's instructions carefully.

  • Removing the foam from the carpet with a vacuum cleaner

  • Spread the detergent mixture along the path, use a sponge for better effect.
  • Allow the carpet to dry completely.
  • Remove excess foam with a vacuum cleaner.
  • Such simple manipulations will permanently rid you of unpleasant odors, but only on condition that the source of the problem is eliminated.

    Cinderella to remove the smell from the carpet

    Helpful Tips

    Finally, I would like to note a few important points that will greatly simplify your life:

  • for cleaning sewage from tracks it is more effective to use a vacuum cleaner, since a broom does not always cope with the remnants of dirt and dust;
  • a natural wool carpet requires manual cleaning, washing technology will only spoil it;

  • Using a vacuum cleaner to clean the carpet

  • Spilled liquid or a puddle of a cat should be cleaned immediately after its detection;
  • if the site of destruction is large, use dry cleaning services;

  • Carpet dry cleaning

  • Hair dryer is excellent for drying coatings.
  • We hope that these recommendations will be useful to you, and you will quickly get rid of the problem.

    Summing up

    To smell from the carpet brought only positive emotions, care must be taken responsibly. Regularly knock out and wash it, because it is a pledge not only of cleanliness, but also of your health.

    Regular carving of the carpet

    Choose for yourself several proven means, and unpleasant odors will not bother you for a long time.