How to wash the dishes from crystal

How to wash crystal to restore his beauty andthe shine inherent in this beautiful carved ware, every mistress should know. Crystal objects do not tolerate sharp changes in temperature and burst if hot water gets on them, so you should treat them with care. Wash and clean the crystal products in a plastic dish, in a soapy warm (comfortable for hands) water. Clean dishes are wiped with a cloth containing microfibre fiber, which absorbs water well and does not leave villi.

It is easiest to remove dirt from crystal with the help of specially designed means, in accordance with the instructions for use. If they are not, then you can use the tools available in everyday life.

Which products are suitable for cleaning

The choice than to wash the crystal, to shine,is wide enough. You can use an ultrasonic washing machine, which is put in a soapy solution, where the crystal products are soaked. This modern tool helps to get clean utensils without problems, which, after treatment, needs to be rinsed, wiped and put in place.

After the use of household chemicals, several times rinse products in running water

For cleaning elegant and fragile things also suitable:

  • any washing gel-like dishwashing detergent;
  • means for cleaning glasses;
  • ethanol;
  • ammonia;
  • organic acids;
  • saline solution;
  • starch;
  • mustard powder.
  • All these agents are added to water in whichsoak dirty products, details of the chandelier for several hours. The dirtier the thing, the longer it needs to be kept in solution. When be melted grease and dirt, they easily depart from the crystal surface are removed by any tissue or soft brush.

    Advice! If necessary, you can use a soap solution, pouring in any warm water any washing powder.

    After the use of household chemicals, several times rinse products in running water.

    For especially dirty dishes, you can use saline soak

    For especially dirty dishes, you can useSaline solution for soaking, which dissolves the old fat and dirt well. After soaking the mud in saline solution, the product is rubbed with starch or mustard powder and then washed in running water. They perform the role of soft abrasive and without damage to the surface removes old dirt from hard-to-reach places. After this type of cleaning, it is necessary to thoroughly wash off the remnants of the detergent.

    When choosing what to wash crystal from plaque, do not use the following tools:

  • Cleaning powders, which can scratch the surface of the crystal product (this will deprive it of shine).
  • a simple soap that can clean dirt from the surface, but it leaves cloudy stains and deprives the gloss glass.
  • metal nets for washing dishes.
  • When deciding how to wash the crystal to a shine, you need to prepare not only a cleaning product, but also a workplace.

    Clean dishes or fragments of the chandelier spread on a soft cloth so that they do not break, and then gently move to a permanent place.

    How to use cleaning products

    Going to put in order the old collection, andthinking how to wash the old crystal to shine, you do not need to believe that this is an impossible task. Despite the unsightly appearance, any mistress can easily put in order festive dishes, left in the inheritance.

    Fat and dust, entangled in the notches, are easily removed if the surface is treated with a dishwashing detergent and put in water for soaking

    All crystal products have numerousCuts and grooves creating an intricate pattern, but they are located only on the outside. Inside, the surface is smooth and smooth, which facilitates the cleaning task. Fat and dust, embedded in the notches, are easily removed if the surface is treated with a dishwashing detergent and put in water for soaking. A universal tool for washing any glass will help to cope with dirt on crystal objects. For work you will need:

  • a plastic basin or a bucket;
  • several towels of different sizes;
  • warm water;
  • sponge or soft cloth;
  • soft toothbrush.
  • After the preparation of the workplace and all the things necessary in the work, they start cleaning:

    1. First, the pelvis is placed on a flat, stable surface so that it does not roll over during work, together with heavy and fragile objects.
    2. At the bottom put a towel, which will soften the blows and prevent accidental damage to fragile things.
    3. Pour warm water into a basin, add detergent to it. And before washing off the blanched crystal, several drops of ammonia, vinegar or citric acid are added to the water.
    4. In a container of water, immerse all the crystal dishes for soaking.
    5. After a few hours or the next day, when the water changes color and becomes dirty, the products one by one are removed from the pelvis, they are examined and the remaining dirt is wiped off with a dishwashing sponge.

    To wash crystal often used vinegar

    Advice! If there are persistent stains that are not soaked and do not want to be removed, then you can resort to using a toothbrush and a toothpaste.

    These habitual hygiene products help to solve the problem. A small amount of the paste is applied to the brush and scrub the contaminated surface.

    After reaching the goal, completely cleaned disheswash under a stream of water, wipe and put on the place of storage. This allows you to completely remove any kind of stains, and the question of how to clean the crystal will no longer bother. If the surface does not shine, then the dishes must go through another processing step.

    In a basin pour clean water of a room temperature and add in it any kind of acid which will give shine.

    Advice! Crystal things, processed in acid, it is better to wipe, and not to dry, so that there are no stains.

    Wet products can be top-bottomed onto cotton cloth to allow the remaining liquid to flow arbitrarily and absorb into the fabric.

    How to wash vases and glasses

    Old crystal vases often have yellow andgreen stains on the bottom of the water. In some regions with hard water, a white lime deposit forms on the walls of the dishes, which is not removed when soaked in a soap solution. How to wash crystal from yellowness formed on the bottom and walls of a high vase?

    Washing the crystal vase

    First, inside the vase is poured a warm soapysolution for 12 hours. Then take the brush to wash the bottles and begin to wash the dirt from the walls and bottom of the vase. If the brush is not, wrap any microfiber cloth with a thin long object and use it instead of a brush. If there are spots that do not want to be removed, the water is drained and the stains are rubbed with toothpaste with a whitening effect. It cleans the yellowness well and returns the shine to the dishes.

    Some mistresses use to remove yellow and green divorces, left from flowers and dirty water, a mixture of alcohol, vinegar and mustard powder in equal parts.

    This mixture eats up all the dirt on the walls of the crystal and returns the dishes shine and radiance.

    "Green" removes baking soda, which is pouredinside, pour warm water and begin to vigorously shake until complete cleansing. Instead of baking soda, you can use flakes of oatmeal or some grains, which are covered in a small amount in containers with soapy water. This facilitates the mechanical peeling of dirt from the walls.

    Limescale in vases and brown coating from wine inglasses and decanters are removed with Coca-Cola, pouring it into a container. It is necessary to hold the drink for a day, periodically shaking the vessel. After cleaning the walls, the liquid is poured out, and the vessel is washed 2 times. First it is done in flowing, then in acidified water.

    "Greenery" removes baking soda, which is poured in, poured with warm water and begin to vigorously shake until complete cleansing

    White coating from hard water is quickly removed with the help of any organic acids. Suitable is a moderately acidic solution of acetic, citric, oxalic acid. It is poured into a container for several hours.

    Glasses on thin legs when cleaning the oldstains often break down due to the efforts that the hostess makes during work. It is recommended to keep the glass while working not for the foot or the supply, but for the bottom, then it will be possible to avoid accidental inadvertent movement.

    Cleaning the crystal should take place in a calm atmosphere

    Cleaning the crystal should take place in a calmsituation. Children and pets should be kept away from the place where fragile things are collected so that they do not break them. This labor-intensive work requires inspiration, accuracy and smooth movements. Then the result will please, because cleanly washed crystal is very beautiful poured into the light and attracts the attention of others with its radiance.